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November 23, 2010

Twitter is a bad thing to be addicted to. I am far from being an addict but my wallet has already bled profusely in the short time that I have been on it. The group of shopping happy bloggers that I follow is quick to post great deals and sometimes you blink you lose so I still haven't learned how to differentiate between a great deal and a good deal. But when Petite Little Girl posted that Ann Taylor was offering 25% off sale items on top of the 30% Friends & Family sale, I knew I was in trouble.

Fortunately I didn't go overboard, I ended up getting two skirts and a pair of shoes online and then grabbed a pair of shoes (the Perfect Leopard Pumps) and a dress in stores for my mom.

The skirts fit ok...they are both semi elastic-y around the waist so it's not uncomfortable (just a tad loose but nothing major) but I think the length is a little unflattering on me. If I hadn't been on a shopping spree I would have kept both without needing any advice but with the impending Black Friday sales I want to keep my options open. They are perfectly prim for work and not a terrible fit considering the luck I have had with work-appropriate skirts.

The Petite Exposed Zipper Ponte Pencil Skirt is back in stock for 00p (what I am wearing). It looks almost black in the picture but is more really dark navy in real life. I thought the zipper in the back would be too tacky for work but they are pretty understated so that's not really a concern for me.

The next skirt I am wearing is the Petite Melange Ponte High-Waisted Skirt in 00p. It looks lighter in pictures but is in fact a darker charcoal color. 
And the Perfect Covered Platform Pumps in Seal Grey are amazing, they are a little high but perfectly comfortable to walk in. Little to no slippage even though I took the 7 (which fits true to size but I am between a 6 1/2 and a 7 so it's slightly big on me). Sorry about the pixelated image below - I forgot to take pictures and had to crop these out from another outfit picture. They are olive-ish in person and in pictures...not that I am entirely sure what seal gray is supposed to be.

Don't forget to enter my Reader Appreciation Giveaway - I hope it's not inconvenient to enter. I'll be using Google Docs next time but bear with the noob. :)

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  1. oh elle -- that is why i avoid twitter! lol i would be in trouble. the 2 skirts look great on you. i also like the colors...i'm trying to buy things that are not black and its been a struggle! the length is not bad and works for your long legs, but for shorter petites i could see it being too long!

  2. Even though both skirts are the same size, I think the first one is more flattering. I'm not sure if it's the color or the fit? I was thinking of ordering the shoes too but couldn't find enough to hit the $100 mark for free shipping. In retrospect, I should have just bought ANYTHING and then returned everything but the shoes :(

  3. If I ever give in to Twitter, give me a good lecture ;) I already feel like I'm buying so much more than before when I started blogging. Definitely not good for my wallet!

    I like the first skirt more than the second on you. It defines your waist better and the fit around the stomach area looks better. (Dunno how much of that is due to a black skirt though)

    I was tempted by the seal pumps too, but didn't really need another gray-ish shoe. I so wish they have other colors!

  4. you pull off long skirts really well as they just hit around your knee cap. if i don't wear stuff that's super short, my legs look so stunted :(

  5. great finds from the F&F sale!! i really love the Melange Ponte High-Waisted Skirt on you and it looks nice paired against a brighter top like you have it. I actually just got my LOFT items in yesterday too and have a post up tomorrow showing a skirt I bought too! :)

  6. I know Twitter is bad :) but that was a really good deal. I already returned the skirt to the store. It was too big on me. Although, I absolutely love the shoes. They are the most comfortable shoes I've owned. I am liking the first skirt on you. I do think AT sizing is slighly bigger than LOFT.

  7. i like your purchases. wish i can wear skirts though, it's just freezing cold lately here in canada.

    come visit me and hope you follow my blog too if you liked it. thanks dear!


  8. I love your second skirt. It fits so well. You have such a lovely body!

  9. You're so lucky AT skirts fit you! Most so-called "fitted" skirts from both AT and LOFT are still too big on me :\ But I guess that's good for my wallet...

  10. Ah, it's nice to see these two skirts on another bod, lol. Although the fit is ok on you at the waist and hips I don't like how there is no lining whatsoever so the ponte shows all that's underneath. I don't think the lengths are bad on you at all though. I did also like the exposed zipper detail on the back and found it to be nice and understated as well. Are you keeping either, or waiting til after black Friday to decide?

  11. Twitter is seriously bad for the pocket book!!! That's how I get in trouble too!! LOL

    I think you look great! As far as I can tell, the skirts fit you really nicely! By the time I checked online, no small sizes were left:(

  12. Ping - lol, you need to join twitter though. it's no fun without you. :) i promise if you join we can form a support group for people who should shop less. :)

    PAG - I think I am keeping it since people seem to think they fit me ok...I don't know why I had the impression that the waist is too big when I was trying it on. Are you not keeping yours? I figured if it fit me ok then it would be too big on most of the girls here.

    Liane - you really are saving a lot of money when things don't fit properly - then you can be more picky about what you do get!

    TGB and Janelle - thank you! :)

    Angie - skirts look terrific on you, I have no idea what you are talking about. PSH!!!!

    PLG - glad you liked the shoes too, I wasn't sure if I was the only person who liked it. :)

    Kileen - loved your jaguar print skirt, looks perfect on you!

    Cee - join twitter! I was just responding to Ping saying that if she joins I can form a support group for people who buy too much!

    SPG - that was my line of thinking harm in ordering when there is a store so close by that I can just return them to. But it looks like I am keeping all three items...

    Annie - it's probably a good thing. with black friday sales coming up this AT stacked codes sale was probably just ok. :)

  13. Great purchases! I love both skirts and the shoes. They all seem like perfect staple items that you can build and pair with everything in your wardrobe. Good job!

  14. Those skirts are super cute!! And those shoes rock!! Great color too! Ugh, I've definitely had to work on learning when to show restraint on impulse purchases as well! The fact that something fits has sometimes been too much temptation to resist even! It has gotten easier though, but style blogging has been a mixed blessing on that front as well! I'm doing better, but I have so many more ideas that require a couple of additions here and there to my wardrobe!! :)

  15. Awww, I was too much of a slowpoke on that Ann Taylor deal so sadly I didn't get anything...yet since AT has a 40% sale. HOH MY GAH.
    The second skirt is nice but I really like the first navy skirt on you. I think it is weird that they call the shoe a "platform" since it really doesn't have one...albeit a tiny one lol. It is a little tall for a work shoe but I think it is still manageable. =0D


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