Wear It Five Ways : Ann Taylor LOFT Striped Merino Wool Blazer

November 07, 2010

I had been waiting for a better sale on this blazer since I first lay eyes on it a couple of weeks ago, since then I have been scouting out various LOFT sales, the best of which was 30% off full price items. I finally decided to pull the trigger on Friday evening when I learned that LOFT is offering a tier discount ($30 off $100, $50 off $150) and a $25 savings card for every $50 of full price merchandise item purchased.

I ended up getting a belt on clearance for $4.88 and the blazer for $98 before the discounts were applied. The XXS was not available in stores so I settled for the XS. I don't know if I should keep it as styling it made me realize that it's hard for me to get creative with a blazer. That said, I also think the XXS would be a better fit as the XS is quite loose in the torso and in the sleeves. 

Look 1: H&M Ruffle Dress in size 4 (For you, Miss C.), Luichiny Kam Me Peep Toe Pumps in 6.5
Look 2: Victoria Secret Squareneck Babydoll Bra Top Dress in XXS (reviewed here), Dolce Vita Madison pumps in 7
Look 3: A&F Lace Legging in XS, J. Crew Double-Serge Pencil Skirt in 00, Rampage Heels in 7
Look 4: Ann Taylor LOFT Ruffle Front Cardigan in XXSP, J. Crew Cotton Pimm Skirt in 00 (Crewlade reviewed this skirt)
Look 5: J. Crew Alice Ruffle Tank Top in 0p (on Heidi here), Jack BB Dakota Jegging in 0 (I got this from PLNDR, the waist is way too big but I won't complain since it was on sale for <$15)

It's a cute enough blazer but at the moment I am having trouble justifying this purchase. Keep or Return?

And for those of you who asked about the H&M blazer that I wore in this post, here is a better representation of the color of the blazer. The yellowish hue of my closet light kind of colored the jacket pinkish...I would say it's a pretty light textured brown.

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  1. I think you should return it. The sleeves are a tad long for you. Also like you said, it's hard to style this blazer. If it was for me, I probably just wear it with a tank top and skinnies. Other than that, I don't know really know how to style it. It’s a very cute blazer. I probably will get it too if it is under 50 bucks

  2. hmm this is a hard definition. i really like unconventional blazers...i think this one is really unique. i don't mind things a little over-sized especially if you can balance it out with something fitted (like you have done!). my fave is the blazer with the skinnies. i say keep it if you can see yourself wearing it at least 4 times a month (once a week)...if not then return it.

  3. I really like the look of this blazer on you, in ALL of the styling you tried to do. The only thing I'd say is to go down a size. It looks big on you. This is not a petite item. XS is equivalent to an SP-MP so no wonder it's big. You can try to get the store to order it for you online, since it is a regular priced item (promotion doesn't count as sales, shipping is free if you have a LOFT Card). Good luck, Elle.

  4. this blazer has been raging all the petite community lately. it looks really cute on you and surprisingly looks short enough to make your legs look super long. it's still pretty pricey though, but i just love how it looks!

  5. I thought the jacket was so cute when i saw it in stores but it does look big on you. That being said I like how you styled it with the jeggings and lilac J.Crew blouse (you can't tell the waist is too big...can you possibly add a belt or are there no belt holes?).

    Also, was an XXS ever available? If so I'm hoping you can call and have them locate one for you. Small sizes are all gone online so I can't even tell if it were ever availalbe! I really really wish they made this one in petite sizing : (

  6. I'm loving your "style it ---- ways" posts!! The jacket is very unique but definitely too big on you.

  7. I've also been eyeing this blazer since it came out - I love the stripes! I think it looks gorgeous paired with your skinnies. But I agree with the others, it's too loose on you and because of that - not worth the money.

  8. This blazer is a cute alternative to the other solid color blazers out there. I think you should hold out for a size smaller, or get it altered because XS looks a tad big on you. There's also the option of wearing thicker layers underneath :) I loved every outfit you styled it with, it just shows how versatile stripes can be!

    Thanks for taking a better photo of the H&M blazer. The color is quite pretty in natural lighting.

  9. That blazer looks awesome and I am glad you show how to wear it differently. My favorite would be the second picture from the left. It would be nice if it was a bit smaller.

  10. I like the black and white contrast, but the blazer is a little too big. I think a belt would be a very nice addition to the outfits.

  11. i like the stripes on the blazer, but it does seem a bit too big on you (baggy in the torso and sleeves that are too long). maybe adding a skinny belt would help?

    and i like the way you styled it in the last picture the most. :)


  12. I love the wear it 5-ways posts you do!! I"m going to have to do something similar now. LOL

  13. Well aside from fit of the blazer (which, btw, I'm SO excited to finally see on you!!), I adore how you styled it!! Most especially with the lace leggings, and the last with the lavender bow top. Aaah I SO want those exact outfits from head to toe!

    By any chance, were the A&F lace leggings a recent buy?

  14. I like the blazer but I agree it's a bit too big. My favorite are the last two looks.

  15. I agree with everyone that if you decide to keep it, you should try the XXS. Personally though I would probably return since it's a bit bold for my taste and I probably can't pull it off :P

  16. I love this blazer and would totally wear it...you have proven that it is suprisingly versatile...like others said, if you can size down, keep it!!

  17. I love all the ways you styled the blazer! Its really cute, and I'm loving the bold stripes! :)


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