Stella McCartney for Target Part I

January 23, 2011

I had written a short novel chronicling how I came to own these pieces but I unexpectedly lost the bulk of my story and just can't bring myself to re-write it as that moment has passed. For the sake for clarity I decided to just number the major points.

1. In October 2010 I posted on the Alterations Needed Forum's Items Request thread hoping an Australian petite can help me pick up a few pieces from the Stella McCartney for Target collection (their second collaboration).
2. Megan, an active member on ANF, offered to help me out but I subsequently realized that the price points were too high for my budget.
3. Megan, being her ever-so-helpful self, offered to check on Target for me from time to time in case this collection ever goes on sale.
4. Things eventually went on sale and Megan contacted me one day (about two months after the collection launched) to tell me that the collection has gone on serious sale and picked up more pieces than I ever imagined was possible.
5. Two weeks later I received a package in the mail with my beautiful Stella McCartney for Target clothes on the inside.
6. Moral of the Story: I love this petite community.

Megan recently started her own blog, Miss Modern Classic. She is extremely witty, is the master of random trivia and has an incredible sense of humor (I have burst out laughing in the middle of the night during one of our marathon gchat sessions that drew horrified looks from the bf). She is one of the taller petites standing at 5'3 and our taste is somewhat similar in that we both like feminine pieces (except she doesn't dress like a kid, which I am sometimes guilty of).

I had to break this "reveal" up into two posts because the lighting in my basement is quite awful so some pictures turned out poorly.

This first half happened to contain two of my favorite pieces that Megan helped me acquire: the Lace Dress in black and the lace top in french blue. This collection runs fairly small - the AUS6 which I am wearing in the pictures is comparable to H&M size 2 and 4's.


And look what I found while reading the January 2011 ASOS Magazine.

This ASOS Embroidered Flower Chiffon dress immediately reminded me of a beautiful pale blue dress from the Chanel Spring 2010 collection.

Source: ASOS Magazine, January 2011 Issue

The comparison picture. I prefer the blue but the cream isn't too shabby either.

Source: Alexa Chung in Chanel (via Alexa Chung ID'ed) ; ASOS Embroidered Flower Chiffon Dress

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  1. That is so nice of Megan to do that!! The style of both items is gorgeous!

    ASOS is really shipping! I am focusing my attention on non-work clothes right now, and ASOS has some really cute items in their petite collection!

  2. Wow- the lace dress looks SO much better on you than on me!

    I'm so glad that everything fits; I was a bit worried.

    Looking forward to part 2 :)

  3. We have a great community here. Megan is too kind! Both items are gorgeous and I love the colour of the lace tank.

    As for the dress, I like the one that Alexa Chung is wearing. Very pretty.

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  4. Oh Elle...I need to stop reading your blog because every time I do, I want to go buy something..LOL

    I am IN LOVE with that lace tank!!! I wonder if they carry online?

    And does that dress come in diff colors- it's so gorgeous but I would like it better in a color, I am not a big fan of black for me. On you, looks amazing!

  5. You are an important part of the "Petite Community" yourself!

  6. I love the blue lace top and white skirt on you!!! Keep! Keep! The black lace dress is less exciting but that could just be the way black shows up in photos - hard to get the delicious details.

  7. Hi Annie,

    No online sales sorry! I had an extra lace tank but returned it last week- I could check for you next time I head there though?

    the dress also came in blue but pretty much everything is sold out now.

  8. That was super sweet of Megan to pick up those items for you. The lace dress looks gorgeous on you. The other lace dress for ASOS is gorgeous as well. Are you thinking about ordering? :) It would be a perfect dress for Spring

  9. elle-- i love both items on you. the lace detail is so romantic!! you look great as usual. it was so nice of megan to pick those items up for you!

  10. Both pieces look so good on you! I love the blue in particular - it really stands out and the details can be seen very well!

  11. I love both of the dresses!! They look great on you!

    I feel like I'm missing out...I probably need to wait for Target to come to Canada or participate more on ANF!

  12. @Michelle let me know how ASOS works for you! I can't wait to find out what you think. :)

    @Megz You are too modest. It looks even more terrific on you, imo. My torso is wider and longer than yours so the dress isn't looking its best. I love it anyway. Thanks again! :)

    @The Little Dust Princess it really is gorgeous - I have been in love with it since I first saw it. Too bad I can't bring myself to buy a multi thousand dollar two-wear dress. :)

    @ReallyPetite unfortunately it wasn't available online. :( I would definitely contact Megan if I were you...maybe she can check for you to see if there are more left!

    @The Girlie Blog you are too sweet. :)

    @Petite Mom really is difficult to photograph black clothes - but I do plan to keep everything (postage from AU isn't cheap!)

    @PetiteLittleGirl I sure am "thinking" about ordering but I can't because I am trying to spend less on romantic dresses (I have too many!). It's so cute though - maybe when it goes on sale?

    @Ping thanks. :) She is incredible!

    @SewPetiteGal thank you! I like the blue too, it's so hard to capture details on a black piece in pictures.

    @Lor thank you! ANF is a great community - I am not too active on it but people there are so nice!

  13. wow these items fit you so well!!! just beautiful. I think the dress in blue would have been great too!

  14. Wow those look incredible on you! I love them both!

  15. It's so kind of Megan to help you out!

    Oh my gosh, how did I miss out on this collection!??! *hits keyboard* Will be living vicariously through you as always, Elle :) (But if you're ever looking to sell, please let me know!) Both lace items are gorgeous and I REALLY like that white skirt.

    I'm dying over Alexa's Chanel dress. Too too pretty.

  16. @Cee I am sure Megan wouldn't mind helping you out, reach out to her if you are interested :) She's SUPER nice!

    @curls-and-pearls Thanks Elaine, I am so glad I ended up getting them!

    @AubreyOhDang! Thanks so much Aubrey, I know I can count on you for honest opinions so the fact that you like them means that they really are worth the effort. :)

  17. absolutblueJanuary 25, 2011


    Hi Megan, I do love the black lace dress, am on the lookout for a black in size 10. Could you pls tell me if you can still spot that somewhere in Target?? Thx!!!!


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