Weekend H&M Haul : Red Blazer, Cream Dress & the Prettiest Blush Skirt

November 21, 2010

After ranting to everyone how much I despised H&M's coupon policy, I figured out that my iPod Touch can access H&M coupons. I decided to use my coupon on the $49.95 skirt that I spotted last time but decided against because of the price.

This wool blend skirt runs true to H&M size 2, the waist measures about 12 inches but is inflexible because of the material. I couldn't find any size 4's so I settled for a 2. The skirt would probably fit someone with a 23ish waist perfectly because I had trouble zipping up the skirt when I wore heavier tops. I love the color but do think this is a little steep for H&M. 

I also got a few dresses, two blazers, another skirt over the weekend from H&M because of the 50% off select dresses sale that H&M is running. I am wearing a size 2 blazer and a size 4 dress in the picture below. I usually take size 4 in less forgiving dresses at H&M but this dress had a more relaxed fit so the size 2 would've fit better. Unfortunately the store is out of size 2's so I grabbed the size 4 and took it home with me. It was on sale for 50% off and the lace pattern is just too beautiful to pass up.

Some tag information for those interested in getting these items themselves.

I was planning on standing in line for the Lavin x H&M opening this weekend (even had a detailed plan drawn that the boyfriend was going to help with) but after suffering several delays and witnessing extreme weekend traffic congestion I decided it wasn't worth the effort and headed home. I learned later that most people who walked away with the highly desirable pieces were those who had been waiting since the night before...Lanvin was not for me, I guess.

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  1. That skirt is gorgeous, Elle. I am glad that you were able to use the coupon at H&M. I am pretty sure that Jean did a review on that lace dress back in the summer. I was at H&M earlier today and tried on one of the Lavin's dresses (just for fun). The style is definitelly not me and neither the price.

  2. i'm glad you could get the coupon to work for you :D haha i have to steal my friend's iphone for that. i love the red blazer! i should take pics with my black blazer with red lining that i got last time soon. yeah ... i love the lanvin collection but it's just not practical with all the hype :(

    <3 angie
    (ps i'm having a giveaway!)

  3. You got some really cute things! The lace dress is so pretty on you, I'm sure it won't fit me nearly as nice though. I am curious about the skirt after hearing you say that it fits small. But as usual, I'm sure I won't be able to find it at my H&M(s).

  4. I love the lace bodysuit in your first photo and the H&M blazer is very different. I probably would've glanced past it in store, but it look great on you!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  5. $50 is a little steep for H&M!! I love your bodysuit from A&F!!! Ah!! I have been seeing so much lace on all the blogs, I want, want, want!! :p

    Also loving the second look with the gorgeous red blazer!

  6. omg i love love that skirt!! i must go find it now! lol....well tomorrow after work. it looks really nice on you.

  7. I love the pleating on the skirt. It looks like a perfect fit on you actually, not too tight and not too loose. But I do agree that with this type of skirt, it's better to wear a tucked-in top otherwise detailing would be covered up.

    Next to feminine dresses, I think I associate blazers with you, Elle :) They're just so versatile and looks good with anything you put on!

    I just read your comment about Lanvin. On one hand, you didn't miss much but on the other, it was an interesting experience now that I've had time to reflect on it. But I think in the end, it wasn't worth the effort lol.

  8. Aw, I saw that skirt too but didn't even bother trying it on after seeing the price tag. It's super cute but with all the deals going on there I didn't want to fall in love with a $50 skirt. It looks shapely on you though and wasn't the material warm and cozy?

    I think I have the same dress but am not sure...is it bubbly at the hem? Mine is here from a long time ago (http://www.extrapetite.com/2010/05/petite-lookbook-little-lace-sundress.html) and I got a size 4 too. I DID see it in the stores again for half off and got a size 2 this time around...to be honest the fit is really similar, almost negligible between a 2 and 4, so if it's the same dress, no need to regret that you didn't find a 2 : )

  9. Your haul is so cute!! Love that skirt. I'm dying to go on a shopping spree at H&M...

  10. Both outfits are so stylish. I especially like the first skirt on you.

  11. I like the color of the blazer. It's an instant pop of hue. Lovely!

  12. I love the AF bodysuit. I bought the same H&M lace pattern dress (i think is the same) but I payed full price. Is this with a gold zipper? I think the zipper supposed to wear in the front, at least that what I was told at H&M. But it seems either way look fine. I love it.

  13. Sydney - saw the picture on twitter, can't believe you passed. I would have bought it off you in an instant. :)

    Cee - I know...but it's Lanvin. :) I think it would've been at least an interesting experience if I had gone but I am about to enter hibernation so leaving the comfort of home is difficult.

    Ping - hope you find it, I think it would look terrific on you!

    Jean - the material is nice and thick, I had trouble justifying the retail price but figured 20% off was better than nothing. :)

    Claud - yes, this dress has gold zippers on the front - unfortunately on me it looked short when wore properly so I thought the back was the front. I am a mess, I know. :)

  14. Michelle - I know, I am in love with lace too. Thankfully they are everywhere and aren't hard to find in a style that you might like. :)

    Liane - definitely look. Jean said she saw one at her local HM so maybe she can help you track one down? I picked up an extra for a fellow petite so my local-ish store is out of 2's. ;(

  15. the skirt is really gorgeous on you and i love the color and cut! it's absolutely stunning paired with the black lacy top!

    i'm a huge sucker for lace right now (can't you tell? :). i've been looking for a lace dress like that too and this one from H&M is perfect!! hopefully i can join in on the H&M fever in a few months once the Dallas store opens up!

    and the Lanvin H&M opening sounded crazy. i don't think it would've been for me either.


  16. I love that skirt! You always find the cutest skirts!!!

    I am so mad I didn't know about the H&M and iphone 20% off:(

  17. Your outfits here are so cute!! Looks like you picked up some great pieces! That's crazy about the Lanvin opening! And thank you so much for the comment you left on my blog! (I'm so insanely behind!) I *LOVE* shopping my shoe closet! Before 3-4 years ago, I didn't shop at all, and its been liberating shopping for the things I've always wanted, which is part of how I ended up going so overboard! Anyway, thank you so much, and your blog is always so wonderful to read! :)

  18. Dang, I never really thought of incorporating lace but you make it look really feminine! My favorite is the bodysuit, with the peach colored skirt.
    I actually didn't go to Lanvin x H&M either! The NC store actually wasn't participating in the collaboration so I guess it was ok... for my wallet.


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