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How High Can You Go?

December 08, 2010

I am all of 5'2, which I am happy about 95% of the time, but for practical reasons (i.e. not be mistaken for a tween) I wear heels a lot. I got into the habit of wearing shoes with height at an early age (I went to parochial school so in an effort to spice up my uniform I made my mom buy me some oxford wedges in middle school) so I actually feel more at ease in heels than in flats thanks to years of playing soccer at recess in wedges. In the first picture I am actually slouching a little because I don't know how to stand in flats.

All three pictures were taken with a tripod and self timer. I think I may have moved around a little bit between the shots but the difference is pretty staggering. If you can overlook the excessive ruffles taking over the pictures, 5-inch heels and a higher hemline really do help re-proportion my body since I have fairly broad shoulders for my height (but this is going to be the last time I wear these ensembles together...that LOFT ruffle top with the Gap tutu skirt is just too much).

Taryn Rose ballet flats, N.Y.L.A. mary jane pumps (~3-in),  ZiGiny stunning platform pumps (6+ inch)

Do you wear heels? What is the tallest pair of heels you own?

p.s. excuse the straggly hair in the pictures...I swear I have good hygiene. I usually put my hair up for work but took it down in a hurry which resulted in stray hairs everywhere.

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  1. Wow - even though I can see your face I picture you being much younger in the first picture!

    I wear heels to work but I do wear flats afterwork and on weekends. My feet just get so tired these days. I've never even measured my heels but I'm sure there are only 3 inches at the most. I don't buy them unless I can walk in them :P

  2. Two inches would be ideal for me but it is so hard to find ones at that height these days. Most heels that I see are 4" and up, I can't really walk around in them for the mercy of my feet and back (I am getting old I know). And you wear 5" - girl I salute you.

    Your ruffle dress is so cute.

  3. I won't be the first or last to say this, but you have the most awesome legs. I see what you mean with the re-proportioning, but you look equally fantastic in both heels and flats!

    I too have lived in heels since about age 13. I actually didn't start wearing flat shoes (read: Timberland boots) until I started going to college at a cold, icy, snowy, hilly campus. I still LOVE heels but I mostly only wear them for work or going out. If I'm casually out and about, and especially if I'm going to be walking (which is almost all the time), I wear flat shoes. It took me a long time to realize I didn't look like a squat midget without 4" heels.

    I think the highest pair I have is 5" with a 1" platform. I regularly wear 4" heels without a platform.

  4. the middle outfit is my fave. those tall heels make your legs look a lot nicer and that's why i like wearing heels :) most of my heels are around the 4 inch range and i have one pair that doesn't numb my feet when i walk miles around campus, but 2 inches is pretty nice if it fits properly. thank goodness for a good wedge! haha i can imagine you playing soccer in wedges. you go girl!

    <3 angie

  5. you have killer legs, lady!! i'm always wearing heels cause i love the way it makes me taller and the legs look longer. i actually wore heels starting from age 12 so flats feel awkward to me too. and the tallest heels i own are my new Sam Edelman's at 5.5". freaking tall! but i love them. :)

    and beautiful ruffles in this dress!

  6. Agreed..I love heels and feel uber unattractive in flats. Only tall model-thin girls can look nice in them. Heels improve posture, make legs leaner, make hips sway and pop the butt out haha.. I heard a long time ago they were created by a man to make women walk more attractively.

    Hehe top left looks like a mini-Elle, or your lil sister :D

  7. you have great legs! i like the middle one for everyday and the last one for going out. haha echoing sophia, i heard that samething too about a man who created heels....we must have heard it in class. lol

  8. Before this year, the highest I wore was a 2.25" heel (Dansko Clogs). However, now my highest is 3.75", although I can BARELY walk or stand in them without suffering pain after about 20 minutes. For work shoes, I can tolerate my new Sofft Gazelle T strap pumps, which are 3.5". They are unbelievably comfy. I do not own any flats, and for similar reasons to you won't wear them (I teach high school and although I am rarely taller than my students, every little bit helps). The closest thing I wear to flats are soccer sandals, but I only wear those as comfy dress down shoes in the summer. Since I don't work in the summer, I spend most of my time in those, but if I am going out and wearing nice clothes I have some 3.5" platform sandals from Steve Madden as well as some 2.25" wedge/slide sandals.

  9. Such a cute dress!!!!

    xoxo jenna

  10. I love the middle outfit! And I love heels! Actually, all summer long I was wearing some sort of wedge or heel and when I switched to flip flops one day, I began to stagger as I walked. I didn't know how to position my feet! It was one really awkward experience for me. LOL I can't stand wearing flats anymore because none of them have been comfortable for me..and they smell. ick.

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  11. I love that ruffle dress you are wearing! it's so adorable

  12. i have a pair of 5 inch heels, and they kill me! so now i'm more of a flats type of girl

  13. Your hair looks fine. :)

    I'm not even 5 feet tall so I tend to wear heels a lot, but I reach for flats pretty often too. I don't mind being short and I don't mind looking short. Short doesn't mean bad, I can still look good and short at the same time.

    I think my tallest heels are probably 4 or 5 inches. And they kill me but I LOVE them.

  14. Wow the difference really is huge! I try to rock heels, but its tough as a mama!!

    Just found your blog and I am excited to follow ya

  15. I'm the same height but I'm also a super-klutz so I can't really get away with heels taller than 3-3.5", otherwise I am moving around like a newborn colt, and not in the cute way!

    I know the ruffled top with skirt is a little "ruffly," but I also kind of dig it! Throw on a fab statement necklace and you'd have a flirty holiday frock!

  16. I don't go higher than 3-1/2" at the most. I tend to walk fast and if they're too high I'm walking out of them all the time!

  17. So envious that you can wear such high heels comfortably! I didn't wear my first pair of heels until college! I'm such a tomboy -_- I think my highest pair are a little under 4". Any taller and I start to wobble. Plus, bf prefers that I don't tower over him so it's a good thing I can't handle much higher than that haha.

    Love the 2nd look! Blazers really do go with everything :)

  18. i'm very tall so i like flats. i have one 4" pair but they aren't too comfortable...

  19. I am the same height as you...and I wear heels as much as possible...although I love my low wedge boots!

  20. I love the last picture! those heels and that color make you look really tall. Super cute dress :) :)

    sherry & jenni

  21. Okay, first I have to say a pair of oxford wedges sounds super cute! :) But this is a really cool set of pictures, very neat! Haha, I actually think the ruffles are fabulous! Actually, I think you look really great in all the pictures, but I can definitely see the difference! (Your shoulders are great too!). So let's see, I'm around 6' and I wear heels. I think the average height is 3". I think 4" with a platform have shown up on my blog from time to time. I have some flats, and a couple pairs of low heels and kitten heels, all under 1" or 2". And I have two pairs of 6" heels without platforms! And actually I've been *totally* nervous about wearing them on the blog! (Crazy maybe, but I'm a little worried about what people might say! Heh, I might email you pics of the shoes to get your opinion!) Anyway, great outfits, all of them, and thanks for sharing this! :)

  22. Wowwww that is a HUGE difference! You do wind up looking much younger with flats (not sure if it's the ensemble or just the height). I love the dress - you know how I have a thing for tiers LOL. I think my tallest shoes are 4" wedges and I love how tall I feel in them but walking presents a little bit of a challenge.

  23. Love a good pair of heels... your legs look soo elongated in the last photo!

    My heels just keep getting higher and higher... I'm 5'3 and love giving myself a bit more height since bf is nearly 6'... the addition of platforms at the front of many stilettos in the past few years has been such a great help. I think my highest pair nears 6 inches now!

    Have a lovely day Elle!

  24. I am a total HEELS type of girl! I rarely wear flats. I think heels makes the outfit and definitely makes our legs longer :)

  25. i don't own a pair of heels! i've just turn 15 so i don't really want to start wearing them too young, but i love your mary jane heels!

  26. I wear a lot of heels, but I also rely on my flats too. I think that heels can help you look older, but it also depends on your outfit and how you style it. I think the hair in the first photo makes you look younger compared to the other two, but maybe it's the way the photo is taken.

    My tallest heels are probably about 5", but I only wear them special occasions. Most days, I wear 2-3" heels or flats. =)

  27. Gorgeous outfits!!!!! girl you look stunning!

  28. I love the ruffle dress on you, with or without the blazer! It looks so cute! The tallest heel I own is about 4 inches but I hardly wear daily because I had to walk to work and I like to walk very fast so I'm either in sandals or flip flops :-) xoxoxoxoo

  29. I love heels, I always feel kind of invincible in them. The higher the better.

    In Class, En Vogue

  30. You look so cutee! the ruffle dress is really pretty! :)

  31. This is such a great idea- to stagger photos of yourself in different heel heights to see the difference! I always love the way I look in heels because my legs are so muscular looking in flats!

    Love the blazer in the middle! :)


  32. What a difference it makes! I was self-conscious about my height since high school. I wore platform canvas sneakers, wedged sandals, and platform boots all through high school and college. For some reason, my heels are not as high as they use to be. I blame it on the market, because all the stores stock mostly flats now. But I still choose styles that at least have 3/4+ inch heel. I can't even walk in flat flats at all. I find heels more comfortable :) But the highest heel I can go so far is only 4.5"

  33. I can't walk in anything higher than 3" heels unfortunately (unless it has a platform in front), and usually prefer a 2-3" range to compromise between added height and comfort. I never used to wear flats at all except for flip-flops on errands, but they're starting to grow on me :)


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