Cocktail Dress Hour : Badgley Mischka Pleated Front Strapless Dress

December 05, 2010

I haven't done one of these posts in forever so I thought I'd share a recent purchase. If you've been following this blog for some time, you'll know that I have an affinity to ruched/gathered/pleated front cocktail dresses. It is really difficult for me to put down any dress that fits this description so when I stumbled upon this Badgley Mischka dress, I knew I was in trouble.

The smallest size that the store carries is a size 2, and it's also available in turquoise and cobalt blue. I picked the gray because the other two colors were only available in the larger sizes.

The black straps that you see are from my bra...sorry you had to see that.
The brand is certainly not particularly petite friendly, the length is too long on 5'2 me. The size 2 fit quite loosely on me (I don't know if it's hard to tell in the picture but if I look down I can see my own waist so there's a lot of room in here) but I think the size 0 would probably work for me. For the slimmer petites this brand probably isn't for you unless you are willing to spend money on alterations.

It's too late to return the dress (I have had it for at least a month) so I am stuck with it. I don't have an occasion for it yet but am happy that it's in my possession. I don't think alterations will be possible because this dress has such delicate details that can be easily ruined...I'll probably have to bring it to a bridal gown specialist.

I am on a Badgley Mischka kick this month - I recently ordered the Badgley Mischka Xavier Slingback Sandals in powder pink (alternate links here and here) for super cheap and can't wait to see them in person.


In happier shopping news, some of my favorite petite bloggers have put new stock in their blog stores. Jessy is donating half of the profits from her blog sale to charity this month (she is really tiny so you skinny girls are in luck, plus it's for a great cause); Annie has added some insanely cute stuff to her spectacular blog store (most of the stuff is sold out, so don't hesitate to click Buy Now!); and Sydney has a ton of cute jewelry for sale on the cheap that'll make for excellent gifts.

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  1. yeah this dress is way too long and loose for you. are you going to return?

  2. Gorgeous dress!! Sorry to hear it doesn't fit exactly right! That's so frustrating! (I've bought stuff that I probably should have returned too!) But its super cute! I love those slingbacks you linked to though! Super cute!! Haha, I definitely need more dress up occasions too! I need to make my friends throw more parties! :)

  3. awww that sucks! such a cute dress, too bad it doesn't fit. r u going to take it to alterations since you can't return it?

  4. It's so elegant! It's way too long on you and could be better fitted. Have you thought of alterations or maybe just selling it on your own blog shop? : )

    Thank you for posting the blog sales! I haven't had much luck selling through my blog. Actually, none at all! All of my previously sold items were sold through Facebook, eBay, and one through Smashion!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

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  6. stinks it doesn't fit. the drapping/gathered fabric and color of the dress is so pretty!!!

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  8. It is a lovely dress and I'm sure you can do something great with it. A belt or some platform heels can transform it into a fab outfit despite its shortcomings. =)

  9. Too bad the dress didn't work, it's super cute! I think the length isn't too bad, but if it's super loose, you can't really do too much.


  10. Angie - it's sadly past the return date. ;( I just couldn't make up my mind.

    Stylepint -I'll try it with your suggestion, thanks so much!

    Jessy - I thought you were having so many success with your store...I guess it's not easy, even for a successful blogger like you, to sell throgh their blog sale. :(

    Ping - I want to...but I keep looking at the pleating and the draping and thinking that if my tailor can mess up a simple pencil skirt alteration, what they will do to my dress.

    Matt - you and your lovely wife should throw one and invite me! I have so many dresses that need to be worn! :)

  11. Darn it! It's super pretty if it would only fit!!!

    What do you do to work out- your arms and legs are so toned!

  12. oh it's too bad that the dress is too big. you could definitely try taking it to a bridal gown specialist. i had my wedding gown altered recently and i was simply amazed at their handywork. things that i didn't think would be tailor-able turned out amazing and they really know how to fix a complicated gown to fit you. (my mom, who's been doing my alterations all my life, took one look at the alterations needed for my wedding dress and she instantly said that there was no way she could do it!)

    good luck with the dress! you still look very beautiful in it!

  13. I must be looking at it funny because it looks like it fits? I love it on you and love the length too (I like my knees covered). The details are just absolutely beautiful!


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