Los Angeles : Day 2 + 3

December 29, 2010

I'm still in L.A. and aside from some rain this morning it's been incredibly nice (high-60s to mid-70s). I guess it's probably the best place to be stranded at in the winter.

I made my obligatory trip to In-N-Out yesterday for some animal style fries (I am not a big beef person so I passed on the burger).

Then we went to Rowland Heights, an area heavily populated by mostly Taiwanese expats. My asian-food loving father is having a ball; he is only ever in CA for business and rarely has the chance to be driven around for Taiwanese food. We went to a plaza on Nogales Street with a 99 Ranch Market and Class 302 (a cute little Taiwanese eatery that is known for shaved snow). The line was long so we went to this noodles place (Q Noodle House) across the street. My dad, the house expert on noodles, gave it a 6 out of 10 rating, which is pretty good.
 Pictured below is the scene from our car ride back to Commerce.
We were treated to dinner at Park's Barbecue (extremely crowded on a Tuesday evening, I can't imagine how insane this place would be on a weekend) in Koreatown by my dad's friend.
Left dinner early to try to meet up with some of my favorite bloggers but I killed my phone battery catching up on blogs and twitter gossip so these are the only pictures from L.A. Live that I have to show for it.
I slept until way past noon today - a rare indulgence since I started working. My family decided to visit Arcadia for some more Asian food in the afternoon.

I have been wanting to visit EE Convenient Store for years...after I read that they carry hard-to-find Taiwanese snacks.
I was impressed by their selection, it's extremely reminiscent of Taiwanese convenience stores. The mark up is a little atrocious so I didn't buy much.
A miniature packet of gummi's cost $1.99 and small bags of Taiwanese potato snacks were $1.59 (it's about an 100% markup which isn't too unreasonable but I am just cheap).

W went to Liang's Village Cuisine/Liang's Taiwanese Kitchen for dinner. I was pretty impressed by their food (and it's hard for me to give truly raving reviews for Taiwanese fare)
I have had Stewed Ground Pork over Rice (pictured below) at at least a few hundred different restaurants so far and this is easily top 50. We also ordered noodles and some appetizers and those were above average as well.
I am off to play catch up on blogs. I have been extremely negligent about commenting...eek.

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  1. I love your photos from LA! It all looks so glamorous and fun despite the flight delays. Have a happy new year! =)

  2. this post is making my drool! especially those animal fries, man I need to get me some food

  3. My stomach is growling just looking at these yummy photos of food. I can almost smell them!! Enjoy your trip and eat some for me. I want to go to LA one day to visit Thai Town to eat all Thai food there - yum yum.

  4. Food looks so yummy. I can't believe you're still in LA. You guys sure make the most out of your trip. Enjoy the rest of your stay and hopefully you'll catch the flight back to CT soon.

  5. Oh yum... *drools* Did you crop all your photos, Elle?

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  6. Jess - happy early new year to you too!

    Olyvia - lol, they are yum. I will miss them when I go back to CT

    Nelah - ooo THAI TOWN? I don't even know where that is but if I had another day in LA I would def go!

    Sydney - lol, me neither. Thankfully I am heading home today!

    Jessy - I do! I am just experimenting with what kind of photos work better for this blog. :)

  7. Oh man, I want some of those Animal Fries!! Never been to an In-N-Out because there's none where I live. Same with White Castle. Boo! The Taiwanese food looks sooo good too. That's the one thing I miss most about Asia. Hopefully you've gotten on your flight by now, so have a safe trip back home!

  8. omg...i have forgotten about animal fries. i love in and out!!

    the last pic with the ground pork and egg looks so delish. it simple, but i can eat that all the time.

  9. omg, i went out to Liang's for lunch when I was out in San Jose a couple of days ago visiting my family. so delicious right?!


  10. I didn't know you were in LA!! Aah, so much good food:) I haven't been to Rowland in ages! Good call on the animal fries hehe I feel like getting some now LOL Glad you had a good time out here:) -AB


  11. So sorry we missed you at LA Live! It would have been great to meet you! Next time I guess. =)

  12. I'm still really sad we missed you when you were in LA! We were literally right next door to Starbucks... definitely let me know the next time you're here. Hubby and I will totally be down for some Taiwanese food and snacks! :)


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