Charlotte Russe Rosette Romance Corset

January 02, 2011

I thought I'd do a quick post on this cute corset top from Charlotte Russe since it's currently on sale for $15.

The XS fits me decently and I plan to (attempt to) take up the straps a smidgen since it's a little too long for my short torso.

For $15 it's a pretty good deal and I probably wouldn't have risked getting this online but I happened to be in a store so I picked it up. I was unfamiliar with Charlotte Russe until recently and was drawn in mostly by their numerous sale signs and incredible prices (most things run $5-$15 on sale). It's not of the best quality - it's on par with Forever 21 - but I wouldn't have wanted to spend a lot of money on something trendy like this rosette top anyway so this version is appropriate for my purposes.
Lots of things on sale, including an adorable rosette cardigan for $15 and a glittery bow cardigan for $10

$20 Eric Daman bubble dress and $10 bow pump

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  1. I used to shop at Charlotte Russe so I agree that the quality is about the same as F21. I'm not a huge fan of this corset, but it fits you wonderfully! =)

  2. Really cute Elle! I have a couple of tops I picked up from Charlotte Russe last year and I agree with you on the quality. They started pilling after only a few wears :(

  3. nice floral top you got, $15 is cheap for it. and nicee eric damen stuff is on sale too :D

  4. Love the corsette! I was just at Charlette Russe this past week. Such a nice store!

  5. that top is pretty on you! you make it look nice because i don't like on the model. i agree with you about charlotte russe's quality, definitely f21 quality.

  6. Cute!

    I actually have 3 corsets from Charlotte Russe from several years ago that still get worn semi regularly- they look great as dressy tops with jeans for going out.

    Mine have held up surprisingly well with gentle handwashing.

  7. Meg - that's surprising to hear, but I bet that their quality has probably declined since you bought yours. In any case, I don't think I'll get too much wear out of these so no big loss. :) And have you always had this account?!

    Ping - aww, thanks Ping. How did your CR purchase turn out? I think you ordered from them some time ago.

    TGB - thanks, did you end up getting anything when you were there?

    PC - I know, I was surprised that it went on sale so soon. I didn't find most of the ED stuff advertised though...I want to think they sold out but I don't know what the deal is.

    ASB - thanks! :)

    Curls - that's what I feared...but maybe I'll just be dirty and not wash it. :) In the name of preservation?

    Jess - definitely agree with you about CR quality - I probably won't be going back there anytime soon but I have been meaning to find a corset top with rosette details for some time and it fit the bill somewhat nicely. :)

  8. i like this corset top on you and it would look great layered under a cardigan for the daytime or worn alone for a party look. and i haven't had any issues with Charlotte Russe quality and really like their styles. i really like that store for trendier items!

  9. That top looks amazing on you!

  10. Hi again,

    Yep, for some reason my gmail sign in lets me comment on blogs with the little orange B.

    No blog yet...but maybe soon!

  11. Meg - :) yay, let me know when your blog is up and running. I call dibs on being first follower. :)

    Kileen - definitely, I think it has potential too and will definitely try those looks you described. :)

    Sarah - thanks! :)

  12. Wow- this is super cute!!! Are the straps adjustable? They look super long but it could be just me:)

  13. The corset is very cute - I might just have to pick up one myself (hope they're still there!). I like that the straps can be tucked in for a strapless style. Is the zipper in the front?

  14. I love the skirt you paired the top with!! Is it a recent buy? I am a sucker for romantic florals!

  15. Annie - the straps aren't adjustable (boo!) but they are removable!

    Christina - the top is hook closure (a big pain imo) in the front. :(

    Michelle - the skirt is j. crew's new-ish but it's big (I haven't taken it in yet)...I have pins in the back holding it up. It's gorg though. :(

  16. beautiful skirt and top & nice blog :D

    do you wanne follow me? dan I can follow you back


  17. I tried a Charlotte Russet corset on once... was way too big on me and gaped majorly at the bust. I do like how you styled it though, it's very romantic and looks much better tucked in with a skirt than how the model wears it.


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