Who loves LaRok?

October 08, 2010

I had a zen moment yesterday while perusing Ann Taylor, Express, and the myriad of stores offering extra discounts on their past season merchandise and was able to detach myself from the WANT WANT WANT WANT NEED thoughts racing through my brain. This is not to say that if this top (similar ones seen on Sophia here) and this top from Ann Taylor come back in stock I won't snatch them up without hesitation but I was sort of proud that I didn't cave in to my shopping impulses.

In any case, this post is about one of my favorite brands: LaRok. I discovered LaRok about two years ago and was so impressed by the quality and fit of their dresses that I became an instant fan. I already posted about my favorite LaRok dress here and another one that I try to wear to work here.

This is my favorite LBD, the LaRok Musical Debut Strapless Dress. It has so much stretch to it and hugs my body perfectly. I am wearing an XS and I think it can accommodate someone a bit smaller than me and someone a size bigger than me. I actually like the dress on me better for a change because it's kind of an indecent length on the model.

This dress is from last fall so it's no longer available through large retailers. Here is a similar one

And Larok jackets are typically less formfitting but still beautifully made. This military-styled jacket is my favorite short jacket at the moment (though I still haven't worn it out yet) and I wish I had better pictures to post because it is gorgeous. The sleeve lengths are not particularly petite-friendly but I have fairly short arms so this might be a problem that only affects me.

Have you tried LaRok? What is your favorite little-known brand?

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  1. I've admired LaRok pieces for a long time, but haven't pulled the trigger. I think it's their prices that's holding me back. Are you able to find good deals on them anywhere?

  2. That dress DOES hug your body perfectly. You are so petite it must be hard to find a fitting dress. And you look gorgeous in it!

  3. the LBD looks amazing on you elle! you have great legs!! :P

    i have seen larok before at bloomies, but i have never tried it on. good to know that it runs so small. i will definitely keep an eye out for larok when i'm at bloomies next time. thanks for sharing!

  4. elle -- blogger is annoying the crap out of me too! argh...what is up with this annoying layout. i hope it's a glitch and not permanent. haha. ohh i forgot to put i am returning that lace skirt -- same one as cher. it's a tad roomy on me i think.

  5. I'm definitely a big fan of LaRok! They always have such great tops and party dresses. I don't know if this brand is considered a little-known brand, but I'm loving bloomie's aqua line:) I usually wait for their HUGE sales, though hehe Ugh, I'm with ya, Elle! I've been going through the internet and checking out all the awesome Columbus day sales...sigh. Shopbop is having their friends and family sale and it won't be good for my bank account haha! I'll be posting about their sale tonight:) Have a great weekend!


  6. That dress is adorable and those shoes rock! The jacket is very nice too! Hah, I don't know that I'm aware of a little known brand to like actually! Maurices is definitely one of my favorite stores, but a lot of people seem to know about them already. And I definitely sympathize about having to pull away from the end of season sales! I hope you have a great weekend! :)

  7. I love that dress on you! Agree that it looks better on you than on the model too. I'm slightly jealous because I still haven't found a nice LBD yet :)

  8. thanks for the introduction on laRoK. I've never heard of them before. But the dresses you posted are adorable! I think that strapless dress looks way better on you than the model. got to start window-shopping at laROK now :)

  9. That dress really does look great on you!....I get those zen moments sometimes too but they never last too long! Lol


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