Wardrobe Basics - H&M Top with Lace Panel

December 22, 2010

I love this H&M top - it is only $14.95 and was marked down to $5 recently in select stores. I only saw size M's in my local store over the weekend so it must be pretty popular. I got a bunch of these earlier in the season because I liked how they fit. I wore the white previously in this post and the red in a post for Tara.

I am giving away the black version in XS to a reader (I plan to do this from time to time...if I find something I like that is reasonable in price I'll get a duplicate to give away. To enter just leave ideas for how I can wear it. One entry per idea). I promise I am not discriminating against taller and more straight sized people, I had picked up the XS for myself but thought I would share the wealth because I have been getting so much wear out of the other ones.

Closeup of the top. It's so easy to wear and really a must-have in every closet. I suspect it won't survive more than a dozen washes but we'll see about that.

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  1. I think it would look great with a high waisted pencil skirt and chunky belt! Love it!

  2. I have seen this in the stores but never thought twice about it! I think it would look great with a bright colored pencil skirt with belt to tone down the lace. I think it looks great on you and you cannot beat the price!!!

    How do you manage to find such good deals at H & M? :)

  3. ohhh elle i love the lace on that top. every time i see that shirt at h&m, i want to try it on and i manage to forget. it looks great on you. what a good deal too.

  4. That is such an incredible real, Elle. I love the classy look of this top and it looks good on you.

  5. I love the lace in your outfit! and soo excited that I'm going shopping in a city with H&M tomorrow, finally! haha. have a great holiday!

  6. you always post these pics of you in short skirts/dresses and it makes me envious of your awesome legs! stop it! hahaha. Do you do anything special? or do you even go to the gym?

  7. For a nice mix of texture/materials, this would look great tucked in to a pair of black leather pants with ankle booties. It would also look great tucked in a high-waisted silk, floral skirt with nude pumps.

    Love the slight 'strong shoulder' look!

  8. I always think of your awesome deals when I'm at an H&M, but I can never find anything close to it!! I like the lacy top paired with the frilly skirt. Ultra feminine :)

  9. I have that shirt! Except mine is grey and the sleeves are elbow-length. I love it. It's a good way to spruce up an otherwise plain jeans-and-t-shirt outfit. It's suprisingly durable if you don't machine dry it or wash it *too* often. I've had mine for more than a year.

  10. this is cute :D i have this h&m top in a nude blush colour. i wore it tucked in with a pencil skirt the other day and a big turquoise bib necklace. jazz it up with some black tights and cool ankle booties :)

  11. This is a very festive look, so cute!!

  12. Hey I actually wanted that top! I honestly can't imagine how I would wear, but knowing me, I'd probably wearing it with skinny jeans and black booties. haha An alternative would be a non-black skirt with some patterned tights or knee socks. : )

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  13. wow, you're so generous! i think the top would actually look really great with the J.Crew Bell Skirt in Henna. i'm loving the lace details around the shoulders!


  14. Kileen - that's a great idea, combining two of my new favs!

    Jessy - If I find another one of these (or five) in xs I'll pick up + send to u. :)

    Callandra - thanks. :)

    Angie - just saw your version, and I love your idea! That's brilliant!

    Em - that's great to hear, I'll try to be careful with them. They are so comfortable + cute!

    Cee- anytime you see anything you like that you can't find, let me know. I don't mind doing that at all. :)

    xJOLIE - that outfit you described sounds so cute, I'll definitely try it out!

    Aubrey - I run (I am in training for a future marathon) but that's about the only kind of exercise I do. I used to play soccer really competitively but haven't been able to find a team here. I also love playing lax with my bf on weekends...I used to hit the gym but it's easier to burn out there.

    PC - can't wait to see what you find!

    Nelah - thanks :)

    Ping - lol, you must try it on!

    Annie - I have no idea - I bought this before it went on sale but still a terrific price! I think my H&M gets returns in small sizes that I can't wait to pick up!

    RunSarah - definitely! Haven't tried that yet but it's a terrific idea!

  15. Love how you wore the top in this outfit! I got lucky and bought this in most of the colors like you (red, off-white, toffee, and black) for $5 when I went to an h&m grand opening. Will definitely be checking out your comments for ideas on how to wear them!

  16. That top is so cute!! I'd totally wear it with a fun high waisted skirt... Or a pencil skirt in a bold color :)

  17. The top is very cute. It would look cute with some boot cut jeans, high heels and big earrings for a night out. Taz


  18. Oh I missed this, I'm just catching up on blogs now, not even sure I will get through all of them, but that top is really cute, I think it suits your style perfectly :) Very girly yet edgy too. I love the way you are wearing it, I can see it with a bright coloured pencil skirt and dark tights too :)


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