Weekend Shopping Trip : H&M Rust Blouse

December 19, 2010

I unexpectedly discovered that H&M is having a pretty good sale this weekend - unfortunately for me, I didn't walk out with much material since I have banned myself from making unplanned purchases. Thankfully silky blouses (this blouse is 100% polyester though) are one of the items that I am trying to add to my closet so coupled with the lovely rust color (a color I have so little of in my closet) I decided that $34.95 is a good enough price to pay for this top. This one looks to be a return to since it was hanging all by itself lonesomely sandwiched between piles of button downs.

Wearing Ann Taylor Petite Melange Ponte High-Waisted Skirt in 00p and Colin Stuart via Victoria Secret pumps.

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  1. what a pretty blouse! the color is quite lovely too. i avoided the mall this weekend. i am kinda of shopped out, lol. didn't think it was possible!

  2. What a lovely blouse. I think I saw it in store the other day but didn't even pick it up. It looks way better on you. I am just like Ping. I am kinda of shopped out. I haven't bought anything for myself in weeks. I went to the outlet today but came back with nothing for me. I felt good though :)

  3. The blouse looks great on you! I've been avoiding malls and shops because I'm trying to hold out on shopping. It seems like you've been picking up a lot of goodies as of late! =)

  4. This blouse is so pretty. I like the bell-type sleeves and the ruffles. I've been trying to dress up more and I think silky blouses are a great way to do that. You look pretty as usual, Elle :)

  5. i love your skirt! the blouse is a pretty colour for the holidays :) now i'm so tempted to stop by h&m

  6. That blouse is a fabulous color!! What a great purchase! I love the whole outfit too! Super cute! :)

  7. Pretty and very feminine. Nice color for holidays Elle.

  8. Oooo gorgeous!!! Are the sleeves supposed to be that big? I love the color and the ruffles! You always find the best stuff at HM!

    All I found was a grey pencil skirt :)

  9. Ping & Sydney - I have been too out of control lately but am surprisingly not shopped out. I am looking up to you two though and trying to find some control. :)

    Jess - lol, yes TOO much goodies unfortunately for my wallet. I'm going to stick to things on my need list and not succumb to spontaneous purchases.

    Cee- I am headed in that direction too, so if you find any cute silk blouses in solid colors let me know!

    Angie - lol, you and I should be banned from H&M...frivolous purchases are so bad.

    Matt & Nelah- thanks. :)

    Annie - I think so...I love that gray skirt you got. Looks like a gray version of that camel skirt!

  10. what are you going to do w/the cuffs of the sleeves? I don't mind the bubble sleeves, but the cuffs looks irregularly too big for your arms.

  11. Aubrey, you have a good eye for this. I was going to attempt to DIY and move the buttons in next weekend when I have some time. I'll probably show the failed attempt in the following week - I am NOT good at sewing lol.

  12. I love the ruffle detail and neckline on your blouse, it's very special. I do have to agree with Aubrey, the sleeve cuffs do seem really big. It shouldn't be too hard to move the buttons though.

  13. Gorgeous color! Silk for $35 is a good deal. Is the back low-cut? It looks like it might be a deep U or V back? But my eyes could be playing tricks on me :)

  14. very pretty blouse! i love the gorgeous rich color and the ruffles. it's a beautiful silk material too and looks so soft! :)


  15. Aubrey and Callandra already pointed it out but I do have to agree the cuffs can be a bit more fitted. I really like the billowey sleeves and the rusty color.
    What is it with companies marketing 100% silk when some it is just 100% polyester?


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