Ann Taylor Tee with Grosgrain Bow

November 09, 2010

I fell in love with this Tee with Grosgrain Bow after seeing it on Sophia, unfortunately my local Ann Taylor didn't have any available (in any size!). I sough the help of a nice but obviously green sales associate and ordered it from a nearby store in deep aqua and rum raisin (coincidentally my favorite ice cream flavor).

The shirts themselves are nothing special but I love the details on the bow.

The style number is 248206, on sale for $29.99. I don't believe they were available in petite sizes but the regular XS fit me just fine.

And this is what I would wear everyday if it were nice enough...unfortunately it's been in the 30's and wet all week so I just put this on for fun.

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  1. i love the bow detail and the purple is a gorgeous color on you!! i'm amazed that the xs fits you so well!! i'll have to see if my store has this shirt in stock now... :)


  2. the t-shirt is simple, but i really like the bow detail on it! the 2nd outfit is nice too! i really like the ruffle cardigan and the color of that skirt.

  3. Love that 2nd pic you took Elle ~ really shows the nice detailing! And OMG 30s?? YIKES! I remember my first time experiencing temp in the 30s a couple years back in Canada.. and I was so amazed that people can function in such cold!

    And I like the full body pic, even if your face is blurred out. You are soo long & lean!

  4. The detailing of your first top is really cute. : ) And I love the 2nd outfit even though it was just for fun!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  5. love that last outfit - from head to toe!

    PS - want FREE art? - come 1 come all and *JOIN PHOTOgraphy Give-Away * .. if you interested of course!

    *kiss kiss*

  6. very cute and feminine!

  7. I love that tee- the color is gorgeous!!! AT tops don't fit me as nicely as LOFT tops- it must be just me..LOL

    That cardigan- should have bought way back when...tried it on too but it was too expensive!

  8. The purple shade on the tee is so pretty. The ruffles and bow are cute too, but that's a given with most of your clothing, Elle :)

  9. I kept stalking that ruffle cardigan at my local LOFT, but even though it was on the sale rack for at least a month, it never went down less than $54 before it finally disappeared. And how come you look super tall in your full body pics! Are you sure you're 5'2, Elle? :P

  10. Love the monochromatic outfit on you! I agree with PXXS - it makes you look super tall and leggy - good job!

  11. PetiteXXS & SPG & Sophia - I swear it's those heels (they are amazing) and the angle. :) I am nearly 5'8 in those, it's like magic.

    Cee - you are right, what can I say, I have no immunity when it comes to bow and ruffles. :)

    ReallyPetite - you and Lianne should pool together and use client service to locate the ruffle cardigan...I love it so much and even want to buy spares. It's totally worth it imo.

  12. I'm liking the details of the first shirt, too. It would look cute under a blazer:) Love the last outfit!

  13. I love the details on that shirt!! Super cute! I love your last outfit too! Bummer the weather's been so bad! And I love those shoes too! :)


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