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December 17, 2010

I thought I'd do a quick post about the J. Crew items that I bought since the sale (30% off and FS over $150, use code MUSTHAVE) ends on Monday and things are slowly selling out.

Softspun sunset dress
was $78.00  select colors $29.99   item 29855

I am wearing a size XS and it is not flattering on me. I am not very busty at all but I think this dress makes me look almost pregnant (nothing wrong with being pregnant but I don't want my bf to have an early heart attack). Returning this one for sure.

Wool bell skirt
was $79.50  select colors $49.99  item 28704

Merino chiffon-placket cardigan
was $78.00  select colors $29.99  item 33021

I am wearing a 00 in the skirt and XXS for the cardigan. I love the skirt, it isn't anything special but is comfortable to wear. Elastic bands can sometimes be a nuisance but this skirt doesn't have that problem at all. I am undecided about the cardigan - I originally wanted to get the gold but hesitated and the XXS sold out. The torso is loose for this cardigan but the sleeves tight. I doubt going up a size will fix that.

Cascading flutter shell
was $39.50  select colors $19.99  item 33959

The skirt is from H&M, I wore it in this post. Tiny petites, LOOK FOR IT. It runs even smaller than the H&M lace skirt
PAG makes the best recommendations. I didn't think I would like this top as much as I do but it is excellent. It is a little thin but the ruffles are actually alive (unlike the ruffles on my other J. Crew shells...dead as a Dodo). I think the armholes are a tiny bit too wide but I don't plan to wear them on their own so that shouldn't be an issue. I am actually thinking about placing another order online just for these tops. I also ordered this in olive.

I have another package coming from Crewcuts, the Girls' silk snapdragon top in size 12. Crewcuts is hit or miss for me so we'll have to see about the fit. 

I put up a portion of my blog sale earlier today, items will be added throughout the day tomorrow and Sunday. If you think I overpriced some items, let me know (even if you have no intention of buying). I am a newbie at this. :)

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  1. I love both of your outfit. The bell skirt looks great on you. I'm surprised that the chiffon-placket cardi is too tight on you sleeves for you as well. I know my arms are bigger than most of you girls, so I wasn't surprised that the sleeves were bit tight on me. I ordered xs in a separate order and we'll see about the fit.

  2. I ordered those ruffle cardigans too! Mine haven't come yet. I will be getting gray and black. The cascading flutter shell is adorable! Love the pieces you've paired it with.

  3. Lol @ being pregnant in the dress. Empire waist dresses are so hard to pull off sometimes.

    The 2nd outfit, I'm glad you liked the skirt too! The henna color is beautiful. The chiffon part of the cardi is really cute. I suggest going to the stores to try on other XXS. Sometimes when other people try them on, it could stretch out. With sales, you never know if you're getting a fresh item.

    I LOVE the last outfit! Oh where did you get the lovely skirt from? I love the pleating and color. Great cardi and ruffly tank pairing.

  4. My favorite is the cascading flutter shell. So many great items are on sale right now at JCrew. I love the skirt in the last outfit. Where is it from?

  5. Vicky - I think you are slimmer than I am so I am not entirely surprised that the sleeves are tight on me too. I really like the gold on you!

    diaryofashopper - can't wait to see what you think about the cardigan, always good seeing things on a taller petite.

    Cee - I know, I don't know what came over me. Empire waist things tend to look terrible on me.

    Cee & Sydney - the wool blend skirt is from H&M, it is REALLY REALLY tiny. I think it'll be perfect for both of you, slightly pricey for H&M but so worth it. Everyone who's seen it loved it.

  6. Love the cascading shell....(and the way you've paired it is absolute genius)! That lovely skirt from H&M makes me think of the VERY pricey one on the Talbots website that I've been wanting. I'm just like you, I love all of these pieces except for the first dress. You have such a great figure and you'd never know it in that dress! The sweater is a beautiful shade for your skin tone.

  7. Great "review" post. I have the same comment about the chiffon sweater. Snug sleeves, loose torso. I did spend some time trying it on though and I am going to do a post on some ways to wear it that *might* make it look more flattering.

    I'm so glad you like the ruffle shell! I had no idea it went down further in price $21 down to $14 is quite huge and I am kicking myself for not ordering more colors when I placed my order. I love the white on you. It is crisp and Lol at how other ruffle tops were "dead as a dodo."

    I saw that skirt at H&M tooo...wait is tiny but the length is too long on shorter petites. It looks great on you because you have some height : )

  8. And oy...that dress. At least it's not final sale! That's the beauty of all their sales recently..I hated J.Crew's final sale policy.

  9. i'm loving the cardi's. they're really unique

  10. I love these!! The second and third outfits are really fabulous! I love the styling! And I did laugh about your description of the first outfit giving the BF a heart attack! ;) Hehe. But again, those last two outfits are great!! I love the shoes and the styling in general! :)

  11. I love the Cascading flutter shell on you...great pick! The outfit you put together with it is adorable!

  12. Love the second and third outfits.

  13. Yay... I've been waiting for my J.Crew order and I'm glad to hear the cascading flutter shell is good because I got it in several colors "just in case" (including white and olive hehe). I also got another wool bell skirt in henna as well, I also love that it's simple but very wearable. Sorry to hear that the chiffon placket cardigan isn't working out, I hope the XXS that I got will fit slimmer than that. Thanks for the timely review! :)

  14. Hahaha "dead as a dodo"! I love the white ruffle shirt, it's my fav of all that you reviewed! I am still in awe at your ability to wear so much color! That last outfit is amazing!

  15. OMG just saw the lace booties up top ~ sooooo hot!! I contemplated the Dollhouse ones some months back but didn't bite :( I cannot wait to see you rock them!!

  16. i love the last outfit. the ruffle tank is really nice. that outfit is just perfect from head to toe. love the color combo, the print of the cardi and the h&m skirt. i been looking for it but still have not seen it when i go to h&m!

  17. you picked out some great items from J. Crew! I'm actually kinda worried now after hearing that the sleeves run small in the J. Crew cardi as my arms are pretty muscular already. i guess i'll have to wait and see.

    and the bell skirt looks super cute on you! love the red color.

    the ruffles really do come alive in the last picture. i love the way your paired it with shades of pink. very lovely!


  18. OOh love the cardigan and the ruffle shell! I ordered the same cardi in gold and the shell in white also, so I am really excited after seeing them on you!!

  19. I love everything! The cardi, and the last outfit! I wanted the blue color but since I got every other color, I had to say no but it's super pretty!!!

    J.Crew cuts are too boxy for me so I'm curious to see ur post!

  20. The printed cardi from the last pic--where is this from?

  21. Aubrey - it is the J. Crew Canterbury Cardigan in weathered wood(? can't remember the color) in size S.

  22. Awww the dress definitely needs to be returned. I love the color but it looks so shapeless. The ruffle cardigan is not too shabby but I think it can be restricted in only wearing it closed. The concept is adorable the execution of the skirt ... eh.


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