Double Take : Abercrombie & Fitch Natalie Dress vs. Julia Dress

January 15, 2011

"Inspired by" is a norm of the fashion industry - you can bet that the super wearable dress you saw on the runway eight weeks ago will be in your local Forever21 tomorrow (case in point, Catherine Holstein's Sailor Dress). However, when retailer knock off their own uninspired designs, that's just laziness.

I am an occasional fan of Abercrombie & Fitch, I think the clothes are very petite friendly and generally of better quality than many teen stores out there (I mean, the mark up is also more significant). But when I saw their "new arrival" & "flagship exclusive" I had a good laugh.

Remember my post from last October about opposite season shopping? Turns out I was actually shopping for designs not yet released. The similarities between the Natalie dress of this season vs. the Julia dress that I bought on super sale cannot be dismissed.

Can you tell the difference? I sure can't...

And because I have been channeling my suppressed shopping urges through imitations, here's a poor attempt to recreate the new look. (it was interesting trying to stand on one leg - I really should've filmed me taking this picture, it would've been a good laugh for everyone)

I'll still shop Abercrombie but I don't understand why they re-released this dress since it wasn't a best-seller (At least in my local store, where tens of dresses in various sizes remained at the end of the season). 

Any other repeat offenders?

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  1. Oh wow Elle, that's crazy! Strange that they would copy themselves LOL!

    And you are too cute with the posing!

  2. Awww... the dress is both cute and ur pose is adorable too !!

  3. LOL They just put the stripes closer together. Pretty funny. And I love your copy of the model's pose. Hilarious! The dress looks so much better with your blue cardigan!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  4. You look soooo cute! I love the re-created pose and the dress is gorgeous. It's funny that they re-did it for the new season - they must think the strap change will make it a bestseller. Oh well - this gives all your readers a chance to pick it up now. :)

  5. Wow you sure are good at catching repeat styles. I can't tell the diff. The posing was too funny. I am already laughing without your video! The dress cardi combo looks very cute on you.

  6. Your blog is so cute! I've really enjoyed reading your blog posts! I'm following you! I hope you'll check out my blog and give me a follow too!

  7. have such a great sense of humor! Yeah, I buy from A & F occasionally, especially their sale. But that dress copy was so funny..I can't believe they re-released it again! xxoxoo

  8. Yea, they look almost identical! I have been loving your imitation shots recently of the model pics. You are too cute!

  9. ahaha that's so funny but 100% true! I've seen it with other styles and even colours at other stores! Love how a dress will be in dark colours for winter than light colours for spring! Another money grab! :)


  10. Believe it or not, there's another copy of this dress!! My sister has it, its from the Wilfred line at Aritzia.

    Love your posing! :)

  11. Super cute pose! Next time you should record your attempts! That would be hilarious! :p

    I do love stores like Abercrombie for casual summer dresses. AE had a dress just like that last season, too. Jen from Head to Toe featured it here.

  12. I'm loving all these inspired looks, especially down to the poses. Too cute, Elle! I missed out on a couple AF items in the past and I'm wishing they'll release another version.

  13. Wow! Those dresses are nearly identical. I like the dress on you. So cute for summer!

  14. Oh how cute! You look great! I sure hope you show your face soon:)

  15. They are very similar.. I love both of them.
    Ps.. you look fantastic..
    Lee x

  16. um...I feel like A&F, Hollister, and abercrombie are notorious for doing this season after season. This is not a newsflash. I swear, I can find a slightly altered version of a henley I bought in HS still in stores today. They even have modified version from store to store, so are we really THAT shocked that they would bring back this dress?


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