Inspired : Marie Claire February 2011

January 13, 2011

Source : Mizhattan
My bargain version consists of this H&M top with lace panels ($15, also in red, navy and black) and an Abercrombie & Fitch floral skirt from 2009 (was on sale for <$20).
These "recreations" are miles away from their gorgeous originals but it definitely curbs my impulse to hunt down the gorgeous top that the model is wearing.

And the "winner" of the Anthro Flower Clip is Bianca (selected via random number generator), I'll be contacting you soon and if you get this before I get around to it, you can also just send me an e-mail with your address. :)

Also check out how much snow I woke up to yesterday. CT 'burbs got hit hard!

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  1. i'm absolutely loving your recreation! the floral skirt is so pretty and it definitely has a spring vibe to it. just lovely!

    cute and little

  2. The model's top is lovely but your top works just as well. If you had her skirt (which is GORGEOUS!), you'd be a perfect petite model version of the look!

  3. Loving the floral skirts! I like your lace top over the model's. so that's where all the snow went! lol we only got 8" in NY xP

  4. Wow, that's a lot of snow...we got about 8 inches here in your recreation!

  5. I knew the H&M top would look great on you! Stop being so harsh on yourself :) The inspired look is great, you really nail the poses!

    I don't even know what to say about the snow. Holy cow! Has the last blizzard even finished melting before this one hit?! My area's been great this year. Forecasts always predict a lot of snow but then we almost never get anything. Crossing my fingers this trend continues. Stay warm, Elle!

  6. Wow.. love the outfit and good luck with the snow =)

  7. I'm loving your Inspired features! You have such a teeny, tiny waist - you look fabulous and you really captured the essence of the outfit - great job!

    Congrats to Bianca!

  8. The lace top is so pretty. I really love the skirt worn by model, the colors are gorgeous. Wow the amount of snow is crazy!!!

  9. So pretty! I like your imitation pose of the model- that's awesome!!!

    And all that snow...I so don't miss it! :)


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