Urban Outfitters Deals + PFC4 Fail #1

November 30, 2010

I have waited with bated breath for this Pins and Needles Peter Pan Bodysuit to go on further sale for at least a month now (I know I am ridiculous...but I like to set a threshold for when a clothing purchase becomes not a splurge) and was going to take the plunge yesterday when I could have stacked three codes together for a pretty stellar discount but I hesitated and a few moments after midnight two of the three codes expired. I thought for sure this bodysuit would never be mine, until I got an e-mail earlier today from UO with a $25 off $100 code. It would have been a similar saving compared to yesterday but for someone with a full cart it was a big enough incentive for me to check out.

Stack GIFTED (10% entire purchase) with HEREYOUGO ($25 off $100). The kicker is that there is no free shipping but I think it's still a pretty good deal in spite of that.

I can't wait to get the order. I also ordered a gift for the boyfriend and a pair of shorts to make the $100 minimum.

The Pins and Needles Peter Pan Bodysuit in both Cream and Navy

Lucca Couture Sailor Short in Khaki

General Assembly Blazer (the non-corduroy version) for the bf

And I have been trying to be more imaginative for Petite Fashion Challenge #4...but I can't seem to get into a festive mood (except for shopping, I am good at that). I love this LaRok dress because it (sort of) gives me curves and the illusion of a waist...but I then decided that if I chose this look for the challenge it would be a cop-out.

Is anyone else having trouble with this challenge? I think it's the hardest challenge so far...my family is kind of relaxed about holiday parties so we rarely dress to the nines for these occasions.

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  1. I definitely went casual with my outfit for the challenge. I think that dress is SUPER cute though - you could always talk about what accessories you would pair with it, or how you could dress it up or down?

  2. PS: I might want to borrow (or steal!) that dress for my holiday party ;)

  3. I think red is perfect for any holiday themed party so that dress would work fine! I usually wear a black dress and add red accessories and/or shoes. Since the dress you chose is classicly simple, I'd add some big accessories to spice it up ;)

  4. Your red dress is sooooo adorable and you rock it too! Accessories may make your dress look a bit more festive. I do love it.

  5. i love body suits! the one you ordered is so cute. the scrunching and the peter pan collar is too adorable. it doesnt look like there are any opening on the bottom or is there? makes going to the bathroom so annoying.

  6. I try and stray away from bodysuits! Imagine having to use the washroom! My PFC outfit doesn't use any festive colours. I chose a "festive piece" for the challenge instead. :P

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  7. omg, the Peter Pan bodysuit is too cute!! oh i wish i would've seen that earlier when they had the free shipping promo!! oh well. i really shouldn't be spending anyways. ;)

    and my PFC #4 dress is actually very similar to your dress above! i hope it doesn't end up being a cop-out. you look great in your dress and i love the xmas decor in the background!


  8. ahhh... I'm not sure what to do for the challenge either!

  9. I do not own any bodysuits and wonder if they're comfortable to wear. You have to keep me posted. Retailers do that all the time. For many times, I thought I got the best deals. Then they come out with a better deal the very next day. I am glad you were able to order them. The dress looks so cute on you. I had nothing prepared yet for the challenge.

  10. The collar on the bodysuit is so cute. Can't wait to see you wear it in more outfits. I don't own one and I'm scared to try, so seeing inspirations would help!

    My entry for PFC #4 is... boring, for lack of better word. I agree, this is a hard challenge! I hope I think of something better by Thurs, otherwise what I already have will have to do.

  11. I love that collar! I ordered a peter pan collar shirt from UO (see post here) but it was a return. I loved the collar, but the material was blah. The body suit looks way better...nice and tight fitting! Hope it works!

    And regarding the PFC#4....so sad!! I am having trouble, as well. I have bought all my items via the internet. The ae brocade dress (seen here) is great, but the items I purchased to pair with it just arrived today and BLAH!! I do not like my ALDO shoes...they hurt my feet and the wine color looks awful! My husband snickered at me and said, "I knew those wouldn't match" Me - "Why didn't you tell me?!?!" Him - "You need to learn from your own mistakes!" LMAO! Very true, but what a butt!!! I will take pics of it for the challenge, just to show my sad, sad attempt. I am on a mission this weekend to find proper pairings for my dress, or a new one altogether.

    I like your outfit, though...I know you want to try something different, but at least it works! :p Find something with sequins to add to it! I am looking for sequined anything this weekend!

    Wooh! Long comment. :p

  12. Erin - that's a great idea...I just don't have much jewelry - I used to hate things that dangle from my body but after I started blogging realized that it's so essential to an outfit. :)

    FA and Nelah - definitely accessories - unfortunately that is one area I am really lacking in so I don't know where to begin. Suggestions for particular kinds of jewelry?

    Ping - there is in fact an opening (I made sure of that), I love bodysuits on you (you wear your AA one so well) I draw so much inspiration from your outfits.

    Jessy - lol, these bobysuits have button enclosures to allow for easy access. I am going to make you love them too. :)

    Kileen - I'll definitely keep you posted on the fit of the bodysuit...UO has FS all the time so I am sure it's still possible to pick up a bargain on this bodysuit. :) As for the challenge, you are INCREDIBLE at accessorizing so that's really the bulk of the work...not a cop out whatsoever since I know you won't disappoint.

    Khatu - we are the in same boat...but I am sure you won't let me down (you always have one of the best entries, if not the best).

    Cee and Sydney - I definitely will do a through review of these, as UO offers other bodysuits and I am sure the quality will be similar. I have other bodysuits and they've worked out fine that's why I am comfortable ordering them online. :)

    Michelle - thanks for directing me to your post, I think the bodysuit will be constructed from similar (if not the same) material but I won't be too bothered by it as long as it's not too sheer (I just love the collar). I can't wait to see your outfit, I am sure it looks fine but the poorly fit shoes are a big no no. And your hubby is hilarious, bf has started doing that lately (letting me make atrocious clothing purchases) and I had to sit him down about offering helpful advice for when even he knows something is off. :)

  13. Such a cute bodysuit! I absolutely love the collar and can't wait to see how you style it.

    I finished my PFC #4 pictures but now I'm thinking I took the easy way out? Uh oh, I may have to rethink this! The dress looks fab on you BTW :)

  14. i never thought that a red tube dress with black tights would work! thanks for giving me an idea :) you look great in it by the way!!

    come join my holiday giveaway hun! :) http://skinniegenes.blogspot.com/2010/11/holiday-giveaway.html

  15. I think your dress looks fine for the holiday PFC. I'm going super simple...LBD style. =) I can't wait to see how your UO order turns out, they seem like super cute pieces!

  16. Hi! Love your blog!
    What size did you get that cute bodysuit in? I'm never sure what to do with such form fitting clothes, but we're about the same size, so I figure that'd be a good place to start.

  17. Oh dear, this has been the hardest PFC for me too, I'm still stumped and it's already Wednesday! The red dress is super cute on you! Love the holiday graphics you added too haha ;)

  18. SPG - lol, you don't take ever take the "easy way out" so I am sure your outfit is incredible, like always.

    Jenny - thanks!

    Sydney - little black dress, maybe the one from the Row? Can't wait to see how you bring that LBD to life!

    Anon - I got the bodysuit in XS and will let you know fit and quality when I get it. The reviews said it ran smaller than usual (the reviews complained that the torso was too short) so there is a chance that it'll be perfect for us. :)

    Liane - haha, I am proud of my crappy photoshop skills. I have nothing and it's Wednesday too...I am thinking I may sit this one out...

  19. Glad I'm not the only one having trouble with the challenge (and it's mine LOL!) I don't really have a lot of parties to attend and I hate spending $$$ on a new dress so I will just try and restyle what I have in my closet.

    Wow that body suit is cute but I'm worried I wouldn't be comfortable!

  20. Lol Elle! I have to say that I thought if there was one of us that would be ready for this challenge, it would have to be you for sure! I've seen you in so many amazing party-perfect dresses, and they all look so beautiful on you! I know you're going to blow us all away for this challenge with your creativity (just like you always do ;)

  21. I love that LaRok dress! It looks fabulously cute on you!! And the background is really fun too! I'm so horrible about "topping" up orders for free shipping and other reasons too! Those look like really great purchases though! :)


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