Better Than Uggs : Hunter Wellington Original Rain Boot

January 09, 2011

I have abandoned my EMU ugg boots in favor of my Hunter Rain Boots of late... there is simply too much snow here in CT to be treading around town in my barely waterproof (though very warm) ugg boots.

Not to mention I have grown fond of how Hunters look with all types of outfits. I love the hunter green and think it's just as versatile as neutral colors. I had a pair of yellow Hunter boots a few years ago but didn't get nearly as much wear out of those for some reason so I guess my fashion sense has changed (for better or worse).

(I apologize in advance for the cords you see in the pictures...I usually photograph just to the left of all my computer cords and treadmill but didn't pay much attention today)

I didn't think I would be in the market for another pair of Hunter rain boots so soon (especially because I am cutting back on clothing spending) but I am yearning for another color. The boots themselves are too cold to wear without warm socks in the winter so I am also thinking about splurging on a few pairs of Hunter Welly socks before the winter is over.

What are your favorite pair of casual winter shoes?

p.s. I got my current pair of Hunter rain boots for only $57.49 from Nordstrom's, I chronicled that experience here.

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  1. I'm surprised to see that those boots do look cute with a lot of different outfits! You might be able to buy other rain boot liner socks for cheaper, even if they aren't hunter brand. I know target has some online (not sure if they would fit your boots, but they are only ten bucks, much more affordable!) :)

  2. I love hunter wellies, but they're just so pricey. I wonder if their longevity makes up for it.

    The dark forest green looks great!

  3. The Hunters are so cute on you. I've been looking to get them too, but I might end up getting the Michael Kors ones if they have them in here!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  4. I love rain boots! I'd feel silly if I wear them when its dry out though. lol.

    You've styled them well. :)

  5. Tara - thanks for the tip, I'll check them out now! :)

    Gracie - I think these will last me a while - I don't have too much experience with other types of rain boots so if you have more rec's let me know!

    Jessy - definitely try them on before getting them. These aren't particularly petite friendly especially because you are so tiny (the calves are likely too big!)

    Jen - I am the same way. Thankfully they do double duty as rain boots and rain boots! :)

  6. these boots are indeed super versatile and look great in all of your outfits! i had no idea that Hunter came out with socks but those look great paired with the boots. i like how they're designed so that the top will peek out of the boots. :)

  7. These boots are so cute! I have never tried these before prob cuz there isn't too much rain in CA:)

  8. it's been super cold here lately too, i been wearing my grey via spiga boots and uggs everywhere, it really keeps my legs warm.

    btw i like the jacket you're wearing in the first pic. who makes it? i'd love to see more of it!

  9. Is it wrong to secretly love rain boots as much as my other shoes? Enough to want to wear them out all the time even when the weather doesn't call for it? :) Love all the looks you created with rainboots, especially with the pink dress. I'll have to try that out this spring.

    What color are you thinking of getting for your next pair, Elle? I think the welly socks would be a great investment, especially if you're going to get lots of wears in the winter.

  10. I heart my Hunter Wellies! I have them in black and like to wear them with skinny jeans, skinny khakis and leggings. Where does the top hit you? Mine is at the bottom of my knees and I wish they were just a smidge shorter. I briefly thought about getting the short version but there's just something so elegant about the tall ones.

  11. Those Hunter rain boots are so versatile! I have a pair of green Marc Jacobs rain boots that I love to wear when it rains and a pair of black furry UGGS for snow that I wear with everything!! I've been considering the black Hunter boots but I'm afraid the calf will be too big. Do you know the measurement of the calf circumference?

  12. You make these look so cute!

  13. Sarah - thanks!

    Petite Mom - I think the calf circumference varies with the size. I'll take measurements of mine tomorrow and you can compare it to this size chart.

    SPG - I think they fit me similarly to how they fit you. They hit just below the knee for me . :) I agree that the "tall" looks better than the short!

    Cee - I am thinking red or pink...maybe even black. I love your burberry ones but don't know how often I'll reach for them.

    Kileen - the welly socks were a surprise to me too and I love that they add some variety to the boots!

    Annie - lucky you. we get rain AND snow...eek!

    Ping - they are Romeo + Juliet Couture....found them on sale before the holidays and this is the first time they've made an appearance. :)

  14. I love my Hunter boots! I have the green ones and love that they let me look chic and pulled-together even in the rain.
    xo Josie

  15. Before you buy a second pair of these, consider the Tall Pelican boot from Sperry Topsiders. I bought a pair of these in the summer because I wanted rain boots, and they are so warm that I wear them now in the cold snowy weather. In addition to being waterproof, they have a fleecey lining that keeps your feet warm. I wore them the day after the big post xmas snowstorm when I was out shoveling and they were great. Then the day after the storm we were in Boston walking everywhere over icy wet streets in sub zero temps, I was wearing a skirt with thick tights (no socks) and my feet were very warm. They are also between $50-70 depending on the print and weather or not they are on sale (mine were a clearance/sale color so they were only $50). I need to write a more thorough review of these on my blog but I absolutely love mine and actually find myself wishing for more wet/cold/snowy weather so I can wear them more.

  16. I have heard so many good things about Hunter rainboots. I just purchased my first rainboots few weeks ago. They're not Hunter thought but I love them. You're right. My feet are freezing cold in rainboots. If you need warm socks, may I suggest the Comlombia wool socks? They come in a pack of 3 for $22.00 - I think. They are super warm and comfy.

  17. Yeah I can't believe you got it for that much. Incredible. Wish I was a follower back then, but didn't discover this blog til much later.

  18. LN - I can't wait for the review - I am always intrigued by new brands but without having tried them on am a little scared about what to expect. I am so fascinated by them though and can't wait for your thorough review!

    Sydney - I'll look into it, thanks for the recommendation (I love socks!). How do you like your new rain boots?

    Aubrey - I know, I really should've ordered a back up pair...I don't know what I was thinking. I'll keep you posted if similar deals surface!

  19. Cute, cute, cute! I love the olive color. I think red rain boots would be gorgeous!

    How dare you expose us to those cords! :p


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