Ann Taylor LOFT 3/4 Sleeve Tweed Jacket & Chunky Tweed Mini Skirt

November 04, 2010

I had been on the road since last Sunday and just had an opportunity to catch up on all the exciting posts I missed.

Sydney at Petite Little Girl occasionally posts tiny finds on her blog sale site and I was so excited when she posted this skirt in 00p (see it on Vicky here) since I had been unsuccessful in finding it in stores. Sydney had originally sold this skirt to another lovely petite blogger but upon hearing my exasperation on Twitter she volunteered to go back to the store and pick up the other 00p (thank you Sydney!)

Paired with the cropped tweed jacket in XXSP (on PAG here...jacket is big on her though) that I picked up from my local LOFT, I can finally cross off "get tweed separates" from my shopping list.

Wearing Miu Miu Suede Boots...they look like knee high socks and black boots but I assure you the pictures simply failed to capture them in all their splendor. I have really athletic calves (not only in size but in shape) so I don't know how well they'll fit small ladies. 

Both items (on super sale now) are no longer available online but I think they'll still be available in select stores. I am sure Ann Taylor's client services can help you find one in your size. I can post style codes if anyone is interested.

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  1. From far away, they look like a matching set. But upon closer inspection, I like how they're close enough in color but the texture is slightly different. I think this is hard to do with tweed on tweed but this combo looks wonderful. It fits you so well too. The knee high socks are the perfect finishing touch =)

  2. Looks great on you!!I really loved this jacket too! :-)

  3. nice job getting the tweed skirt!! it looks lovely on you, and i'm a big fan of tweed as it keeps you warm and looks very classy. i like the knee-high socks look! i'll have to try that out sometime too!!

  4. You look very nice in this outfit. It seems to fit you well. I love my skirt but I didn't get the matching jacket. The jacket is a tad bit on me too

  5. Cee & Kileen - haha, these are suede boots but I can totally see why you think they are knee-high socks. They are just tight on me. :)

    Bianca - thanks! :)

    PLG - I didn't think I wanted to get matching jacket/skirt but I think they are nice to have in the event that I am really lacking in creativity and need to still look put together.

  6. Both items look great. I didn't realize the colors are different until I saw them in your last pic. I love them anyway, great choices.

  7. Love the jacket! I tried it on for fun in store, and while it fit great and felt nice, I have no opportunity to wear such an item. The sleeves, collar, and shape are so cute.

    I see in your pending review Dolce Vita~can't wait! I'm so curious about that brand! Their shoes are so sexy and stylish.

  8. cute tweed ensemble elle! i love the jacket and the way its cut. the boots are also really nice too...i'm looking for a pair of fitted boots like that, who makes those?

  9. Nelah - thanks. :) They are actually sort of similar in person but the photos captured the differences really well.

    Sophia - those Dolce Vita shoes were reviewed a while ago (man, probably before anyone started reading my blog). I wear them a lot in posts but I can't recommend them to you because they stretch over time and become too big to stay on comfortably. They are nice to look at though but not the most comfortable shoes. :)

    Ping - the boots are miu miu but I don't think they'll be fitted on you since I just have big calves. ;( They are also not the most comfortable shoes in the world...they do look nice for some occasions but I rarely wear them out. :)

  10. You lucky ducky!!! This is great! I thought it was the matching set too!!! Clever!!!

    You look fantastic and glad you were able to get the skirt:)

  11. Just read you got the AT tees! I actually returned them.. all those things in that post were bought for my mom haha and she didn't want them. Aren't they so nice in person, and fits great? And the neck detailing.. it doesn't photo well but when I was wearing it and inspecting it I was so impressed! Glad you found them ^o^

  12. I have to agree with Cee that it can be hard to find a nice tweed set! I thought you got them together but I did see the close up picture and they are slightly different but definitely still close enough to match.
    Those boots are so pretty! I think suede can be difficult to wear since if its too loose it does that golly awful wrinkling. I've been trying to find a pair that either comes ruched or has a clean fit like yours do.

  13. Oh I really love that cropped jacket on you - the cut looks very flattering! Does the skirt fit well in the waist? Great outfit :)

  14. Wow looks great! Glad Sydney was able to find it for you :)

    Those boots are so cute too!

  15. Both of these pieces look so good on you! Sydney was so sweet to help you out, that's awesome!!

  16. SPG - the skirt is a bit big around the waist but it's ok because I didn't want them to be "mini" anyway. So they were sitting pretty low on the waist which works out since I plan to wear it to work. :)

    Curls & Callandra - she is wonderful. :)

  17. hi "elle"--thanks for sharing your loft haul!

    allison huong

  18. Ha, I just bought the same exact set this weekend for a steal. At first I was hesitant with the jacket as it is a more boxy cut but the sales person conviced me to get it. I love how versatile both pieces are and adding a pop of color to each piece as seperates as well as a huge pin to the jacket will make both items very wearable.

    They both look great on you!

    - Sam

  19. The skirt was too big on me, but I'm glad it's working out for you. I was worried about the jacket being too boxy too, but it does look pretty chic from the front! Those boots look great too btw.

  20. I LOVE this outfit!! Fantastic! And the boots totally rock! :)


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