Wear It Five Ways : H&M Ruched Front Dress

October 30, 2010

I had mentioned this dress in an earlier post...I hastily tried it on when I first saw it but the size 2 would not zip up past my waist. It had been a tough day at work and the thought of trying on at least two more sizes did not appeal to me. I begrudgingly placed the dress back on the rack and went to purchase my other loot.

I had a twitter chat with Hanna the next day and after much consideration I decided to go back and get it. I got it in a size 4 but can definitely size up for comfort.

This dress turned out to be much harder to style than the previous purchase. The color is not particularly flattering for my skin tone but I do like the details. At $29.95 it was hard to turn down. I think the only look I would feasibly wear with some confidence is the first look.

Look 2: J. Crew Canterbury Bells Cardigan in XS,
Look 3: Ann Taylor LOFT Habutai Flutter Sleeve Tee in XXSP
Look 4: Topshop Moto Jacket in size 2
Look 5: Stella McCartney for Gap Tulle Skirt in L
Look 6: Ann Taylor LOFT Petite 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan with Bow in XXSP
Look 7: Ann Taylor LOFT Habutai Flutter Sleeve Tee in XS

And Cee, thanks for reminding me because I forgot to post these pictures. The dress is not meant to be strapless. I didn't like how it looked originally because I felt so strapped in by the straps. I also belted it to replicate the look in the ad.

I don't think I can justify this purchase as a versatile one but it is unique and at less than $30 I can live with the possibility that I'll find an occasion for it one day.

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  1. Ok, I agree that it's probably not the most versatile dress out there but I absolutely love it! It's just so unique! If you had to go up 2 sizes I wonder what I'd have to try on LOL! I think I will have to find that and tr it on just for kicks.

    I really love your "wear it five ways" feature.

  2. I LOVED this dress when I saw it in the initial ads. I was so happy to see it in stores and rushed to try it on. Like you, the size 2 would not zip up on me. Size 4 was a lot better, but for some reason it looked odd on me. I think the dress' waist hits me at a weird spot. Have you tried wearing the dress with the sheer straps on? In most of the outfits pictured it looks like you have it hanging above the ruffles. I think it looks super cute that way!

  3. I love it with the moto jacket! The combination of tough + girly is perfect :) Also love it with the LOFT cardi! Do you have an olive green military jacket? I think that may work too.

  4. elle-- i actually really like the dress on you. its so pretty and the ruffles are nicely placed and drapes well. i tried on this dress too and this was definitely not a flattering color on me because i'm so pasty! it looks great on you and love how you styled it in so many ways. i can't believe its only $29!! yes definitely hard to turn down!

  5. Curls - I would love to know what you think of it. We are actually really similar in size and if anything, I am bigger than you so the size 2 will likely fit you!

    Cee - just added the pictures, thanks for reminding me. I am so spacey sometimes.

    SPG - That's a terrific idea. I do have one that fits your description perfectly, will definitely try it on. I love that combination too!

    Ping - the price is great and I think it was the right price for me to pay...any more and I probably wouldn't have gotten it. I love your H&M reviews because I have such a hard time navigating through the store...so much stuff to rummage through. I like to know what to watch out for (that's where your reviews come in). :)

  6. I also really love how this dress looks on you, especially with the straps and the belt! I'm also a big fan of how it looks when paired with the tulle skirt as it looks so feminine and chic. I think you pulled off the color really well, but if you're worried about it washing you out, I think pairing it with the darker colors like you did above helped bring out the colors a bit better.

    So cute! If I lived near an H&M, I'd definitely snag it up too!

  7. Wow... I had to stare at the initial compilation for a good 5 minutes to fully appreciate each outfit! This is such a pretty and feminine dress with all kinds of details! I'm actually glad to hear the size 2 runs small, then maybe it'll actually fit me! I'm totally loving the "style this 10 million different ways" thing you've got going on! Must take a lot of work, but so fun to see!

  8. I love this dress on you. The details on the bottom of the skirt are so pretty and look so good underneath the different toppers! I was just at H&M yesterday and didn't see this dress anywhere!! :(

  9. I think you did a good job mix and match this dress. It is so unique and pretty and is so "you"! That is something I would want to buy but do not know what occasion to use.

  10. It looks great on you! I love it worn simply with a belt!

  11. I think this is really pretty and I admire you for being able to think of so many ways to style your outfits!!

  12. I looked at first and was crestfallen because I thought we didn't try on the same thing! Ah-ha...so you took down the straps, smart girl! It looks even better that way.
    AND what a nice collection of outfits you have there! It looks totally badass with the black jacket and so demure with the cream colored cardigan.
    I think it looks fine with your skintone. Beige is usually the most flattering color for stark white folks but it works with warm toned skinned gals like us too!
    Also, for $30 for a dress that you have styled in multiple ways, NOT BAD INDEED.
    OMG. Can't wait for Lanvin and HM! It is coming soon!!!!!!!! I kinda want to go on their opening day. Like in the morning. Standing in line with all of the rabid folks.

  13. This probably isn't the most practical dress but OMG- love it! Hehehhe The ruffles are so adorable! I am a total sucker for ruffles!

    I like it belted best- shows off your tiny waist!

  14. The bottom of that dress is killer!! And it's the perfect length on you! I just love how you show us all the different ways to wear an article of clothing. Seriously, you do a MUCH better job than magazines that try to do that. I like the 1st look as well, the one paired w/Loft bow cardi, but mostly I like it with the moto jacket~the juxtaposition is great! It's totally an outfit I'd imagine I would see in NY hehe.

    Ugh I feel you on having to try on multiple.. it defeats me and makes me soo cranky!

  15. you don't think this is versatile? girl you just proved that it's versatile haha. i really love the ruffling detail at the bottom

  16. Super cute! I think I also like look #4, and I like the other pictures with the dress belted! :)

  17. A dress with the partying spirit doesn't exist ? Who said that ! For sure they didn't check these sequin dresses ! They are so pretty and cute. And they even accommodate to look formal.


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