J. Crew 30% off & Free Shipping on Orders over $150

December 14, 2010

I want so much to ban myself from shopping J. Crew after my most recent experience but I just find it so difficult to turn down a cute item on sale. One thing leads to another and before I know it I am only $5 away from meeting the free shipping minimum (on orders larger than $150, after discounts and tax).

Wool Bell Skirt in 00 (seen on Kelly). Only $35 after 30% of

Dulphine Bling-Button Cardigan - $28 after discount

Cascading Flutter Shell - $14 after discounts (seen on Jean)

And what I would get if I wasn't on an unnecessary purchase ban.
Silk chiffon Arabelle long dress - $175 after discounts

Other sales also taking place around the blogosphere

Got an email from Urban Outfitters, use code GIMMEGIMME for $25 off $100. I will have pictures of my last order up soon.

Saw on Twitter via TinyInTexas that Land's End Canvas is having an additional 30% off sale + free shipping

Intel via Chloe's sale alert site that Madewell is having 25% off and free shipping on orders that exceed $100

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  1. I bought the wool bell skirt and a million cardigans and am waiting for my shipment!!! So excited!!!

  2. so many good sales!! i love that bell skirt and can't wait to see it on everyone! if i didn't already have my red skirt from F21, i'd probably take advantage of this offer too. :)


  3. j crew is great if only we have it here in canada! I go j crew shopping all the time when I'm in seattle

  4. Hi Extrapetite,

    I have been browsing your site for two days non-stop. A lot of great info!

    Want to ask - why are you not shopping at bebe and talbots?

    i am very petite, 5'1 and 103, and short torsoed, so finding a good fit is not easy, but Bebe and talbots have been pretty good.

    I can guess some down sides to Bebe: expensive and inconsistent sizing.
    Bebe has occasional sales and coupons which make it affordable. and due to inconsistent sizing, the a lot of stuff runs small ( just like a lot of stuff runs large. I almost always find somethign that fits, and some items fit great!

    Talbots i can afford only on sale,
    but talbots clothes are worth the price it due high quality. They do have nice structured jackets and skirt and pants. and i especially like dresses.
    I bought 4 dresses last fall with an average price of about $50.

    What are your thoughts?


  5. Thanks so much for alerting us to this sale! I ordered several things, can't wait until they arrive :)

  6. You are dangerous - I've joined the J. Crew bandwagon LOL :) Thanks for posting!

  7. I love that you ordered that dress - you totally rock!


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