Keep: ASOS Petite 2 in 1 Pussybow Jersey Dress

January 07, 2011

So I have continued my quest to annihilate the hill of packages that slowly piled up over the last week and a half. They are the result of late night browsing while half asleep and I am going to post ones that I think are promising and hope that you'll agree. But feel free to be brutally honest because I really should be doing more returns.

This dress was already reviewed by Extra Petite and while I agree the quality and fit can't be justified at its retail price, I was able to snag it on sale for $27.58. I am wearing size Petite 6 in the pictures. I also ordered the other color combination in Petite 4 by mistake so I'll have comparison pictures next week. I like the fit of size 6 even though it's a little looser in the midsection than I imagined.

PAG, if you are reading, how did you tie the bow so perfectly?

I tried it on with my new love - Ann Taylor Wool Doubleweave Skirt. I thought it would be easier to tuck in because of how clingy the material was but it actually fell short of my expectations.

Size petite 6 is back in stock! There is only one left so if you like it, don't wait. I probably wouldn't have ordered it if I were on a semi-ban back then but now that it's in my closet I don't really feel it's necessary to return it at this price. Do you agree? Sometimes I am wearing the new-clothes-goggle and don't see the obvious problems.

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  1. i like the dress and think it's a classic black/white piece that you can wear anywhere. the fact that you can layer other skirts on top of the dress also makes it more versatile. i think for the price, it's worth it!

  2. Really cute dress! I always have trouble re-tying the bow as nicely as when I first buy it :S haven't found the youtube video that teaches that yet, let me know when you find out! ;) haha

  3. It seems like the top part is very see thru.

    I like that red skirt paired w/anything.

  4. I think PAG should do a tutorial on how to tie bows. I need help too!

    For sme reason I like the red skirt paired with this top better. I think the length of the black is a bit short. I really like this combo on you and I agree it should be a keeper!

  5. Kileen - yay, you like it! I thought for sure I was wearing the new-clothes goggle and totally talking myself up. :)

    FA - me too! I will let you know if I find anything...or you can let me know if you find out first!

    Aubrey - sort of, unfortunately. If I wear a light colored bra underneath it's barely obvious - flimsy material but cute concept. :) So sad that this skirt is too big for you, it would have looked incredible on you. Maybe paired with those fiesty animal print scarfs/snood you wore for the petite get-together. yes, that thing was a show-stealer. :)

    Cee - me too! I think she's super busy these days (must be on vacation or hard at work) so maybe no quick tutorials in sight. I'll be crossing my fingers though. :)

  6. I like both on you! I like how form fitting it is- very sexy:) Great price too!

  7. But...your bow looks really good!! I always search youtube for scarf/bow tying tutorials now. Otherwise I am helpless.

    I also love everything with that red skirt. Ughhh you and Anh make me want one so badly!

  8. I love that dress! I especially like the red skirt! Great blog!

  9. This looks sooo great on you! I love the red skirt - seriously jonesing for something like that over here!!

  10. Annie - I was surprised I was able to get it on sale too! It keeps going in and out of stock, but finally it was meant for me!

    Jean - lol not even close to being as good as yours...I suck at tying bows so whenever I see you tie scarfs/bows/belts, etc. I am just so impressed.
    It's sad that AT is too big for you, I really liked the color of this one!

    Temi - thanks!

    Bianca - definitely! I don't know how you like AT sizing but this skirt is still in stock in many sizes in stores! :)

  11. I had been waiting for this review and can't believe I missed it! This looks like it fits you really well and I actually really like it paired with the red skirt!

  12. Whaaat? I thought I commented this..I just came back to say argghhh I've been thinking about the purple one ever since your post. I want it! LOL I hate that it's sold out. ............

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  13. Oh boy... I <3 <3 that red skirt!! Too bad it would never fit me without alterations, and isn't even available in anything remotely close to my size anymore...


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