LOFT Regular & Petite Rosette Halter Cami

January 01, 2011

The mall was a madhouse yesterday, I overheard the SA's at J. Crew saying that it was busier than Christmas eve. In any case, I went into my local LOFT with a wishlist and only came out with two things...the entire store was almost entirely emptied out.

I first saw this cami on Cee and loved it on her. However, the nail in the coffin that did it for me was SewPetiteGal's post though...who can turn down such a pretty shade of pink?

I bought the Strawberry Red color in XXSP and Rose Cloud in XS. Here are the comparison photos.

I loved the top on Cee and SPG but I don't know if I love it on me. At this time I am leaning toward keeping both (though about an hour ago I was thinking about returning I am entirely undecided). What do you think?

Also, can anyone advise me on the fit of LOFT sweaters? My favorite Australian petite is thinking about ordering one but I buy sweaters so infrequently that I was stumped. She is about 5'3, 100 lbs with long arms.

Update: 1/4/2010

I tried taking pictures of the two tops stacked on top of each other (tried being the key word)'s hard to tell but there is some difference. I thought the difference would be minimal at best but it's actually somewhat substantial.

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  1. I love them both! They look awesome tucked in your skirt. The red one really stood out on CEE's when she first posted it, and I couldn't stop thinking about them either since. But if I had to choose for you, I'd keep the Rose pink one. That color seems to suit you more in these photos (or maybe I'm just used to seeing you in the pale-pinks ;) BTW, I got the cookies'n'creme drops at Albertson's grocery, not sure if there's one near you or if they stock the same things...but they are yummy! sort of likes whoppers to me. I love your blog too for your snacks! hehe

  2. I think the tops look amazing tucked in! Both colours look gorgeous on you.

    In reply to your comment, I usually don't ask for things! I ask my friends to surprise me or just show up to my birthday gatherings. : ) Also, what 'beef' do you have with AA? :O I must know! They're really expensive though, don't you agree? haha

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  3. both colors look gorgeous on you. i think i prefer it tucked in than not. it's a little big on the sides when not tucked in. i like it! i think its a keeper.

    happy new year elle!

  4. i really like these tops on you and think they look good tucked into a skirt or also belted at the waist. if i had to pick a color, i would go with the Rose Cloud color too. lovely find from LOFT!

  5. Hi, Elle! Hope you had enjoyed the holidays:) Yes, the malls have been a madhouse, lately! Plus, the deals have been amazing, though not so great for my wallet lol Oh wow, I really love these tops! Both colors look great on you, but I like the strawberry red a bit more than the lighter color.

    Happy new year and wishing you all the best in 2011! -AB

  6. That Rose Cloud color is SO gorgeous on your skin Elle! I think it'd look amazing on you paired with a grey pencil skirt!

  7. I love this top and am happy you were able to find it! This is so hard because I think XXSP fits you better but I like the rose cloud color on you. You're paler than me and the pale pink color looks great against your skin tone. So... maybe you should keep both? ;) If you do plan on returning the strawberry red one, can you let Aubrey know? I think she's looking for it in XXSP.

  8. Wow! These are so pretty...I hadn't seen these on the web site! They look great on you.
    Kristina J.

  9. olyvia - no albertson's where I am but I am going to look for this high and looks so freaking delicious!

    Jessy - lol, I actually really like AA clothes but I really dislike their CEO Dov Charney - he is just really sketchy and I refuse to support a company that is so embroiled in controversy. if you do a quick search on google you should be led to many links about AA's questionable practices. :)

    Ping - if you think they are keepers then no way am I returning them. :)

    Kileen - everyone seems to like the rose cloud better than the strawberry - it's my first choice too so I am psyched. :)

    TOC - lol, no more shopping sprees for me either. :)

    Sophia - aww thanks Sophia, I'll definitely try it!

    Cee - oh no, if Aubrey reads this I would be happy to pick one up for her or send her the one I have (I don't have any coupons or anything though so if she's ok with the 50% off it's hers).

  10. Weirdly enough, they look the same size untucked but XXSP looks like a better fit tucked. The Rose Cloud color on you is absolutely divine!

    For LOFT sweaters, I would say they are mostly a tad big so I would order a size down. I think Michelle has similar proportions to your friend and she reviewed a XXSP cowl neck sweater that fit well but the sleeves were too short. XSP looked best on her but was a bit baggy. Here's the link to her review:

  11. Yeah I've actually heard about this a while ago. It's been rumoured that he hires only people with a certain look. Apparently, he gets managers from stores all over to periodically send in photos of their staff to see if anyone's "ugly" or not. And I've also heard he doesn't hire overweight people. It's stupid, I know. I'm also not a fan of the way the clothing are displayed on their website. I can't open their site in a room with my parents. -_-' Still, I can't help but purchase from AA because there are so many simple things that I just can't get elsewhere! Too pricey though.

  12. Pretty top, I've had my eye on that one as well. I actually prefer the color and fit of the strawberry one :)

  13. I love both those colours on you - each one give a different look.

  14. Oh man! I wanted that top but it still was too much at my LOFT! It looks sooooooo HOT tucked in!!! So jealous! LOL

  15. those colors are gorgeous. I went and tried one on about two to three weeks ago bit it didn't look good on me at all.

  16. I'm enjoying these larger photos and close up shots! I can see the detail better and that's always a plus. I'm loving the XXSP size on you tucked looks slimmer. Also, the rose color matches your skin tone better, the other one seems too bright even though I love bright colors. Happy New Year! =)

  17. @Cee: thanks for looking out for me! Gosh, it pays to be your fan! I did enjoy seeing it on you so much that it made me want the strawberry color. But I didn't know this Rose Cloud color existed til you (Elle) just posted it here. Wow!!! I need a nude pink blush top more.

    @Elle: I'm going to try my darn hardest to find the color Rose Cloud in XXSP here in San Diego, CA. If I do not find it, I will personally contact you as I am interested in the Strawberry Red as well.

  18. Aubrey - I don't think the rose cloud is available in petite sizes :( When I get home today I'll post some pictures of the XS next to the XXSP so you can see the difference. I think the XXS may fit you ok if you can find it. And let me know if I can help with finding the XXSP for strawberry, it's a lovely color (Cee's pictures are more in sync with what it looks like irl)

    Jess - thanks! I have taken a liking to the close up shots as well. :) Happy new year to you too!

    Nelah - Nelah, I am sure you were just being picky. You look great in everything. But this top does look kind of weird untucked on us petite ladies though.

    Annie - I am starting to think it's a bit much too...maybe on further sale you can pick it up. It would look gorgeous on you!

    Elaine - thanks, I think so too. :)

    Tara - can't wait to see you rock it if you pick it up too. :)

    SPG - Thanks, I'll definitely let her know!

    Jess - yikes, that's exactly the type of thing that makes me cringe.

  19. I actually really liked this top... stalked it for a while but when there was finally a good sale/coupon the XXSP was already gone :\ Ah well, you win some, you lose some...

  20. ah you're right! Rose cloud is not in petite sizes. WTF LOFT!!!! Somehow, this shirt keeps on stalking me in every LOFT store I go to, so I caved and bought it for $20 last night in strawberry XXSP.

    so update us further--did you end up keeping it?

  21. Liane - this top is bound to turn up somewhere, that said, I think it'll be big on you because you are so tiny (the flowers are a little overwhelming).

    Aubrey - I did end up keeping it! I couldn't decide which to return so just kept both! I think you'll pull it off well because you have height! Can't wait to see it on you? Forum pics maybe?

  22. Aubrey - more update...I was at the mall today and saw that the tops have been further marked down. I then returned the two that I got two weeks ago and will probably wait for them to go down in price more. Credit card bill scary this month, need to watch every purchase


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