Wear It Five Ways : H&M Lace Dress

November 10, 2010

I should really rename this series as I often exceed the five looks demanded in the title because I feel that some looks undershoot my own expectations.

I have been cheating on my boyfriend with H&M and it's a tumultuous love affair partially fueled by all the great items I keep finding on sale racks, like the lace dress in this post. This dress was originally already an affordable $29.95 and four size S went on sale to the sweet tune of $15. I think the XS would have fit better but I love it nonetheless. I just can't say no to lace.

The S will probably fit up to a size 4 or a small 6. And without further adieu, the six looks (more like five plus one alternate for the obviously lazy first look).

Look 1: Belt (from an Ann Klein suit)
Look 2: Elizabeth + James blazer in size 2, Charles by Charles David Pompadour pumps in size 7
Look 3: Ann Taylor Top in 0p, Rampage Heels in size 7
Look 4: Lipsy Net Skirt in size 6
Look 5: Topshop Moto Jacket in size 6, Jack by BB Dakota Jegging in size 0 (similar here), Dolce Vita Madison pumps in size 7
Look 6: J. Crew Silk Moto jacket in size 0, Jack by BB Dakota Jegging in size 0, Modern Vintage pumps in size 7

Looking at these pictures I noticed that I am missing vibrant colors...wouldn't this dress look terrific paired with some red items? Like red heels and a red blazer or a thin red belt? Or some emerald green jewelry? I might attempt part II on this dress...we'll have to see what I can find in my closet.


If you have an IPhone, you are in luck. H&M is offering 20% off a purchase to Facebook and IPhone users. From H&M's facebook page.

Have you tried to use the newly launched Facebook Check-in Deals at H&M to get 20% off your entire purchase? Valid in all US stores. On touch.facebook.com or the latest version of Facebook for iPhone, touch "Places" and then touch "Check In." When you touch the H&M location denoted with a yellow icon, you can view t...he deal and check in to claim it. Then, just show your phone to the cashier to get your 20% discount. Find your nearest store.

Also, I am head over heels in love with these two dresses (can you see why) but they are no longer available through my H&M so if anyone sees them available in a size 4 and want to pick them up for me, I'd really appreciate it.

xppinkxx bought the first dress, post here
Sophia tried on the dress to the right here

Or if you just want to talk me out of buying them, I love wet blankets too as they keep my wallet happy and warm. :)

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  1. Ok how do you manage to make every single piece of clothing work in so many ways? You seriously have some talent!

  2. YOU are a genius. Seriously. I clearly haven't gotten caught up with reading posts yet but I'm trying and I LOVE this series already! I hope you keep doing these!

  3. that lace dress is to-die-for!! i really love all the looks you paired it with. i can see the dress looking really great with a nice pop of color as well.


  4. I love how you style the pace dress with black belt and the look #4. Too cute. You are so creative in mixing pieces.

    Oh my gosh, the first dress is to DIE for!! So pretty and unique.

  5. Oooh I totally tried on that lace dress too! But didn't buy.. ack if only I had your styling creativity I would've gotten it! I'm so in love with how you wear dresses w/a moto jacket and jeggings! I just adore that look! I would've gotten as far as the first look.. and stopped there lol.

  6. cute lace dress! i really like the neckline on that! as always, you styled it very nicely.i agree with sophia, i really like the look with the jeggins and moto jacket!!

  7. I wish I could find that lace dress at my h&m!! Loved how you mput so many looks together:) I got the dress on the right and I LOVE it!! I think they were all out last time I went bam though:( good luck on your search!

  8. The lace dress would look really pretty paired with bright/jewel-toned colors. But I really like how you styled it in look #3!

    I'm a sucker for draping (so I'll apologize in advance) but you should totally get the dress on the right!! It looks amazing! The knotting and the folds is so pretty. I'll keep my eyes out if I'm ever in H&M anytime soon.

  9. I am IN LOVE with this dress! Loved how you styled it in all the diff ways! You are so good!! :)

  10. Cute dress and it's awesome that you've found ways to style it. I just bought The Row lace dress and though my wallet is hurting...I'm in love with it. Thanks for the styling tips, I'll have to test it out with my dress! =)

  11. The wear it 5 ways thing is becoming "elle's thing" now : ) I did not see that dress...what a bargain! I'm in love with lace lately.

    Thank you SO much for sharing the H&M deal! I was sad when the other 20% off ended. I'm definitely using this one til it expires!

  12. I love the remakes! #2, 5, and 6 are my faves. : ) Red items look great with a LBD! I might drop by an H&M on Friday, so I'll check out the dresses for you. If I find it, I'll tweet ya with my handy dandy Blackberry. ; ) LOL

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  13. I sooo LOVE that you try multiple looks with key pieces because it really shows the versatility of the item and it gives all of us ideas to recreate! That lace dress looks so good on you - I love the scalloped neckline and it looks fabulous with the blazer!

  14. Super cute!! And what a great deal too! I totally agree, some jewel tones would be perfect for this dress! And those other two dresses are just fabulous too! I think 1, 2, and 4 are my favorites but they're all great! :)

  15. I probably would've only thought of #2, but you're so creative! This is a nice dress, especially at $15! :)

  16. I love posts like these, its brilliant. we can always use fashion inspiration, thank you for sharing!



  17. Great looks Elle! But look #4 is def my fave!! I'd rock that anyday :D

  18. Nikita is okay. Good-looking cast. I like #1. It's very simple and showcases the pretty lace.

  19. You girls that live near an H&M - I swear! LOL. I can't wait until they open one in Dallas.

    Thanks for sharing, gives me great ideas on how to mix & match!!! Love!!!

  20. Lol about loving "wetblankets"! I will not talk you out of the dresses...they are cute!

    Great deal on the lace dress! You are totally right about red or emerald!

    I think it looks pretty hot styled with the moto jacket!

  21. Loving these series, Elle! I've been eyeing this dress since it went on sale, but I'm sure they're all gone by now:( It's probably a good thing for my wallet since it's holiday shopping time! Woohoo! I agree with the comment above, I won't be talking you out of these dresses haha! They would look stunning on ya! Have a great weekend!



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