Etsy Experience : hPiece Pleated Front Dress

January 08, 2011

I complain about my oversized rib cage all the time on this blog so it's no surprise that I hardly ever find dresses that fit perfectly. Dresses tend to be either too big around the waist, too tight across my rib cage or too loose around my bust. They are never "perfect" in terms of the fit. 

I decided to go on Etsy, where I have experience ordering custom gifts for friends and family. I put out a request on Alchemy and within two days I had about a dozen e-mails in my inbox from artists on Etsy who responded to my request. I decided to go with Heather of hPiece even though her Etsy store only had simple pieces. The project that caught my eye was this coat with a bustle.

This whole project took about four weeks from start to finish and cost merely $155 including shipping. I sent some pictures to Heather, gave her ideas about what I was thinking and she put the pieces together perfectly. She even made two sets of sleeves (per my request) to go along with the dress without additional charge.

And some pictures of the beautiful packaging - Heather was more than professional.

Has anyone else had positive experiences on Etsy? Please share! :)

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  1. I've just started to profile some etsy stores on my blog. I love how sweet all the sellers are! This dress is fantastic! Love it!

  2. That dress is super pretty, and the length is perfect on you! I have never ordered clothes on etsy, but I have ordered jewerly and stationary and have always been pleased. It looks like we both braved the snow today to take pictures!

  3. Something about the top of the dress I don't like... I think the knot could be higher up? But I LOVE the skirt. You know me and draping. The detailing and folds are gorgeous! The attached sleeves are such a unique idea, it really transforms the dress.

    It looks freezing outside! You and bf are so brave for venturing out.

    I bought a pearl clusters necklace off Etsy because I couldn't find another cheaper version. The pearls "clustered" together more than I liked, but that's my fault for not examining the pics closely. But I think I will give Etsy another shot in the future.

  4. I've never shopped directly through Etsy, but I have done business with Naughty Baubles before (the store I held a giveaway with).

    I love the dress on you! You must've been freeeeeeeeeezing. LOL

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  5. your bf looks so bundled up, and you're just in a dainty lovely are the one who is brave :) I love the different scenary for a change. The dress is so unique and looks like a "couture" dress, yet only $150ish. That's awesome! I haven't bought anything on etsy, other than browsing their jewelry and purses. I didn't know you can put in a request on the site and have designers contact you. I'm glad you shared this. I think I might check them out when I get married. I would love to have a wedding dress hand-made, especially since I'm so picky and particular and not to mention small sized, and I love unique dresses, but not pay a fortune. Aw, the packaging is so pretty too!

  6. Oh Elle how were you not FREEZING out there?!?

    I think that dress is beautiful on you - all the details and it's so unique. I think for a perfectly fitted dress like that the price was well worth it. What a great solution for special pieces.

  7. I love Etsy!! How cold were you when taking these photos? You are a brave girl! LOL

    What a pretty and feminine dress! Fits you really nicely!

  8. Love the dress- the little sleeves are so sweet :)

  9. Megan - thanks, I love them too. I know you love Etsy so maybe this can work for you too!

    Annie - I was FREEZING. bf and I were so quick with these shots!

    Elaine - definitely freezing, quickest shoot ever! I agree that for a fitted piece it's worth to spend the money. Here's hoping I don't lose or gain too much weight!

    Olyvia - aww, you are so sweet! I am glad I was able to introduce something new. I love Alchemy and hope that it can work out for you too! There are really some really terrific designers on Etsy so whatever your need is I am sure someone can make it! You are so slim that it's always difficult finding dresses and I really think even the junior dresses aren't the perfect fit for you!

    Jessy - I love NB after your contest and will be looking to maybe make a purchase after my browsing ban is over. You find the best stuff!

    Cee - I see what you mean about the knot, thankfully it doesn't bother me too much. I did want but forgot to mention in my post that Heather probably doesn't do pleats like these very often but overall I was pleased for the product at that price. I know you love draping (we have the IDENTICAL taste in dresses...)

    Danielle- just checked out your blog, will definitely follow it to find more excellent Etsy sellers! :)

    Tara - lol, I commend you for the effort, definitely is unthinkable taking pictures outside (probably the last shoot I'll do outdoors until it gets nicer!)

  10. You look beautiful! I love that dress on you!

  11. Holy cow Elle - you look soooo freakin' beautiful in this dress! I really honestly have never seen such a gorgeous dress and you are the perfect model for it.

  12. Love your dress, it's sooooo pretty on you!

  13. So feminine and princess-ey. I am excited to see your outdoor photos (it seems so cold - gosh look at the snow behind ya!)

  14. I agree with Cee that the knot may look nicer higher up, but this overall dress is gor-geous on you. The flowiness, the draping, the cream! And you're crazy Elle...photographing a strapless mini out in the snow! You should show us what's behind that red door : )

  15. I'm impressed that you went out into the cold in that dress!

    But anyway, that dress looks beautiful one you! Definitely looks like it was made just for you (as it should :D). Glad it worked out well, it looks adorable with the sleeves too :)

  16. Beautiful dress! I really like it. Your figure is made for a dress like that. I have never ordered anything from Etsy but I'd like to try. And yes, you need to give your bf a good rub down because he braved the cold to take your picture :O)

  17. Lovely dress, looks like it was made 4 you. I've bought purses and jewelery from etsy and have nothing but good things to say about etsy sellers :) Love the dress w. the sleeves and without!
    And you GO GIRL. Braving the cold in that gorgeous dress!

  18. wow. *whistle whistle* that dress is AMAZING. you look awesome in it. i wish i had ur calves. heck, i wish i had ANY calves at all.

  19. The dress looks amazing on you!! I like it with and without the sleeves.

    Darn woman, you must be shivery braving the cold like that! Gorgeous pics though.

  20. wow, i'm so impressed with this dress!! it fits you absolutely perfectly and i love the sleeve additions that she made too. you look so beautiful! and i can't believe you braved the cold in this dress!

  21. You are brave to be out in the cold in just that dress!

    The designer did an excellent job making your dress. It totally fits you...and your style! :)

  22. *brrrr* I'm cold just looking at you! Lol... but thanks for sharing your experience, I had no idea you can do something like that on Etsy. The dress is very pretty, I love all the draping and it's totally you!

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