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January 28, 2011

It's sometimes easy to forget how blessed we are to be living in a culture that celebrates personal expression and individuality.

I am fortunate and very thankful that my choices can be questioned but never denied.

Vanguard is one of my favorite shows (however sobering its content is) and last year I saw an episode titled Missionaries of Hate which focused on the highly inflammatory and volatile issue of Anti-Gay sentiments in Uganda. And yesterday I learned that David Kato, a known gay rights activist in Uganda, had been killed. The New York Times reported that several newspapers in Uganda routinely print the names, pictures, and even addresses of individuals who identified with being gay. Several of those highlighted by newspapers have gone into hiding but many more have simply disappeared.

Uganda's parliament has been trying to pass an Anti-Homosexuality Bill for years now which would broaden the scope of penalties that can be imposed on people found to be gay, including the death penalty.

The U.S. gave about a quarter of a billion dollars in aid to Uganda in 2005 (I believe that number has decreased significantly since but I couldn't find an exact figure for 2010) and has no plans to stop funneling aid money into the resource-rich but poverty-stricken East African country. Serra Sippel, President of the Center for Health and Gender Equality, has this to say about faith-based foreign aid that I thought was a thought-provoking read.

And here ends my world news tidbit.

Blazer: H&M
Dress: J. Crew Crewcuts
Belt: Taken from Rampage dress

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  1. Is it horrible to admit I don't keep up with current events as I should? =/

    Your hair looks espeically pretty today, Elle. The dress is really cute. Does it fit sort of boxy unbelted?

  2. I love your outfit! So polished and pretty! And thank you so much for sharing the article! I feel so aweful about the whole situation and I think it deserves a lot of attention! xoxoxoo

  3. this dress looks lovely on you and i love it with the blazer. and thanks for the world news tidbit! i unfortunately don't follow current events as much as i should.

    cute and little
    enter my giveaway!

  4. @Cee it's not horrible, it's unrealistic to expect people to keep up with all that's going on around the world. It's so easy to feel like you blink and then now feel out of the loop. Bf and I were both government majors in college and while I didn't end up working in that field I still read with a lot of enthusiasm and even I sometimes feel overwhelmed by it all.

    And haha, you noticed the hair! I usually take pictures after my shower before my hair dries and today I woke up early enough and had time to dry my hair before taking outfit pictures. :)

    And yes, the dress looks really boxy when unbelted and not hiding under a jacket. I actually did a post before about the dress. It's here: http://www.fastfoodandfastfashion.com/2010/10/j-crew-crewcuts-canterbury-lila-dress-j.html

  5. Elle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I especially how you paired the dress w/the blazer- totally adds a nice touch!

  6. elle-- i agree that we are so lucky to live here in the US. sometimes i complain about my life and feel unfortunately until I hear about stories like this. thanks for the reminder and the reality check!

    i love your outfit as usual-- the dress especially. is that a recent purchase?

  7. Love the dress...you look so polished and put together :)

  8. Gosh, it's hard enough to live in Uganda with its racism, sexism, civil war (i.e. across Africa, rape is being used as a weapon of war), corruption, but to fight against sexual discrimination as well?? I wouldn't know how to live. Even in a 1st world nation as ours, as socially advanced as we are, we still have issues tolerating others (example: arkansas grocery stores censoring Elton John & his family due to the homosexual content).

    Such a shame.

  9. I'm wishing I could see your hair better...from what I can see it looks amazing! Love the outfit, it's fabulous!!

  10. Hearing about things occurring across the world really puts my "issues" in perspective.

    I agree with Cee - your hair seems to frame your face so well when parted in the middle! Great outfit!

  11. I listen to NPR whenever I am not at work (which basically means, all the time before 7am and after 3pm) and have been following this story in Uganda. It is shocking, and I am infuriated by the funding and support the American based right wing religious groups are giving the government there, but that's a whole other rant.

    Cute outfit - I've been meaning to try black opaque tights with a lighter colored skirt/dress. I'm curious - would you consider your Crewcuts dress too short for work? The dress code for students at my school is the "can't be shorter than where your fingertips reach down at your side hem length" test, but I usually add a couple inches to my personal rule to feel appropriately dressed. I have a couple of really cute mini skirts that I am afraid to wear for fear of being unprofessional, but I often feel that if you wear them with dark tights and other more mature pieces like a blazer and the right shoes, you can pull it off.

    What are your thoughts on work appropriate attire?

  12. @littlenashua Hi Kerry! I think my crewcuts dress is definitely too short for most work places - but thankfully I had no meetings and aside from brief interactions with some of my colleagues no one else saw it. hehe. I think mini skirts are definitely work appropriate when paired with opaque tights...just not when they are as short as my crewcuts dress. I think this dress is about 3-4 inches too short for it to be work appropriate. :)

    @SewPetiteGal aww thanks. I always thought my hair was among the more uninteresting things about myself. :)

    @Callandra Thanks Callandra - my hair is really pretty boring. hehe.

    @AubreyOhDang! I couldn't agree more. I think Harps is so out of line censoring the Us Weekly cover in its 60 locations across OK, M0, and AR!

    @Tara Thanks Tara!

    @Ping I am the same way, I think the good life is just really easy to get used to. :) The dress is from this summer? It's from J. Crew's kid line! :)

    @Really Petite Thanks Annie :)


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