LOFT Sleeveless Tulle Neckline Dress & MM Couture Peak Shoulder Cropped Blazer

November 05, 2010

Blazer: H&M size 2 (tag information included)
Dress: Ann Taylor LOFT size 00P
Shoes: Modern Vintage in size 7

This blazer is another find from my last mall trip. I haven't quite figured out how to roll up the sleeves of boyfriend blazers properly but I am working on it. The dress is no longer available online but I am sure you can find it in certain stores. Sydney has this dress on her blog sale site for less than what I paid for it!

And speaking of more jackets, this MM Couture jacket which I was so worked up about turned out to be a total fail. The reviews on Piperlime had warned that the jacket ran small but I found it to be another fail for smaller petites. The sleeves were way too wide and it's a pretty standard (aka vanity sized) XS as far as I can tell.

My shopping ban has been lifted as I am having a lot of trouble adhering to it...might as well enjoy the experience instead of feeling bad about breaking my ban. I haven't splurged on any expensive items recently so my spending is somewhat under control. 

On an unrelated topic, has anyone started holiday shopping yet? I am/was never great at picking out gifts...does anyone have any tips for me?

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  1. oooh I got that Tulle Neckline dress from Sydney's blog sale - I'm worried it won't fit me though!!! But since I don't have access to LOFT I thought I would take a chance. Hmmm yeah not feeling the fit of that jacket!

    I started holiday shopping! I have a lot of kids to buy for (cousins' and friends' kids) so I bought a bunch of Usborne books which looked cute. I attended a friend's "book party" recently. I never know what to get kids so I just end up getting them all the same type of thing and cater it to their sex and age LOL!

  2. I really like the H&M blazer! What's the color look like in real life? From your pictures, it looks pinkish/brown to me. It goes with your dress perfectly.

    I'm the worst holiday shopper ever. I can't stand the traffic around malls from Thanksgiving until Christmas. Gosh, I sound like such a scrooge lol. Unless I know what they want, I usually end up giving people gift cards. Lame, I know, but it saves me frustration and most people are ok with it =P

  3. ooh i'm really liking both blazers - they're really different from the normal styles and i love the fitted black one (definitely need to keep an eye out for one of those). you did a great job pairing them with skirt/dress!

    <3 angie

  4. It's okay. At least you are very petite so you don't need to spend on pricy clothes to look good. The second outfit is so pretty!

    For your question, I like going on for ideas.

  5. I love both of these outfits on you! I love the way you paired the longer blazer with the first dress and the soft color pallette is lovely. I'm in awe of the second dress, it's so amazing!..and I like the blazer over it too, but as you said the blazer is definitely too big. I snatched up a bag of scarfs and necklaces at the Loft with final price tags of 4.88 each. It's much easier to for me to buy everyone fabulous Christmas gifts when I can catch them on sale like that for sure!!

  6. i'm loving that first blazer on you!! the soft color is beautiful and it goes perfectly with the LOFT tulle dress. the second blazer actually doesn't seem so bad either even though you mentioned that it was complete fail. i kinda like it with the dress that you're pairing with it actually... :)


  7. I did a review on this dress a couple months ago. It fits you much better than on me! I ended up returning it!

    I love the 2nd blazer on you!

  8. Is that first blazer a rose, blush color? It is gorgeous! I find it helpful that I roll the sleeves before you put on the jacket instead of wearing and rolling.
    I don't like the second blazer at all! I agree with you that the sleeves are too wide and it makes your torso wide too. =0(
    The dress is so pretty! Love the lace and tulle details, very flirty but so formal when paired with a blazer.

  9. Curls - I am sure it'll fit just fine. :) I love it and can't wait to see it on you!

    Cee - the jacket is more brownish - I'll get a better photo under natural light for closet is really dim so the photos all have a yellowish hue. I give a lot of gift cards too...I figured they'll find something they like with it. I get called out for lack of effort at times but I really do try...

    Callandra - I saw a bunch of these tulle dresses at various LOFTs so they are definitely still available. I actually thought of you when I got it...the color combination would really TERRIFIC on you. :)I wish my LOFT had more jewelry on sale but no such luck.

    Hannah - the blazer is more light brown...I'll get a better picture of it. I saw a bunch more at my H&M so I am sure it's still available elsewhere. $20 was a great deal imo. I am thinking the second blazer goes back...but it's such a hassle doing returns.

  10. Really Petite - It looked great on you but I wouldn't have paid full price for it. I paid around $30 which is a pretty good discount.

  11. I love the first blazer! What a great price!! I have to check out my local H&M for it soon... what colour is it? I can't really tell from the photos.

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  12. The H&M blazer looks so perfect with the LOFT dress AND such a great deal too! Is the blazer gray with a pinkish overtone or is my computer screen set strangely?

  13. Great price on the blazer! The dress is gorgeous!

    Tips for shopping...
    I try to stay away from silly novelty things...example: the stuff they put in the aisle of department stores like "mini pool table." Lol! I see that as getting used once, then never thought of again. It just creates clutter. Get gifts that will be used!

    For women, I usually get accessories. This year I am looking at scarves or jewelry for the girls on my list.

    Also, stay away from giving someone a gift that they buy for themself frequently. For example, I would not get my mother-in-law candles, because I know she buys that for herself all the time.

  14. cute loft dress and the blazer is such a good deal! the blazer also fits you well. i really like that outfit. too bad the 2nd blazer didn't work out, but i do love your polka dot dress! i really like polka dots too...i just noticed i have a lot of things polka!

    haven't started xmas shopping yet. i'm one of those procrastinators that show a few days before and i always end up getting every one gift cards. heehee...

  15. I love the first outfit on you! Thought it was a skirt suit at first. You look very professional but still pretty and feminine :)

  16. The first outfit is super cute!! And I love the dress in the second outfit!! Just fabulous! :)


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