J. Crew Crewcuts Girls' Silk Snapdragon Top in size 12

December 20, 2010

The second part of my J. Crew order came today and I wanted to get these pictures taken before the sale ends tonight. I also wanted to get some input about whether or not I should invest in another color.

I ordered the Crewcuts Girls' Silk Snapdragon Top in size 12 in both soft blossom and ivory at $29.99 (originally was $55.00) before the 30% off. The price for this has since dropped to $19.99 so I am thinking about getting the fuschia color as well.

The flowers are a little flat from being in the plastic bag the top came in but I plan to follow Petite Gorgeous' advice and treat them with a steamer.

The top is typical of kid's clothing...boxy when untucked. At times like these I wish I knew how to sew so I can try to take in the waist a bit.
I tried this top with the ruffle shouldered cardigan from H&M but I think there is too much ruffle going on.

So, should I dare order another? I have to say the silky material is really nice and at $14 ($19.99 + 30% off) it might be a worthwhile investment.

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  1. This is a very pretty blouse, but it's definitely boxy. The cost is very good and if you always wear it tucked it looks like it will be fine.

  2. I think it looks really cute tucked in but too boxy to be bearable without :/ I tried on that ruffle shoulder cardigan too and it looked way too crazy for me

  3. Awe...this is such a pretty blouse and I recently got something similar but returned it right away because it was too boxy! I agree with Angie- I like it tucked in but too boxy otherwise.

  4. I vote for return too. The problem with kids' items is that the chest area is way too small. By looking at your pictures this problem exists in this pretty blouse. The chest area is so small that it creates horizontal creases.
    The H&M cardigan is really cute. Oh and I still love that skirt to death.

  5. Echoing Vicky's thoughts above, what about ordering the fuchsia in size 14 and then compare? I always like wearing brighter tops to show off the beautiful details, and this one is gorgeous.

  6. awww what a cute top! i love the ruffles on it. it does look boxy, but i guess you can always tuck it in (like u have it) or belt it.

  7. I really like the top Elle but I agree with you, it is kinda boxy. I checked it out and size 14 isn't available. I wish they do come in bigger sizes. Such a good deal for a silk top

  8. I think the top is great if you're going to always tuck it into a skirt, but if you leave it untucked, it looks a little too short. Plus the shapelessness...I think it's not worth it unless you alter it.

  9. i love the ruffles on this top, but agree that it's too boxy to be worn alone. when tucked into a skirt, it's much better. is it just me or is a little tight around the bust area too?


  10. The ruffle top looks so cute tucked in! I also really like the H&M cardigan, but you're right..there's too much ruffle going on. :P

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  11. The top looks really sophisticated when it is tucked in. I really like that H&M jacket...is that recent? It does look like it is too much ruffle-age together but the jacket needs to be styled and shown again on a post!

  12. If it's not too tight/ill-fitting, then I would def say yes to the fushia! A bright colour would look beautiful on you :)


  13. I love it tucked in. The skirt works great with it.

  14. TGB - Thanks!

    Jen - lol I know how you love bright colors!

    Hanna - the H&M cardi is fairly recent...I think it came out in November so should still be in stores. A little bit "much" - if you like I can pick it up and send it to you. :)

    Jessy - Definitely. I felt so overwhelmed by all the ruffles.

    Kileen - definitely a little tight around the bust - not too bad if I were an unpadded bra I think. :)

    Jess - I think it might justify alterations since it's 100% silk but under $20.

    Sydney - me too. I keep waiting for the size 14 because kids shells tend to fit rather tight around the bust.

    Callandra - I think I'll just end up wearing it tucked in...couldn't think of too many occasions for this because it's so short!

    Angie - lol, that's my initial reaction too but I love occasional craziness so I got it. :)

    Really Petite - definitely tucked in. What blouse did you get?

    Vicky & Cee- I think if I had known it would be short/boxy I wouldn't have ordered but accounting for the return cost of things (local store doesn't have crewcuts) I think I am going to try to make it work. It looks ok tucked in and the bust can be minimized wearing an unpadded bra.

    Ping - belting it would be great, I'll definitely try that.

  15. Super cute!! I definitely agree that a belt could help, but for $14, that's pretty awesome!


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