Wear It Five Ways : J. Crew Wool Bell Skirt in Henna

December 21, 2010

J. Crew's Wool Bell skirt is one of the best spontaneous purchases of late - it goes with everything, don't you think?

Wearing the Free People Fall Remembrance Coat in size 6 - ran much smaller than I thought it would. See it on Ping here, here and here.
In the second to last picture. The "top" is actually a dress that I have had since I was around 10. It's grown from a mid calf dress to a mini but I just love the print. I found it during spring cleaning two years ago when we found a box of clothes from when I was a kid that was supposed to have been donated years ago. I think I have a picture of young Elle wearing that dress, will report back when I find it.

I have been pretty good about not browsing Chloe's Sale Alert site but was inevitably exposed to and subsequently drawn to a fiery red Ann Taylor skirt - exactly what number 4 on my Need List (more on that later) looks like. The darling skirt is on sale for $69.99, from $108...with an additional 40% off (use code SAVE40)...bringing the total down to $41.99. I had thought about adding the following items to my cart to make the $150 free shipping minimum but came to my senses and just paid the $9.95 shipping charge. Final cost for crossing off item #4 off my list? $51.94

I think my downfall when shopping is the ever present need to meet free shipping minimums - be it $50, $75, $150, $300 (!). I just have such a hard time justifying shipping cost - as Kelly once said, it's like paying to use the fitting room. But my selective ban has forced me to rethink my habit...how can I quantify the cost of free shipping to me? Is the avoidance of a $9.95 shipping charge really worth having hundreds of dollars in merchandise that I only mildly like?

How do you resist the temptation of free shipping?

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  1. You're so great at mixing and matching! That skirt is such a great color...thanks for all the other ideas on how to wear it! =)

  2. love these coordinates! wool skirts in that colour are perfecttt for winter

  3. I love it! I wish I could hire you to live in my guest bedroom and put together outfits for me!

  4. Oh you got the Henna color too? Mine still hasn't arrived! It looks so good on you!!!! :)

  5. Haha, I can't resist free shipping. I just buy until I meet the minimum and return what doesn't work out. But of course the problem lies in when I decide to keep the iffy ones too...

    I'm glad you're loving your bell skirt! My favorite looks are 1, 3, and 4.

  6. Really cute...I love the color of the skirt! Thanks for all of the options :)

  7. I find it amazing you can still fit into a dress you wore when you were 10! If that were the case with me my mother would've never let me buy new clothes LOL ;P I really like it with the striped top :D Happy Holidays Elle!

  8. I LOVE the WIFW series so MUCH! My favorite outfits are #1, 2, and 5 (how cool that you unearthed a childhood garment that is soooo cute and fits!) and I love how the skirt really shows off those fabulous gams :)

    I almost got those lace pumps this morning! But I held off (for once).

    I hate paying for shipping with a passion. I'm not sure why. I know shipping comes with a charge to the store but somehow I wind up feeling a little ripped off. I love the BR/Gap/ON family because I always get free shipping just by using my CC. I usually buy whatever it takes to get the minimum and if I don't see enough "must-haves", I'll either abandon it or buy in multiple sizes to see which will fit better. It's a pain to have to return at least one item though.

  9. Oh! We totally agree! The skirt is certainly easy to work with. Besides, the colour is gorgeous for the holidays and new years! Good choice!

    Cheers, B & Liv
    B L I V B O O K: darling&diva ♥

  10. Yes! You must find the young Elle pics! :)

    I love that darn skirt!

    Lol!! I get duped by the free shipping, as well! :p

  11. I really enjoy this series since it's great to see how many outfits you can create with your single item. It's amazing how creative you are!

    I am on a major shopping ban, but I haven't been doing well. Still, free shipping is almost always a requirement before I purchase something or else the discounts I receive have to be greater than that shipping charge. At least, that's how I try to justify it in my head.

  12. Kelly - thanks for introducing me to this skirt - I would've passed on it if not for the raving review you gave.

    Angie - that's exactly why I love it. :)

    Erin - lol, you are much more fashion forward than I am so I doubt my service will be helpful to you. :)

    Annie - yup! Can't wait to see it on you!

    Cee - I love how you wear your wool bell skirt too - makes me sad I didn't pick one up in gray as well.

    Tara - thanks :)

    FashionableAsians- lol, thankfully my mom likes to dress my brother and me so we always had plenty to wear - even if I stopped growing at 12. :)

    SewPetiteGal - those lace pumps are so gorg - must...resist...temptation.

    blivbook - thanks. I love it too.

    Michelle - for you I will. It's in some album somewhere...

    Jess - you always do well on your shopping ban - but do you ever feel like you can't turn down a perfect item that you simply must have in your closet? I usually start with one item and then slowly add around it...really bad!

  13. wow you created so many outfits with that skirt! it's really pretty on you and i love that color. i want one now! the fp jacket looks fabulous on you elle!

  14. What a great color on the skirt! I love the first two looks with the striped top and long coat the best!

  15. Great mixes, Elle! I love how the skirt goes with everything. I also really like your black & white striped shirt!!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  16. i'm in love with this red bell skirt!! it really does go with everything! i skipped out on it with my last J.Crew haul as I have a very similar F21 one. but i love all your great styling options! the print of the dress you paired under it is gorgeous too and i would totally love to see a pictures of young Elle wearing it. :)

    and i just put in a huge UO order just to meet the $150 shipping minimum. i just fell into the same trap as you. :\


  17. That skirt is fantastic! It really does go with everything too! I love it when an impulse purchase works out like that! And that red skirt you ordered sounds great too! And I still fall for the "minimum order for free shipping" game too. Although it seems like a couple of stores will do in-store delivery for free, which I really like and try to use when possible! So to answer your question about the temptation: I don't resist it! :)


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