Cocktail Dress Hour : Dress & Butterfly

December 09, 2010

I used to have a fascination with butterflies...I guess that's in line with my love of bows.

I fell in love with a Dolce & Gabbana dress from Fall 2009 (seen on Winona Ryder in Elle UK) but couldn't justify its hefty price tag. After some search I found an incredibly similar alternative by A.B.S. Schwartz and decided I can live with a cheaper inspired version.

This dress is another one that has been sitting in my closet since the day I brought it home and has sort of been forgotten. I got it in a size 2 because I thought the 0 was a little tight around my bust but when I tried it on at home I realized the size 2 was more loose than I feel comfortable with. It's about 2 inches too big all around and requires constant pulling to stay up.

I am planning a move in a few months so I have been cleaning out my closet slowly (plus, since my "closet incident" during which I overloaded my commercial use garment racks and broke them, I have decided I have too much clothes for one person). How do you let go of pieces you love but really have no reason to keep because of fit?

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  1. Is it worth it to you to get it altered? The dress is gorgeous! The top is just darling!!

  2. I agreed with Michelle, can you get it alter? Although, you have to spend a bit of money but at least you can wear them. Love the dress. It's simple yet elegant

  3. I just love this dress!! Its so pretty! And I love the tights and shoes you've styled it with too! I'm actually using my blog to force myself to go through my closet so I can find all the things that have questionable fit. I have a corner where I have all the ones I've put on the blog that I'm still not sure about, and I'm going to do a series of "second chance" posts. Some were bad enough that they didn't even make it on the blog, but my goal with all of them is to sell them via a nearby consignment shop. The ones that are in too bad a shape that the consignment shop won't take them will go to Goodwill or another thrift shop. As for the rest, I'm not sure, I may try smashion, craigslist, or just do a blog post if someone wants them! But having said that. Its very hard to get rid things that I love and JUST have a fit problem! I admire your willingness to do something about it! Its really hard for me, I know! I have two pairs of shoes that I unreasonably love, and they're just a size too small, but I have them hidden in a corner of my closet! :)

  4. Cute dress, Elle! You look so ethereal in the first pic with the spotlight background, hehe. I would try the wear as many pieces as I can, but justify selling them and using the $ to buy other pieces that I love.

  5. awww that sucks! that is exactly how i feel about my alice and olivia dress. i had it alter and the lady didn't do a good job and i've worn it twice and don't want to let it go. it's a such a pretty dress too!

  6. Is it possible to alter it? : ) If it's not worth the time & money, you should just sell it. The little floralish decal is really pretty and makes the dress even more adorable!

    I have trouble letting go of my clothing all the time. haha No worries ; ) I think you should sell it all on your blog sale and make a little money to buy MORE dresses. How's that sound?

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  7. It's a pretty dress, but it doesn't fit, you shouldn't keep it.

    I've been trying to keep a relatively "small" closet and it's always a challenge. I challenged myself to only have one item of the same style in my closet...which really forces me to not buy multiples or similar items. Nowadays, I can focus on more creative pieces and most things I can turn away since "I already have something like it." =)

  8. this dress is gorgeous and i love the light airy material! i would say try to get it altered. for items that I really like, i'm willing to dish out the money to have it modified to fit. if it can't fit, maybe try putting it up on your blog sale. at least then you know it will go to someone who will love it as dearly as you did. :)

  9. I agree with everyone else - get it altered if you love it! If you don't love it, then alterations aren't worth it.

    It's so gorgeous on you!!!

  10. It looks so lovely on you!!!


  11. You have to find out how much to tailor it! I love the simplicity of it. And the detail is so pretty!!!

  12. What a pretty dress... have you tried belting it? Not sure if that will help with the bust staying up, but maybe the belt will support some of the weight of the dress so it won't be dragged down as much.


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