H&M New Arrival : White Goddess Dress from 2010 Autumn/Winter Collection

December 12, 2010

I went up North to visit the boyfriend before he leaves to go home for the holidays and took advantage of the trip and visited this larger H&M that I have been meaning to browse. I was first alerted about this dress by fellow petite Megan but have not seen it in stores until this weekend. I recognized this little number immediately.

I love the details at the shoulder, it is simply gorgeous. I also like the slight bubble hem. At $34.95, it is a nice little dress that I wouldn't hesitate to wear in the Spring. I don't know that I would brave New England weather just to wear this dress on its own but I will sure admire your tenacity if you do.

The alphabet sizing (I am wearing XS in the pictures) means that it doesn't fit as small as some H&M number sized dresses.  I can't really imagine it on anyone with really small shoulders.

I also found the lace skirt seen on several petites (Kelly, Cher, and Ping) in size 2 and took it home with me. I had tried it on once before but decided to sleep on it. All the size 2's disappeared when I revisited the store and I haven't been able to find it in size 2 until now. I'll have some pictures of it tomorrow.

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  1. such a pretty dress. I love the color, the slight bubble hem, and the floral detail. Although it is from their winter collection, it's very versatile, I think it would look great in the spring as well. =D

  2. Wow- you always make me want to go to H & M after reading your posts! LOL This dress fits you so nicely and the color is so pretty!

  3. What a pretty goddess dress! You're right, those shoulders would not work on someone with really narrow shoulders.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the lace skirt! I love that thing!

  4. Gorgeous dress! I like the details on the shoulders too. The dress looks plainly pretty until I saw that.

  5. If you don't mind my asking, where in NE are you and which H&Ms do you shop at? I live in southern NH/on the border with MA. There is only one close to me (Mall at Rockingham Park) and I have been meaning to try to find some other locations.

    You are definitely inspiring me to ass some dresses to my closet. I currently only own 3 that are work appropriate, and maybe 3 that are for evening/weddings/dressy events. I need more.

  6. OK, I meant to write "add some dresses". Bad idea commenting before the second cup of coffee has kicked in.

  7. You look like a Greek/Roman goddess. Very delicate and pretty dress.

    Too bad you don't have a BeBe store near where you live. I would offer to buy and ship the stuff for you but their in-store return policy sucks. They only do store credit or product exchange, no money back. I find that their dresses are true to size but tops/blouses are quite big.

  8. the dress is so pretty. it does remind me of greek goddess like nelah said. you look amazing in dresses btw!

  9. The dress is so pretty. Like mentioned above, it looks like the dress of some Greek goddess. : ) I think $35 is a little steep for me for that dress, but regardless, it looks great on you!

    I also saw the lace skirt that the other petite bloggers have been sporting, but there were only size 8s left. :(

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  10. I love that dress!! The shoulder details are great, and I the color is fantastic! :)

  11. I remembered seeing this dress in stores, but didn't try it on (I'm more partial to the toga-type draping than v-neck). Elle, you look so good in this dress! I like how the bubble hem doesn't flare out as much as others.

  12. this lace dress is gorgeous and i love the shoulder detailing and the slight bubble hem. very feminine and it does have a goddess vibe to it. it would be perfect for warmer weather!


  13. that dress is beautiful! and only $34 bucks! that's such a deal in my opinion. Man, i wish i lived closer to an H&M

  14. I've been seeing this dress in stores, but never thought to try it on. Looks great on you! And the rule with H&M is: Buy now, think later! If you leave it in the store to think about it, it's more than likely to have disappeared once you've decided you want it. ;)

    I actually found the lace skirt in a size 4, and purchased it, but I don't really have much in my closet to match with it just yet. Hopefully I'll come up with something soon, because right now it's hanging in the closet untouched.

  15. Olyvia - If I find another I'd be happy to being it back for you. Let me know. :)

    Cher - Cher, can't wait to see it on you since you always find a way to make it even more chic.

  16. Ooo I love this dress on you! Can see a similar one at BR for much more $$ of course. So pretty and romantic :)


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