Sretsis...Sisters Part I & OOTD

October 23, 2010

Sretsis is one of those brands that I covet but can only afford in moderation. I am glad that they've become more popular in the U.S. recently with the likes of SHE and Revolve stocking them...more chances for them to go on sale! Sretsis is started by three sisters from Thailand...the name is the word "sisters" spelled backwards.

I only own a few pieces by them and this wool dress (80% wool) is one of my favorite. The dress is designed with a black bow in the middle of the strap in the front but I like to replace it with some colorful bows to spice it up. This is part of their Autumn/Winter 2007 collection and I always thought it would look terrific with some black gloves for a more refined look.

                                   Picture from ThaiCatwalk

I typically wear a size 2 US/6 UK/36 FR with some room to spare but I have seen some styles running smaller than others. I wouldn't recommend buying Sretsis online for your first time unless there is promise of free return shipping in the event that you need to exchange it for a different size. But they don't skimp on material and everything is beautifully's pretty pricey but worth it to me if I can get it on some kind of sale.

Current coveting this dress, available through ASOS...was originally $1,044.70, now $313.41

And today's outfit. I love my EMU Australia short boots but they sure get dirty quickly (this is a new pair that I started wearing last week and they already look dirty).

Jacket: J. Crew Silk Motorcycle Jacket in 0 (similar here)
Tunic: Forever 21 Corset Tunic in XS
Jeggings: A&F kids in size 14 slim
Boots: EMU Australia Bronte Boots in 7

Also, just read an article from Jezebel on alterations. They make it sound like things can be taken down a size or two so easily...

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  1. I'm becoming very educated with different brands whenever I come to your blog. Never heard of Stretsis but that dress looks pretty awesome on you.
    Hello, pretty motorcycle jacket! I really like the light peach color on ya.
    My heart can't deny that puff dress either. Wallet says no thanks though, even though it got marked way down. =0D

  2. cute Sretsis dress! i love how it hugs your body and it fits really well. i have never heard of this designer before...heehee probably because i don't buy designer stuff.

    your second outfit is cute too! i love those boots. i want EMU in the short lace up version, but they're kind pricey...just haven't pulled the trigger yet.

  3. I wasn't aware of the Sretsis brand either but I really love the way the dress looks on you.

    Awesome moto jacket! And the color pairs perfectly with your boots. Such a cute outfit!

  4. ooh i like the cutout of that dress!

  5. Really cute outfit! I do not own any comfy flat-footed boots. You are making me want a pair!

    Sretsis makes such pretty dresses!

  6. Love the Sretsis dress on you. I wouldn't have thought to pair black gloves with it, so definitely do that sometime and post pics please =)

    I'm a fan of EMU/Ugg boots too! I have the exact short ones in chestnut but I always wear jeans with them. The way you styled them is so cute! I'll definitely have to try that sometime.

  7. That Sretsis dress is really cute! i've never heard of the brand but will definitely keep an eye out for it in the future.

  8. That is a great dress on you! I love the pop of color from your heels :) Also love the J. Crew jacket you're wearing in the last picture!

  9. Thanks for the 411 on this new brand (to me)!

    I really like your outfit today - the moto jacket is great complement to the rest of your outfit!

  10. I haven't heard of Sretsis either, but their stuff is super cute! That dress would be fun with black gloves too! I love the last outfit with the EMU boots too! I agree with Lisa, the jacket really does add a lot! :)

  11. Okay I am from Thailand but have never heard of this brand lol. The dress is pretty and seems well made though. A lot of Thai designers are very talented. All high end lines are of high quality, beautifully made, unique, chic and beautiful.

    I have a long shopping list with me when I go home next year. Good news, they are not crazy expensive there but sad in a way that US currency is getting really weak. I won't get as much for my bucks. I may ship some back for sale.

  12. I really like your outfit of they day. I hear you on those boots. Finally bought some in a dark brown so I wouldn't have to worry about it so much. I'm really liking that jacket on you. I remember the post where you first bought it (not that long ago) and I was wondering what you would wear it with - looks great!!

  13. I like learning about new brands from you :) Really like the dress you already have.... simple but interesting. Too bad I don't have the $$ for designer stuff yet!

  14. I'm from Thailand and know about their work from the press.I'm glad they become more popular in US. ,they deserve it. They work hard ,and so inspired.


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