Shoe Lust : Badgley Mischka Women's Xavier Slingback Sandal

December 17, 2010

I have been eying these shoes for ages and finally ordered them off Amazon.

They run true to size but more narrow than normal, I normally wear a 6.5/7 and ordered a 7 in these and the fit was slightly loose which was typical of size 7 shoes on me. Some reviewers complained that their toes were hanging off because the front of the shoe was narrow. I found this to be the case as the size 7 was perfect for my toes but the 6.5 would have been too narrow for my average to wide feet. The bows are delicately made and really gorgeous and animated.

They even come with an extra pair of heel tips!

Also available in white and black and lavender and ivory. I am stopping at one because these shoes may get worn once or twice at most.

I am working on a few Wear It Five Ways posts because I have been spendthrift and bought a lot of intractable pieces. I would feel much better about them if they were at least useful. I have also taken pictures for my impending blog sale which should be up and running at full capacity by the end of this weekend.

Happy Friday! Do you plan to take it easy or finish some chores that you've been putting off before the end of the year?

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  1. Extra heel tips, brilliant! All shoes should come with those. I am drooling over those gorgeous shoes!

  2. Those shoes are gorgeous :) I have never seen a pair of shoes that comes with extra heel tips. So fancy. I am exciting about for your blog sale. You have so many great items

  3. omg those shoes are so pretty!!! i love them!!! can't wait to see you wear it.

  4. Gorgeous shoes! There's a pair of Badgley Mischka pumps on ideeli today with similar ruffles. I keep thinking whether I should go back and get it... but it's 4"! My limit is closer to 3". Now your reveal is making me rethink my decision...

  5. Beautiful! I like the color you picked over the white (a little bridal looking). You have such whimsical tastes...I can't wait to see your new lace jumpsuit!

  6. So pretty! I would have a hard time putting them on my feet though, I'd rather have them on display and admire them. :)

  7. those are adorable shoes. can't wait to see you style them :)

  8. Those shoes are gorgeous!!! Congratulations on an awesome purchase!! Hehe, I'm even jealous! ;) The brand only goes to size 11! Okay, I'm not really jealous! I'm always happy to see someone get a cute pair of shoes! :) And I will be trying to get caught up on chores, but we do have a impromptu party this weekend, so yay for that! :)

  9. I have such a weak spot for shoes, once I try things on I can't let them go lol, so I have to not even let myself look! These are soooo pretty, and definitely you! Agree with PAG that the ivory may be too bridal, keep the pink! :)

  10. these shoes are super cute and i love the bow detailing in the front! i especially like that the ankle strap doesn't actually go around the ankle, so it'll help elongate the legs.

    can't wait to see some pictures of you wearing them!

  11. Wow! Those shoes are so cute, especially with the bow detailing. I'm curious as to how comfortable they are. I tried a couple pairs of Badgley Mischka shoes and I could barely walk in them at Loehmann's. It was the right size, but it wasn't fun to walk around in them.

    But they're super pretty! =)

  12. OMG...loving these shoes! They are so feminine and gorgeous!!!

  13. The satin finish on those shoes are so gorgeous and I do seem to notice you like peachy colored shoes! The only thing I worry about satin shoes is that I have a tendency to wear them too often and they fray when I'm not even close to parting with them.


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