Dolce & Gabbana + D&G on Gilt Groupe

December 15, 2010

I am a bit late with this post but I still wanted to share in case anyone is interested in the D&G sale on Gilt.

Two of the items in my closet are currently on sale at Gilt. I meant to retake the pictures but haven't had time to do that. Both of these impossibly feminine pieces are from the 2009 D&G fall collection.

LACE BABY DOLL BUBBLE HEM DRESS - $299, originally $855

I am wearing size 38 in the pictures. Italian sizing starts at 36 and styles typically run really small - I normally wear at least a 38 and sometimes have to size up to 40. I think D&G would work really well for thin girls (Especially those who are slim in the torso).

SILK CHIFFON BRA TOP CAMISOLE - $149, down from $380.

I bought this top on super sale, about 70% off retail, in size 42. It's big on me but not too bad.

I honestly have no idea how to wear this top. This is probably going in the blog sale.

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  1. the lace bubble dress is super cute!! i'm not sure where i would wear it...LOL

    and the cami looks like lingerie no? I love it and the whole concept but it would be hard to pull off. But the outfit with the jeans and cardi actually look really cute!!!!

  2. The first lace dress is really cute! I looove lace.

    x helena

  3. Oh Elle..I swear every post is showcasing a new item you just bought! You should put "stop spending" on your resolutions. ; ) hahaha The first dress is really pretty though! I wouldn't know how to wear that sheer tank. hmm.. I think it looks great under a cardigan.

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  4. Both pieces are so girly girl. I like the cami with jeans. It is so sheer, I wouldn't know how to wear it personally.

  5. The dresses are so pretty, look great on you!

  6. That dress is gorgeous, although I keep looking back at the shoes too! Fabulous! I like the top too, but I think I would have trouble figuring out a way to style it that would make me happy too! Its very cute though! And I like all the pieces you've paired it with too! :)

  7. your dress is super cute on you and i love the lacy skirt. the cami is also really pretty and i can see it as something worn with a pencil skirt and blazer...

    great Gilt finds!

  8. Wow! Looks great on you! I love pink lacey dresses! Something about those dresses reminds me of Loraine's dress from "Back to the Future" know, the one she wore for the "Enchantment Under the Sea" dance. :p

    I LOVE the lace cami with the cardigan and jeans! Make it a keeper!!

  9. The dress is so feminine and pretty... didn't realize it was on Gossip Girl! As for the cami, it looks cute in the jeans outfit but I do wish it was lined (you'd think it would be for that price!).

  10. That dress looks FABULOUS on you! I absolutely love it! I also like the cami paired with the tulle(?) skirt and jeans and cardi :) It does look a bit big but still looks great!

  11. The pink lace babydoll dress is so princessy! Loves it, so perfect for the petite girl!

  12. I love that dress! I never would have given it a second glance if I hadn't seen it on you - it's very special!!

  13. That dress is gorgeous! I thought the top was lingere too LOL - but I like it best with the jeans. I'm not sure how one would wear it either!


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