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January 11, 2011

Truth be told, I was pretty excited about this purchase so it was kind of a let down when I tried them on.

The quality is excellent, but the cut leaves a lot to be desired. I think it's just not for my shape.

I am wearing 0P in both the Shetland Wool Pleat-Waist skirt and the High-ridge Twill jacket (still available in 0P at this time).

The blazer is a bit boxy on me. The sleeve length is perfect but that's about it.

The skirt is just too big all around. The skirt measures about 13.5 around the waist and is a few inches bigger than the H&M blush wool skirt that fits me like a glove.

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  1. Your photos are getting better, Elle. I love it :D Great imitation of the model's pic too. :P I think everything looks just a little too big on you. I've yet to shop at Talbots - it's just a store that I think isn't for someone my age.

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  2. Gasp...much too big everywhere. I know they've been offering younger looking stuff but their sizing hasn't come down to par with AT and BR yet apparently. Thanks for showing this!

  3. Such a shame about the fit since it's a super cute outfit!

    Are you going to return both pieces or keep the jacket and have it tailored?

  4. oh man, everything is HUGE. good to know about their sizing.

  5. :( I guess talbots is still not yet tiny petite friendly. I always love the classic styles on their catalog and online but, yeah when I tried walking into a Talbot store one time, there were mostly accomplished ladies over 40+ (well i do live near a retirement community) and I noticed the clothing petite sizes xs were mostly boxy and wider like that.

  6. oh, I also wanted to add that I love how you photo-edited where the background for your pic is identical to the model's photo. that's neat!

  7. Bummer!! :( The blazer might be more do-able with some fitted pants. I love the fabric on the skirt, so sad it is too big. :(

    Thanks for the review!

  8. I've always been curious about Talbots and I knew they ran big, but now I know how big they really are. However, they do have great accessories and shoes! =)

  9. Very interesting! Thank you for reviewing these pieces from Talbots - too bad their stuff runs so big!!

  10. Thanks for the review Elle. I stopped by the store yesterday just to check it out. The quality is excellent. I felt in love with so many pieces but I know they will never fit. Everything looks so big on you especially the skirt.

  11. Truer words have never been posted. I am not even a tiny petite (I comfortably wear a size 4 at H&M and a size 0P and PSX (not XXS) and Jcrew/BR/AT. I just tried on the felted wool skirt in 0P andit zipped up all the way over my 8-month baby bump!!!

    I will say a dress in p2 that I tried on before I was showing fit OK (not great but OK) so maybe it is just the skirts that are way too big. The shoes are super cute though.

  12. Thanks for the review! I've been eyeing the Talbots line for a while but haven't gotten around to trying anything on. Looks like I don't have to since you are about my size and the clothes are HUGE on you!

  13. Jessy - haha, I am having too much fun with this. I think Talbots is a store you may have to cross off your list for good. I don't think you'll ever be able to wear their stuff because you are so small framed. This skirt would slip right off your hips.

    Jean - glad this was helpful - I thought they would make the 0P a full size smaller than the 2P but it doesn't feel any smaller than the 2P I tried in stores. Maybe I was just wearing more that day.

    Megan - I am keeping the blazer because it's final sale - will get a quote on how much it would cost to take in around the torso. yikes!

    Ping - I am glad this was helpful - I thought the 0P would be small enough for me at least. :(

    Olyvia - thanks, I think I am getting a little better at this. :) Talbots has quite a bit more to go if they want to reach the tiny petites community...

    Michelle - such a let down...the material is TERRIFIC and I wish they'd just come up with a 00P or'll save them some more fabric!

    Jess - I agree, the accessories and shoes are great but the clothes will fall off you.

    Anna - wow, you are so super tiny (and so is your baby, congrats!). Yeah the 0P in Talbots is about a 4P, 2P or a big 0P at AT or BR but it's their smallest size. sigh. I'll stick with accessories for now!

    Sydney - yes, definitely not a brand for you. I hope they make some changes to the cut because as it stands now, they are losing their base customers because of their new image overhaul and not gaining any new ones because the cut is still very traditional.

    Callandra - very unfortunate indeed. :(

  14. Petite Mom - definitely too big for you (I am bigger than you all around), I will withold any recommending until they come out with 00P's. The cut is also a tad old-school...doesn't flatter anyone who wants a waist?

  15. Thanks for sharing! Now we all know to stay away! I love how you mimicked the model- that helps a lot!!

  16. Awww **cries** !! That's too bad about the fit on you! I had wondered if the clothes would be small enough. I don't really have a problem with the cut being too boxy on jackets in my size - not sure if they cut larger sizes differently?



  17. Because of your earlier Talbots post, I went and ordered stuff too! (Elle, you are horrible for my wallet :P) I'm sad to see that your items didn't fit well. Boo!

  18. Annie - definitely stay away because you are so tiny. :(

    Bianca - I think the disappointment has more to do with me though, the clothes are well made and so sturdy. It looks terrific on you so I'll just be popping over checking out your outfits from now.

    Cee - ahhh I am so sorry, this probably won't work out for you because you are thinner...but I think height may help? I think you'll definitely pull it off better if things manage to stay on!

  19. I was so excited to see your post, but so disappointed after finishing reading. Talbot is still out, I guess. I heard a lot of good things about them, but never bothered to check them out online. In store, I never had good luck around here. Everything looks too "old" still.

  20. Thanks for the review Elle... Talbots is probably out for me after seeing this. Btw your photoshop skills are amazing! How did you do the neat trick with the duplicated background?!

  21. Vicky - I agree, the cut is really unflattering on the smaller petites.

    Liane - definitely out for you...I think you would need like a 0000P or 000P in this brand. Haha, I just played around with it in photoshop (took only about 3 minutes though), if you are interested I'll send you's sort of make shift and probably looks terrible if magnified and scrutinized by a pro.

  22. I actually went to Talbot's on Friday (before I saw your post - I am sooo behind!) but only got navy tights and a gray croc belt. So unfortunate that the fit is so floppy because I love the style of it. They had to have pinned that blazer to fit the model. BTW - it is so incredibly awesome that you match your modeling pic background to the catalog pic!


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