Not Your Mom's Store: Talbots Additional 40% Off Sale

January 05, 2011

I have been pestering blogger extraordinaire Bianca over at Deals for the Short and Curvy about the Talbots sale that seems like it wasn't ever going to happen. At last, it did!

I am exactly the type of person who gets attached to beautiful lookbook pages and I fell in love with this outfit instantly. I have been biding my time waiting for a good enough sale to happen...thankfully no one seems to like the items that I am eying so it finally made its way to final sale. Cross your fingers for me and hope that they fit!

Lots of cute things on sale (I don't really know why Talbots started morphing into J. Crew but it's a welcome change! Their stock has suffered as a result ok maybe not as a result but it definitely plummeted for whatever reason) but I suppose they have a larger plan at work).

Still, we come back to the question: how does it fit? Unfortunately there are no Talbots within 15 miles of me so I can't just drive to one during my lunch break. Most stores don't carry 0P anyway and the last time I tried, the 2P jacket was a touch big on me. I think anyone smaller than me would probably find Talbots to be too big for them.

Picture Source: Red Chair Confessions
I ordered the High-ridge twill jacket in 0P (Originally $229, Now $68.39 on Final Sale) and the Shetland wool pleat-waist skirt (Originally $119, Now $35.38). If I hadn't gone all shopping crazy in the last little while I would've ordered more (so much cute stuff plus I am uncertain about fit) but I really really want to stick to my resolution to spend less.

I don't think you can stack codes but this one works for free shipping: 017791472

Some more eye candy to drool over.

Talbots Grace Fit Boucle Jacket, was $269.00 Now $80.38

Rose Print Dress, was $189.00 Now $84.59

Herringbone 3/4 Sleeve Coat, was $299.00 Now $134.39

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  1. I'm definitely curious to see your review of these items from Talbots.

    I've been aware of their transformation for a while now, but I haven't bought any clothing there because I'm unsure of the fit and the size chart seems to indicate that they run a little bigger. Though I have gotten a pair of flats and it's super comfy! Plus, they have amazing accessories! =)

  2. I still haven't bought anything from Talbots but have been liking their more modern pieces lately too. I also appreciate they offer almost everything in their collection in a range of petite and plus sizes.

    I may need to bite during this sale - I've had my eye on a trench and am in luuuuv with their white lace tee under new arrivals.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the sale! I've been liking their stuff lately too but just haven't made the leap from eye to buy. I'd love to see how Talbots fits on you.

  4. I feel like Talbots makes everything look modern in their ads/lookbooks, and their clothes are seemingly adaptable to the young professionals, but when I go in there, I only want to buy stuff for my mom. It's still a mom's store to me--like a martha's vineyard mom to be exact.

    so that's why I am anticipating your review and seeing how you incorporate it.

  5. Looking forward to your review as well! I've never stepped foot inside a Talbots because of the old-lady stigma (silly, but true). Your review may very well change my mind :)

  6. I can't wait to see how it all looks on you! I agree with Aubrey, I have seen the ads, but I've gone in and never really have seen anything I actually wanted to try on. Maybe you'll change my mind!

  7. Just like everyone, I am very interested in your review. I stopped by the store several times but couldn't find anything worth buying. Great deals though. I hope they'll work out for you.

  8. I have never ventured out to this brand- always thought it was too "old" but I am very curious! Love the first blazer- super classy!

  9. i've never tried anything on at Talbots before, but have seen more of them of late. i can't wait to see how your items work out for you!

  10. I've never actually gone to Talbot's before so don't have much experience with their clothing. Really looking forward to seeing how your purchases work/don't work for you!

  11. I love the first and second outfits. I don't think I've ever stepped foot in Talbot's before .. always looked "old" for me. LOL The first outfit is so put together though. I love it!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  12. I went to a Talbots store a few months ago because I saw a bag I liked online. In person, it didn't look as nice so I didn't buy it. But I do remember seeing a lot of older, mature women shopping there. Nevertheless, I do like some of their pieces. I think I'll wait for further sale before buying but I can't wait to see your reviews!

  13. Love the Grace Fit Boucle jacket.

  14. That herringbone coat is exactly what I've been looking for! Gaah so sad they're out of sizes :(((

  15. I too thought the same thing about Talbots looking more like J. Crew. Although, the website looks great, they need to do something about their stores. I walked in there for the first time ever, and felt 20 years older, instantly. It still has "I'm your stypical mom store" look. anywho, i ordered the navy twill jacket last week when it was $85. I thought it was a good deal then but gosh $68 is such a steal!

  16. Khatu - If I were in your shoes I'd reorder and return the higher priced one (but I am a penny pincher these days...too spendthrift). How do you like it, have you received it?

    Sophia - oh no. I'll keep an eye on it for you...I think there is a good chance it'll go down even more in price and maybe some sizes will come back in stock.

    Lisa - me too!

    Cee - I have only ever seen mature ladies in Talbots too...I am hopeful for this package though.

    Jessy - I am obsessed about the first outfit too!

    Tara, Em, Sydney, Annie, Kileen, and SPG, - will definitely keep you all posted on how I like the stuff...I am a little anxious too.

    Aubrey - lol, I hope to change your mind. But I think there is a part of me that knows this may be a disappointment.

  17. Looking foward to this. I've never been into a Talbots either but we have them in Canada! So hopefully some of those pieces will be there too. I'll try and check it out.

  18. What's a little coveting between friends? LOL!! I love having you "over" on Talbot's days. :-) I seriously can't wait to see how your 2 pieces look on you. I hope the clothes aren't too big!


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