New Year's Resolution + H&M Leopard Bodysuit

December 15, 2010

Jessy tagged me to share a few resolutions I have for the coming year and I really struggled with this one because I typically skip new years resolutions as I do things as I think of them. Resolutions are just not in my element...too much planning. :)

1. Learn French - I took latin in high school and greek in college thinking that these two languages would aid me in picking up other romance languages...but to this day I still haven't taken the time to actually take a class. Eventually I would love to learn Spanish too but I am overreaching here.

2. Complete a Marathon - I signed up to run in a race in December of 2009 but injured my back earlier that fall while training. I haven't been in "training" since but still routinely log 40 miles a week so I am hoping that I am still sort of in shape enough to run one.

3. Overhaul My Closet - I need to learn how to curb unnecessary spending and (because I am attached to my clothes) slowly get rid of pieces that I love but have no occasion for. I donate a few boxes of clothes to Good Will every season but somehow still manage to have too much. It's time to take serious action.

Onto my newest obsessions - bodysuits and animal prints. The appeal of bodysuits to me is fairly practical - I am just so in love with the idea of not having to constantly tuck in my tops and pulling it down throughout the day.

I found this leopard print bodysuit at H&M a little while ago. It was on sale for $5, down from around $15. I have been yearning to try animal prints in my outfits but wanted to take baby steps. I figured the cami bodysuit is a good starting place.

This The Petite Exposed Zipper Ponte Pencil Skirt from Ann Taylor is lined but couldn't conceal longer tops so I really prefer wearing a bodysuit underneath to avoid revealing the bunching action going on under the skirt when I wear this skirt with other kinds of tops.

I got these shoes for my mom during the same Ann Taylor sale through which I got the skirt worn in the picture. I really can't differentiate between animal prints so I am just going to continue calling them animal print shoes. I have taken a keen interest in them since my mom finds animal prints a bit too much for most occasions.

I never thought I would wear animal prints but have really started to love it (in small doses of course). Have you ever become a convert of a trend you thought you could never be attracted to?

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  1. haha I took French for 8 years and wanted to continue it in university, but the thought of writing French essays wasn't appealing to me. What a waste 'cause I even took the French entrance test and got intermediate! At least it was free...I just feel as if I wasted my time throughout my childhood learning French 'cause I just stopped taking it out of nowhere!

    I love that leopard print body suit! Great job matching it with the shoes too. ; ) Cheetah..leopard..whatever. :P I mostly call that pattern leopard, but I could be wrong.

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  2. I love this leopard body suit! I cannot believe you found it for $5!!! You have the best stuff at H & M!! I am going to go look for it! LOL

    And the AT shoes- super HOT. I like it in small doses too!

    And I tend to find something I love and get all the colors :)

  3. I love all the animal print...and those shoes are amazingly awesome!

  4. I LOVE this outfit! The bodysuit looks fabulous and those shoes are too cute! The outfit is so professional too! I used to have a lot of trends and styles that I didn't like, but I have converted to so many of them that I try not to say much now, because if I don't like something, eventually someone will wear it in a new light and make it look fabulous and I'll "get" it! Although, like you, I've had mixed feelings about animals prints. But I can already tell that some will end up in my wardrobe before its over with! (And your outfit is a great example of making animal print look fabulous!) :)

  5. I'm coming around on this animal print, especially after seeing your outfit today. You look so put together and professional -- the animal prints go well together without being too matchy matchy. I think I'll consider trying out this print slowly... like maybe a belt :)

  6. this is professional with a little bit of sexy. i totally love what you did with the pop of leopard! i have yet to try bodysuits and they do sound convenient. holy cow you run a lot. i'm jealous :D i'm so out of shape as i haven't run track since 7th grade.

  7. How funny - I'm slowly coming to love leopard print too, and I never thought I'd see the day.

    I was drooling over those pumps from Ann Taylor a few months ago. Gorgeous!

  8. Thanks ladies and gent, I am glad the leopard didn't look too odd on me. :) I think animal print in moderation is so chic...that's something I didn't think was possible before. :)

    Jessy - want to be my french tutor, lol. You need to move here after you graduate so you can take advantage of all the great free shipping offers we have here. :)

    Matt - this is a must try. Don't think,just buy! :)

    Kristen - they were on super sale, maybe $60? Such a great deal and the perfect height for work!

    Angie - I think leopard is something you can pull off effortlessly. You have the sultry look going on and will look perfect wearing animal print

    Cee - I need a leopard belt too. If I see one that is great I'll pick one up for you too! :)

    Annie - I'll definitely keep an eye out for another cami bodysuit for you!

    Tara - thanks, I love the shoes too!

  9. I am in LOVE with these pumps!! So fabulous!


  10. I am not a runner or a fitness buff by any means. Fine, I absolutely detest working out and rarely do it. But, I also have dreams of running a marathon someday. I actually signed up for 1 a few years back and then quit after the 1st day of training. I suck!!


  11. I quite like the outfit with the animal prints. I also thought I've never be an animal print person, but I've now a fan of zebra prints!

  12. I wasn't into bodysuits before, but you make a convincing argument! Love the little peep of animal print from under the jacket and skirt. I took 3-4 years of French in high school, but switched to Mandarin in college, and now whenever I try to think of something in French the Chinese word for it comes up instead lol. *so confused*

  13. Okay, first of all run 40 miles a week?!! Girl! No wonder your legs are amazing!! Next, I am bananas for those shoes!! Totally hot and fabulous. You look very sophisticated and office chic in these pictures.....and great deal on the animal print bodysuit ;)

  14. Body suits ARE a great idea. The only thing that keeps me away is ehm, the inconvenience of going to the bathroom in them. Haha! I have also recently been really into animal print, specifically leopard/cheetah. Just in accessories though, scarves, shoes, and bags look so great in them!

    Kristine. Or Polly.


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