ASOS TOBAGO Lace & Bow Shoe Boot

December 23, 2010

I have been craving and stalking these ASOS TOBAGO Lace & Bow Shoe Booties for months now - I first discovered them in September but my size was sold out. I bookmarked the page and checked EVERYDAY for returns (crazy, I know) and was elated when they received a new shipment in last month. I quickly ordered them and less than a week later, they arrived at my door (the box was banged up though after a few days in transit). I love them, even though they aren't available in half sizes. I think the shoes run true to size (maybe a quarter of a size big).

The stock photo made the shoes look pink but in real life they are more of a blush color...even better, in my opinion.

In other news, I have safely landed in SF. So posts for the next little while will be about my (mis)adventures here. Does anyone have any recommendations for things I must do while here (I already have tons of excellent advice from Sophia)? It's my first time here in years so your help is much appreciated.

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  1. elle-- those shoes are beautiful!! i love them against your skin color.

    ahh you are in sf!! if you like hot pot, i'd go to the shabu house on geary st and 16th. i wish i could have some right now.

    if you like korean bbq, i'd go to brothers and that is also on geary street.

    for somewhere nice, i'd go to chaya brasserie on the embarcadero and you can also go there for happy hours and view is nice too.

    if you haven't looked up, you should. lots of reviews and recommendation if you are not sure about restaurant or whatever.

  2. Don't forget to check out the Embarcadero and the Ferry Bldg (which is on the Embarcadero), and is like blocks away from the restaurant Chaya that Ping recommended!

    I'm actually going to be doing some shopping there today :) Annnnnd... the only AT (non-Loft) store remaining in SF is in the Embarcadero shopping center...

    Oh, and, pretty shoes!!! They're so fun and unique!

  3. ahh.. i know u'll have lmtd time and whatnot.. but IF you go to Chaya next door is Ozumo, which has an AMAZING sake selection and good bar in general :)

  4. Love the colour! It elongates your legs :)

  5. Normally I would say there's too much going on, but b/c it's this blush color (which I agree is way better than pink), it just all blends well together. It does elongate!

  6. I am not a big "bootie" shoe fan because I think it cuts off our petite legs. At least it does for me- your legs look longer:)

    Pretty details on the shoe though!

  7. those shoes are ADORABLE! I love the lace detail on it and the color is so nice. have a merry christmas love!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I've been known to check a site multiple times a day for something I really, really want, so no, I don't think you're crazy :)

    The pumps are gorgeous and make your legs look a mile long! It's amazing what nude heels will do. The top is the crewcuts top from the other day right? It doesn't look boxy at all styled this way. And of course, that skirt! I fall in love all over again every time I see you wearing it.

    I've only been to SF once, a long time ago, so I have no suggestions besides eating some clam chowder in those bread bowls. Stay safe and happy holidays, Elle!

    (grammar errors in the previous post. sorry!)

  10. Those shoes are hot! I love them especially the lace details and the pink color. The heels are kind of high. Are they easy to walk on? I don't own any footwear from ASOS so I am curious about the quality and the fit.

  11. Those shoes are amazing! They look way cuter in your pics than they do on the ASOS site.

    No suggestions for SF, but hope you have a great time! Excited to see pics!

  12. Haha, I've totally bookmarked products to check back for returns too! Oh, I meant to say that was one way I work with the free shipping minimums. I save things until they go on clearance, and try to queue up a big order with end of season sales. And I loved the top in your previous post, but I didn't leave a comment because I didn't want to enter (it is *so* not close to my size! ;) ).

    And oh my gosh those shoes are so cute!! I love the outfit you've paired it with!! Fabulous!! I love those shoes!! And yay for safe travels, have fun in SF!! :)

  13. ohh, i like them alot. I went to the site immediately after your orginal post but thought they were too pink for my liking. However,you are right about the blush color, it is much better. are they comfy and does it run narrow?

  14. Ping and Sophia - thanks SF'ers/ans. :) I'll definitely check it out tomorrow...just got back from the FW. Lol, had a laugh about the super loud cable trains. :)

    Jen - thanks. :)

    Aubrey - I agree. I thought it would be even *too* feminine for my taste but the blush color was subtle enough compared to the pink in the stock photo. :)

    Annie - I stay away from booties usually for that reason but this color is close enough to my skin tone that it's not as bad. I totally get why you don't like them though. :)

    PC - Merry Christmas to you too!

    Cee - I JUST got back from eating at Boudin...had half a sandwich and a bread bowl. :) So yum!

    PLG - The shoes are slightly big for me (I am between 6.5/7 and got the half sizes :( ) but I plan to add some heel inserts to make them more comfortable. I'll report back with the quality once I walk around in them for a bit longer. I took these pictures earlier in the week in a hurry.

    Michelle - I love them. :) Though I totally understand if the bows/lace/color is too girly.

    Matt - lol, you are my fellow ocd shopper. :) I promise the next thing I "give away" will be an accessory. :)

    Khatu - they are semi comfy but because I am between sizes the 7 I ordered was a tad big. I would say it's average width. I haven't had a chance to walk around a ton in them yet so I can't vouch for their comfort...I do plan to though and will report back. :)

  15. the shoes are cute! i can imagine them popping with black opaque tights. i LOVE your skirt most :)

  16. i love these shoes on you!! the lace gives it a little vintage appeal while the t-strap adds that modern edge. it's gorgeous!

    and you're in SF!! i'm actually here too on vacay but leaving early Saturday morning. i'll have to tweet you tomorrow to see if you can join Elle and I for some boba! :)

  17. I never would have picked those shoes out, but they really look amazing on you!! Great job on styling them with that cream top and blush skirt. The look is so feminine and current at the same time!

  18. Ouu cute shoes! It goes really well with your outfit :D

    Hope you're having an amazing holiday, Elle!!!! : )

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  19. I LOVE those booties! They are SO adorable and are perfect paired with that skirt and blouse.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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