Two Tone Shoes and Strappy Tights

January 17, 2011

I had in the last few months started to look seriously at textured and printed tights - thanks to Jessy of The Little Dust Princess (see some of her incredibly unique tights here, here, here, and here).

I still have trouble forking over $15+ for a pair of tights with unique designs but was happy to give these (the ASOS Strapping Tights) a try at $8.62. The quality is mediocre but the design is so very cute; the tights really give an otherwise lifeless outfit some needed oomph. I already ripped these (thankfully in an area that can't be seen) though I was careful putting them on. I do have long-ish nails but ASOS tights are not for those of us who aren't very careful.

I also bought these Chanel-esque Tilly Toe Cap Boots for around $20 on ASOS (sold out since then). They are very cute and look nothing like anything else I have. I haven't had a chance to walk around in them for an extended period of time but they are comfortable at first.
Even though I am on a browsing ban, feel free to share with me cute tights you have come across lately.

Happy MLK Day!


And for those of us in the U.S. who don't have the luxury of getting Lay's Ketchup Chips (the gas station convenience store version is not nearly as good), I recommend the Burger King Ketchup & Fries snack. It's sort of sweet and salty (but not enough of either to really satiate the fries craving) but overwhelmingly blah. If I am stuck at the office and can't grab an afternoon snack I have a bag of these ready.

A 5.5oz bag would usually set you back about $2.19 but I got these on sale from Rite Aid this week for only $0.97. I love Rite Aid and Walgreen's because they always discount my favorite snacks - I estimate saving about 50% off retail on an annual basis.

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  1. Thanks for the shout! : ) Those tights are so cool. They look great on you, especially with that outfit. At $20, those shoes are such a bargain.

    I have the same problem with super thin tights. I have thought about buying back-ups, but I'm just not into spending double on a pair of tights. I'd rather buy a new design with that extra cash. LOL I did, however, buy another pair of my ASOS sheer hearts tights just because I loved them that much. :D

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  2. Hi! I have just discovered your blog and I love it, very good idea! I follow you!
    Kisses from Barcelona, Spain,

  3. I love the shoes Elle, can't believe you snatched them up for $20! I love sheer, patterned tights too but the fast fashion ones rip sooo fast. I don't like spending a lot of money on them either but I find that in a lot of cases, you do get what you pay for! I like buying Wolford on sale (still hefty at about $30/pair but they have proven to be much more durable than my H&M/Forever21 cheapies!)


  4. I LOVE those two-toned boots. They'd go great with your new Chanel bag.

    I'm too chicken to try out patterned tights (still just getting into the whole colorful tights phase), so I have no recs for you. The striped tights you've got on are super cute and ties your outfit together wonderfully.

  5. i love love the tights and those booties!!! the shoes are such a steal. its super sexy. the outfit is awesome too. thumbs up elle!

    i feel like i'm missing on all the good deals lately because i've been trying not to shop. what a dilemma! hahah

  6. I don't try patterned tights because my legs are too short and just end up looking shorter. I do have a pair of bronze/glittery brown fishnets that I am thinking about pairing over something else, but I probably would not wear them to work, given the nature of my job as a teacher.

    I have pretty good luck with getting a ton of wear out of tights and nylons - regular old L'eggs pantyhose can last me up to 4 months with no rips or snags. I do keep my nails short but I am careful about putting them on and not getting them anywhere near velcro. I was sooo angry when I broke my finger and had to go get it xrayed on my way home from work. I was wearing brand new brown opaque tights and the lead apron that the tech put across my abdomen had a velcro strap that snagged my tights when she took it off.

  7. Those tights are really awesome!

  8. Those shoes are a steal! I'd love to see what else you pair them with too.

    By the way, I tried on the blush-colored H&M skirt that you have that looks fantastic on you and boy did I have to suck in my stomach to squeeze into the size 2! No size 4s anywhere - otherwise I would've been seriously tempted.

  9. those tights are super cool but i'm in absolute LOVE with those booties!! omg, if only they still had them in stock. :)

    cute and little

  10. Kileen - I'll keep an eye on it for you! Your feet are so tiny though I am not sure their smallest size would fit you!

    Petite Mom - I am a little lost for ideas too - any suggestions?!

    The blush skirt is by far the smallest I've tried on from H&M, I really should've taken the four for comfort but it was sold out in that size at the time.

    Tara - thanks!

    Kerry - your legs do not look short - you have such proportionally long legs! Your new textured tights so incredible, can't wait to see how you incorporate them into casual wear! and yikes about the tech's carelessness...I have heard of a remedy for snags...maybe nail polish remover? I can't remember anymore.

    Ping - you are not missing out on much - the shoes were from threeish weeks ago! I am so proud of you for staying strong - it's keepign me motivated!

    Cee - you rock colorful tights - I think your legs will look INCREDIBLE in tights with interesting prints. Can't wait until you take that step! :)

    Jen - you have incredible taste in tights too! I have been looking into Wolford's as well but it's just a bit too pricey for me right now. Maybe after my ban? :)

    Monica - thank you! :)

    Jessy - I got your heart garter tights in pink - I really want a pair in black but they don't seem to want to go on sale. I am going to hold out until after my ban I think. :)

  11. Love the tights on you! The booties look so good! I can't believe my eyes when I saw the price! Great find. Hope it's friendly to your feet too, that'll be a bonus.
    Thanks for the snack update. Need that desperately.

  12. I love the tights and booties! I thought at first they were peep-toe booties until I looked closer and saw it was capped. A great find for $20 - hope they remain comfy!

  13. Those tights are fantastic!! Looks so unique! And I love ketup chips...I can't find them at groceries here! It's so sad...I wonder if I can order them online!? Gosh, I'm craving them badly now! xoxoxoo

  14. Love the outfit! It looks cute and girly but at the same time very chic.

    Thanks for your comment :) The dress was from H&M, don't think it's in stores anymore. I didn't buy it at the time and then I forgot about that dress. It was beautiful and fitted very well, usually I'm too thin to wear such dresses because it usually is too big so it would slide down, but this own I could barely zip up :P

  15. Those tights are super cute! And those shoes- what a great deal!!!

  16. Cool tights!!

    You're the ONLY American I know that's heard of and likes ketchup chips!! I told my American coworkers once, and they thought I was insane. They tried it and thought it was the weirdest combination. But its just like fries and ketchup. I'm craving them now...


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