Wear It Five Ways : Anthropologie Blooming Triad Clip

December 31, 2010

Thanks for everyone's brilliant ideas, a "winner" has been picked!

I am finally home! I really enjoyed California and the warmer weather there but there's no place like home (regardless of how insanely cold it can get here).

I recently ordered the blooming triad clip from Anthropologie and put on my thinking cap to brainstorm ways I can wear this gorgeous flower clip. Turns out there's a lot one can do with a flower clip.

You can use it as a shoe clip:
 Clip it on a belt and wear it like a flower sash

 Wear it on the lapel of a blazer, on a simple dress or with a cardigan
Wear it on your hair


Wear it like a wrist corsage
 Lovely (and super crafty) petite blogger SewPetiteGal recently wrote a post detailing a simple way to make your own flower pin, read it here.

Win one of these flower pins for yourself, continue reading....

For those of you bad with their hands (like me) but still want to give this flower pin trend a try, I am giving away one in gray, to enter just leave a comment below suggesting more ways for me to wear this clip.

Cee is the winner of the H&M lace top in black (I counted all the comments in the post because I wasn't very specific about requirements for entering). Cee, I'll be sending you an email requesting your address and then the shirt will be on its way to you. :)

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  1. I think I may have focused on your gams so much that I never noticed you had awesome arms too! I remember you mentioning playing soccer (?) at one point, but what do you do now to stay toned?

    I love the shoe clip idea - I'm going to have to try that!

    And thank you for the shout-out! :)

  2. SPG - definitely try the shoe clip idea...I got duplicates for that reason but most of it was canceled. :(

    I don't really work out my arms or anything...the only "exercise" I do these days is my daily run and I guess I swing my arms when I run? I don't know what you see in my arms/legs because yours are much more fabulous. :)

    Oh, I do carry my own bags when I shop, so I guess that's the other upside to shopping (lol, I kid I kid)

  3. Loving the shoe clip idea too! I love all the ways you've worn it. I have worn a flower clip on a skinny belt worn at my waist too for an extra girly detail to an outfit :)

  4. OK - you are officially too nice! Ah running, there's the secret :)

    I forgot to mention another possibility for your flower pin - maybe use it as a purse/bag charm?

  5. oh wow, i never thought of using the flower pin as a shoe clip! how clever! and i really love the way it looks paired with the dress. you definitely have some toned arms! *jealous!* :)


  6. Those flower pins are lovely. Another way for those flower pins that I can think of is attaching them to a headband instead of clipping them onto your hair. Thanks for the giveaway. Welcome home and Happy New Year

  7. The pins are very pretty. One of the way to use it is to decorate your purse or add to a scarf or a sash, perhaps :)

  8. Welcome home, Elle! Everytime I come back from an extended time away, I realize how much I miss my own bed, hehe.

    This flower pin is super cute and detailed. All the colors are so pretty. I'd suggest looping a thin headband through and wear it around your neck like a necklace. Or putting two or more flowers together side by side on a sash to wear as a belt.

  9. I like to wear mine as a closure for my scarves and pashminas. I love this pin, and the grey one is LOVELY!! :-)

  10. hey there, you can clip it onto your necklace to jazz up your whole look :)

  11. SPG - that's a terrific idea, I'll definitely give that a try.

    Kileen - stop, all this flattery from beautiful people will give me a big head. Watch as I start going outside in a wifebeater and showing off my "guns" to the world.

    Sydney - happy new year! ooo, that's a great idea. My hair is pretty slippery so the headband will definitely help!

    Nelah - I hadn't thought about the scarf idea (runs to look for scarfs)

    Cee - that idea is genius...everyone is so creative, lol, with your help I can probably find at least 10 ways to wear something

    Bianca - definitely will give that a try, I think that'll look terrific

    Jean - definitely, maybe a gold chain or something? I'll have to see what I can come up with!

  12. Curls - I'll have to use a skinny belt for the look you described, I think it's really promising (at least in my head!) :)

  13. Wow thats a lot of uses for one thing! haha making the most of your money. Also great name for the blog Love it ;D


  14. love how you used it as a shoe clip:D

  15. Wow, never knew a flower clip can be used that many ways. Great post, Elle!

  16. I agree with Sydney! Attaching it to a skinny hairband would be adorable. : )

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  17. I love flower pins/clips- so adorable!!!! This one is super big right? My J.Crew pins are large in size too- not sure if I like them that big but I'm going to try putting it on a belt!!

  18. What a beautiful big pin Elle!! Very nice find. I love that you can put it on your shoes and it'll be a nice added detail, if I win, I may try that (after I hunt down another one...)

    Another way to wear it would be on a purse, it can be a cute little purse "charm". Or how about a scarf tie? Ahh I'm getting ideas from your post and the comments!

  19. Just found your blog, I love your style!

    These are such great ideas on how to wear the flower pin that I'm kinda stumped for a suggestion. I can only offer variations on ideas.

    Attach the pin to a wide ribbon and wear it as a headband. On a dress with a defined waistband, attach it as is (no belt).

    One more, attach it to a hat (maybe a cloche for winter or sunhat for summer)

  20. I wonder if this is still open?

    In any case, another great use of it (though I haven't personally tried) is to clip it on a scarf if you're doing one of those wrap around.

    Don't know if you get the picture. LOL.


  21. Rather than using a belt to cinch a sweater, how about using the flower clip/pin?

  22. I adore this post! You have such great style!

    xx Charlotte

  23. Thanks for this fabulous giveaway! I'm in!

    Not sure how this would work, but could you clip to it to the top of a cute pair of boots or booties?

  24. oh my gosh, i love this! i would love to enter this giveaway! :D

    if you have a plain solid-colored headband, you can put that on it to add a cute touch. :D

    <3, Mimi

  25. So fun!

    I would spruce up my winter coat with the pin!


  26. Ahhh I just filmed a vid on how to wear a flower pin and came to revisit your post. We don't have any overlapping "ways" ... which means these little flower brooches are so darn versatile! I see some of your commentors did recommend two of my favorite ways : )

  27. You could clip it onto a purse/ handbag or onto a belt! :)

  28. You could even try wearing it as a necklace by clipping it onto a thin necklace chain. Haha it's a bit out there, but something you could try!


  29. Count me in! I'd love one of these babies. I'm not terribly creative so I can't really think of any other ways to wear a flower pin... perhaps if you had a lot you can use a whole bunch on a top with a low neckline to help cover up and also turn it into sort of a DIY ruffle top :P

  30. Your post is an inspiration for me to discover more about this topic. I must concede your lucidity expanded my sentiments and I will forthwith grab your rss feed to remain up to date on any succeeding articles you might write. You are due, thanks for a job well done!


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