Saturday Shopping Trip : H&M Skirts

November 13, 2010

I saw this fabulous skirt on Ping the other week and I am in desperate need of a pencil skirt so I decided to venture a little further than usual to a bigger H&M.

Sorry about the worse than usual photography - my remote/tripod combo is coming soon.

I came home with three skirts, two pencil skirts and a date night appropriate mini skirt.

The first skirt I grabbed was the one seen on Ping recently. The size 2 was bordeline too tight on me and I am thinking about exchanging it for a 4. The 2 fit comfortably when I was in the dressing room but after a meal it's a little too tight.

I took some pictures of the skirt's dimension against my grandma's old school measuring tape.

The second skirt I tried on is the black version of Annie's taupe/mauve ruched skirt. It's really tiny and probably would only be appropriate when you are enjoying the company of your significant other or people you don't know.

And here are the measurements. It's so cute but really short.

And the last skirt I bought is one that Ping tried on a while ago. I think it would be more flattering on someone a little taller but I didn't want to pass up a camel colored pencil skirt that fit me moderately well.

And the measurements.

Lastly, today's shopping outfit. I don't know why I wore jean leggings out shopping because they are not easy to pull on or off (at least for me). I am suddenly reminded why I only go shopping in loose flowy dresses.

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  1. I love the camel colored pencil skirt! I love your description of the other skirt, that should be worn only in the "company of your significant other or people you don't know." I also love the shoes in your pictures!! Your shopping outfit was cute too! :)

  2. Nice haul! I have a little too many skirts that I don't wear enough I'm holding back on buying any more. When I'm trying not to buy anything, I wear clothes that are not fitting room friendly so it kind of deters me from trying things on. Because if they look nice and it fits...I'd be tempted to get it. =P

  3. The skirts look great on you and your shopping outfit is cuuute, but I know what you mean about wearing dresses when shopping--easier to try on clothes. Heheh! :)

  4. LOL. You just can't stay away from H&M! The skirts are lovely on you, but I must say that the camel-colored one is my favorite. It fits you well.

  5. Oh man!! I am so in love with that camel colored skirt. I saw it in the store, but the smallest size they had was a six :( That's so funny about you shopping in the jean leggings (I've done that before too). The only consolation I had as I puffed my way in and out of them all day was how many calories I was working off!! Lol

  6. all of these skirts look great on you! and you can't go wrong with a camel-colored skirt. great shopping outfit too, although I know what you mean about wearing the wrong clothes to try stuff on/off. I do it all the time!

  7. I love the camel colored skirt. I saw that skirt in store the other day but sadly, only bigger sizes are left. What a great haul! I love H&M

  8. I think all the skirts fit you really well, actually. Even the mini skirt is not so mini. And of course, the camel colored one is a great shade :)

    I don't own any jeggings for the same reason that I can't pull them on and off me!

  9. Thanks for the mention:) The black ruched skirt looks GREAT on you!! And I MUST have that camel skirt- I will def be hunting for that!! That will be my next mission!! Hehehe

    Thanks for the post!! Great finds- keep them all!!!

  10. wow loving the skirts! I never have luck at H&M but you found some fab things!


  11. loving those pencil skirts tooo cute and perfect for a classy and classic winter look.



  12. all the skirts look great on you! the khaki pencil definitely looks better on you than on me because your legs are much longer. i'm glad you found everything in your size! all the size 2s in SF stores are very scarce! it must be there are so many little petites running around!

  13. I am also liking the camel skirt the most of the 3 you bought. I actually think the length isn't too bad, since it looks awesome with your tanned legs :) Haha so funny with the skinny jeans not good for shopping!

  14. All three skirts look fab on you, Elle! My gosh, that camel skirt is so chic! I'll have to check this out at H&M. Thx for the review:) You know, dressing for a shopping trip during the colder weather is such a pain for me LOL It requires so much more layers to shed in the fitting room compared to the summer time. I'm w/ya, dressing in a flowy dress is def the way to go! Hope ure enjoying the weekend, Elle!

  15. ooh Camel! I like the camel colour. What sizes did you end up getting?

  16. All of the skirts look amazing on you!

  17. Love both pencil skirts on you! Also love the cardi you were wearing for shopping - where is it from? The print is gorgeous.

  18. I hadn't realized the camel skirt was so long, but I think it looks good on you with your longer legs (*jealous* haha). And lol about going shopping in loose dresses... that's a great idea, don't know why that never occurred to me! :P

  19. I like them all on you, but especially the camel skirt! For some reason I thought you were 5'3"-5'4", but I see you're 5'2"! You wear pencil skirts really nicely and they actually make you look longer + leaner :)

  20. hehe elle i read your little "about" and it made me smile because we're very similar! i don't know what you're talking about with your thighs because you have some of the nicest skinny legs i've ever seen. you want to see thighs? check out my i-haven't-exercised-since-running-track-in-jr-high babies hahaha

    either way, i love these skirts :) i just tried on the ruched one this weekend and size 2 was tight on me wahh haha it fit at the beginning of the school year :D woo i'm hyper right now. i love the camel one on you!

    <3 angie


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