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October 12, 2010

So I have sort of dropped the ball on Melissa's October Breast Cancer Awareness Challenge since I have been waking up too late in the morning to properly pick out a work-appropriate pink item to wear. Most of the pink things I own are too kid-like and therefore not formal enough for the series of meetings I have had in the last week.

I'll be trying harder for the rest of the month, part of the problem with planning for outfits in advance is that I don't really know what to expect in terms of the has been so fickle lately, ranging from high 80s on some days to windy 50s on others.

 Blazer: Ralph Lauren, size p2 (similar here and here)
Dress: BB Dakota in XS (looks similar to the Henrietta Pertuz that PAG modeled)

Sweater: Polo Ralph Lauren (similar here)
Button Down: J. Crew
Skirt: BB Dakota in 0
Pumps: N.Y.L.A. in 7

And this is what I wore shopping the other day. I figured since I didn't have a chance to wear pink during the week I'd at least work it into my weekends outfits. PAG had suggested wearing this skirt with a blazer so I tried it out.

Blazer: Theory Gabe B in 0 (alternate)
Skirt: Lipsy in 6 (reviewed here)
Pumps: Dolce Vita Madison in 7

And here are some sales that are going on.

20% off on Piperlime, use code STYLE20 (Expires on 10/24/2010, works on sale items)

PetiteXXS said that Piperlime orders with coupons can only be exchanged so it's sort of final sale-esque!

And there are extra discounts on Macy's sale items, shipping is 99-cents. Use code 99CENTS. Macy's has a pretty solid selection of petite clothing even though they cater to the more straight sized petites and not to the very slim petites.

The Rampage dress that I wore in this post and this post are available for $39 in both purple and heather gray.

And I really want to try this DKNY coat in petite...the ruffles are SO pretty but I don't think I need another coat. 

This Style&Co. Knit Moto jacket in petite sizes looks loose on the model so I have a feeling it runs big. Though one of the reviewers said that it runs small. So tempted to try even though the second reviewer said it doesn't wash well. Still available in PXS. I also want to try this bandage pencil skirt since it looks short on the model...maybe it'll be work length for me!

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  1. I love the pink skirt with the blazer! Super cute!

    Real life jobs come before blogging challenges, you have to make sure you're work appropriate so you KEEP your job! Just pick up the pink whenever you can, don't worry about it. :)

  2. The second outfit is so cute! I love how you paired a button-down with a sweater and put it over a skirt. I will definitely have to try out a similar look!

  3. I love the skirt in the 2nd pic and LOVE how you put that dress with the blazer. Makes it look so interesting!

    Curls and Pearls

  4. Ahh Elle your blog isn't good for me >_< Every time I visit it I see something I want to order! Almost got the ASOS dress in your sidebar, but it's only avail in red now (phew!).

    I just love that Lipsy skirt on you~ it's too cute and looks fab with the blazer.

    I was eyeing that DKNY coat too! Love the design. But I have a feeling it's meant for someone at least 5'6" :(

  5. The first outfit is my favorite, a cute spin on the schoolgirl look. The gold buttons on your Ralph Blazer is so cute!
    I love how we both share our love for TULLE. The structured blazer and the skirt is cute! I'm thinking about ordering another (oh damn) LOFT blazer and I really want to pair it with a light pink, ruffley skirt now!
    Yay, for breast cancer awareness! I do have pink items and they do look a bit young on me but that doesn't stop me from wearing them...muahaha.

  6. cute outfits elle! i like how you style your outfits...very important. i have never tried ralph lauren before. is the 2p their smallest size or do they have a 0p?

  7. Sophia - I know, I am sorry. I am such an enabler. The ASOS dress on the sidebar was so cute, I got it when it was priced higher earlier this month and ASOS wouldn't price adjust for me. I kind of want to order the DKNY jacket just to see the length on those...but I don't do returns so that would probably be bad for my wallet.

    Hanna - for someone as small as you are, you need to go to a store and try things on before randomly ordering. You know what happened last time with LOFT blazers. I have my eye on a few more pink frilly skirts so if you are looking for them I am your girl. :)

    Ping - I believe 2p is the smallest size for Lauren Petite...which is unfortunate because the 0p would have be perfect for a lot of the petite ladies here.

  8. Love the blazer! The crest and gold buttons make it look so blueblood old-money. :)

  9. Cute blazer!! I have really been wanting a navy schoolboy blazer but haven't found the right one yet! Thanks for sharing!

  10. You look fabulous - that first look with the crested blazer is my fave!

  11. Those are some super cute outfits! I love the blazer paired with the skirt! And that second outfit looks so comfortable and cute!! :)

  12. I think Cher mentioned that if you use a coupon code on Piperlime, you can only exchange or something like that if you need to return... so that's kind of a turn off for me. Just FYI!

  13. Great work outfits!! I especially love the RL blazer - it's so chic and smart.

  14. Awesome work outfits!!! I really like the Gabe and RL blazer- totally something I would wear! So cute!

  15. All those pics are great! I would wear everything your rocking!


  16. Ooh, I really love crested blazers and you wear yours so well! That skirt is also just to die for - great look!

  17. On a separate note...what are your size measurements? Some of the brands you list are inconsistent with sizing and I was wondering if I could compare yours with mine so I could get a better idea with what sizes to order.

  18. Anon- I am 5'2, 34(32C or 34B)-24-32 with really muscular legs from years of running. I rarely wear pants but I wear a 0 or XS in most American brands...if you have any specific questions about the fit of anything I am wearing feel free to contact me. :) I can measure the clothes so you'll have a better idea of what size to get. :)


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