OOTD: PFC#5 Brighten Your Work Wardrobe

January 25, 2011

I thought I would incorporate my work outfit post today into this month's Petite Fashion Challenge since I got dressed this morning with the challenge in mind.

Cynthia of Shorty Stories is the host for the fifth ever Petite Fashion Challenge. For this challenge Cythia asked us to to "create a sophisticated work appropriate look that has no more than one dark piece (it can be a skirt, pants, a blazer, sweater etc...) excluding shoes, accessories and hosiery."

Here is the archive for past challenges.

I have some freedom when it comes to workwear - unless I have a meeting or a presentation I typically stay holed up in my office, uggs in foot and using my coat as a blanket. It's hard to find motivation in the winter to dress creatively for the weather so I can't wait to see what everyone has come up with!

Cardigan: Talbots (similar here)
Belt: Anne Klein
Skirt: Ann Taylor (similar here)

And the item I am passing on today is this pair of Newport News orange jeans in size 2P. I got these about two years ago and I don't know what compelled me to order them because I so rarely wear jeans and certainly not colorful jeans. So if you are interested, leave a comment below (please be clear, so say something along the lines of - I claim these orange jeans - so people will know that it's taken). You will be responsible for postage but it's otherwise free.

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  1. Ohhh you are early :) I like that. You did great with the challenge. I am loving your bright yellow cardigan. It sure help brighten up the outfit. That is very sweet of you to giveaway those jeans. I hope they'll find a good home. I can't wait for the rest of the entries tonight

  2. You look lovely :) Love the hint of ruffle peeking out the collar of the cardi. And all those colors... looks so effortless and chic~

  3. I love how you layered a pretty and feminine piece under your cardigan. So lovely. Those red heels look nice with the outfit too.

    You should save those orange jeans and wear them in the summer. Perhaps you can pair them with black or white top or something. I think it would look good for a fun colored summer outfit.

  4. i love the look elle. i love the hints of color from the cardi and the pumps. like sophia said, very effortlessly chic!

  5. Elle, this is related to your previous post but I figured you would see it sooner here. (by the way, cute outfit. I still have not planned mine, I am torn between using mustard, green, or fuschia as my bright color).

    Regarding the 30 for 30 challenge - I think it's not practical for New Englanders to try and do a 30 for 30 during January (or any month with the exception of June - August, and even then it's up in the air). The weather of the past 4 weeks has pretty much wreaked havoc with any planned outfits for me. I make a list of potential OOTDs and keep it as a Word document and then update it as needed. I try to plan out on Sunday what I will wear for the week (this is a necessity for me since I have to leave the house between 6:30-40 in the morning to be at work and don't have the time to even try to think about what I will wear). Anyway, I have literally 10-15 outfits that keep getting bumped because of the inclement weather. However, if there was no snow (or temps were above 20º F) then I would be able to wear them. I think that with our insanely unpredictable and wildly variable weather, it's too hard for a New England resident to do a 30 for 30 challenge. On January 1st it was near 70ºF here in southern New Hampshire. For the entire first week of January I wore thin sweaters and skirts and open toe shoes. For the last 3 weeks, if I even get to work (we keep having snow days), I am wearing hats, scarves, wool skirts and tall boots (call me crazy but when there is snow or it is cold, I find it more practical to wear a wool skirt with warm tights and tall boots, instead of unlined pants and regular heels).

    So, don't feel bad about not doing a 30 for 30. I don't think we can realistically pick only 30 items for any month here in New England and not be suffering at least 5 days of the month due to clothing that is not weather appropriate.

    That is all.
    But you can still work on the shopping ban.

  6. This outfit is so cute, Elle! I'm getting the Emma Pillsbury vibe :) I think it's the buttoned up cardigan + ruffles + pearls.

    I hope the orange jeans find a good home. I'm way too chicken to try out bright colors like that.

  7. I love the yellow cardi paired with the red heels. Great job!

  8. This is adorable! I love the red heels. How is the sizing? I wanted to order Franco Sarto pumps online, but wasn't sure if it's true to size or not. I totally forgot about this month's PFC. argh. You totally pulled this challenge off!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  9. @The Little Dust Princess Jessy the shoes run true to size. I typically wear 6.5/7 and took 7 in these and they fit well considering the fact that I am between sizes.

    @Tara Thanks Tara! :)

    @Cee Yay, I love Emma Pillsbury so compliment accepted. :) I think you can pull off these orange jeans, you love colorful tights! :)

    @littlenashua Kerry you are completely right, this winter has been completely out of whack (even more so than usual). Though I was initially more concerned about the shopping ban, this schizophrenic weather definitely factored into my ultimate decision to sit out the challenge. I don't wear pants either (maybe four times a year), it's just easier for me to maneuver myself in a skirt and some comfy boots so your outfit sounds a lot like mine when it's snowy out. I wore heels in the pictures but I changed into my ugly uggs (still need to look into the boots you recommended, uggs are not very waterproof) to get to work. :)

    @Ping hehe thanks, I feel like I didn't really run with the challenge. I seriously was trying to not look like a clown, an earlier version of this included other colors of the rainbow...which is a little too festive for even me. :)

    @Nelah Nelah I don't think I can pull those off, there's a reason they haven't been touched at all in 2 years! :)

    @s Thanks for noticing :) The outfit worked out better than I thought - judging by the overall reception. I usually wake up in the morning sort of colorblind :)

    @PetiteLittleGirl Thanks Sydney, I can't wait for your outfit, you always have one of the best!

  10. Ah Elle, your outfit put a smile on my face!!! The yellow and of course those SHOES!!! AMAZING! You remind me of Blair in this outfit ;)

  11. We both wore yellow! This is one of my favorites of the whole PFC challenge! Yellow and grey go so incredibly well together (one of my favorite color combinations), and I love the pop of your red shoes.

  12. Oh Elle - yellow looks spectacular on you! You should wear more of it!!

  13. Another mustard and white/cream combo! I love the look of mustard with pearls. And oh - got your msg about the glosses : ) And yes I think there were more cosablanca panties left...but what the heck is that brand? Why is it still $18 for three pairs? So steep!

  14. wow, great cardigan! we both chose mustard cardis. :) i love all the colors here and those pearls are an excellent addition!

    oh, and you should submit this look to the Color Brigade too! it's perfect!

    cute and little
    come join the Color Brigade!

  15. I think we're the same shoe size! I'm a 6/7 :D Thanks, Elle! And GUESS WHAT?! My mom just showed me a package today and it was yours. I can't wait to try on the dress tmw and possibly take pics this week (if I get my camera back; left it at bf's). I did NOT expect both the UD and the R&R makeup. Thanks so much Elle : ) I hope the dress fits!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  16. Pearls & cardigan = pure sophistication. :) Also, I don't know if I would have thought to pair pink shoes with a mustard yellow sweater!

  17. I love it all!! Such a fun, but classic look!

    So you get to hide a bit at work, huh? I am always on show, and 7th graders are VERY honest about my outfits!! Lol! My worst comment this year..."Why are you wearing a kilt (actually, a cute plaid skirt) with cowboy boots?" Lol!!

  18. You look great in yellow/mustard!!! Love the pearl necklace- adds so much elegance to the outfit:)

  19. Oh, that yellow is fantastic. I'm sure you turned many heads that day! :) Kiki

  20. @Kiki Thank you Kiki. Haha, I didn't get to see too many people yesterday but I am glad you liked it. :)

    @ReallyPetite thanks, fellow pearl lover! :)

    @Michelle I am lucky in that regard. I don't have to see too many people everyday therefore being judged isn't a problem. I don't know if your 7th graders are a blessing or not...it's always good to have feedback? :)

    @CynthiaC Thanks Cynthia! I kind of just lump colors together without too much thought...it sort of works? haha

    @The Little Dust Princess I AM SO GLAD YOU GOT IT! :) Crossing my fingers that you love everything.

    @kileen thanks! Kileen, I couldn't possibly compare to all the wonderful and very colorful entries on your blog. Haha I am too embarrassed by my simple color palette.

    @PetiteAsianGirl What can I say? It's an attractive combo. :) I just like trying new brands...and I like doing it when they go on sale even more.

    @SewPetiteGal noted! :) Just for you.

    @Alterations Needed Yellow is such a beautiful color isn't it...perfect for a lot of different skin tones. :)

    @curls-and-pearls I love Blair - compliment also accepted. :)

  21. Love the cardigan, it's such a pretty color:)

  22. Great outfit....I so love the shape of that skirt!! Very feminine and ladylike ;)

  23. Very classy with the cardi and pearls! I like the touch if he red pumps.

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again


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