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Petite Fashion Challenge # 3 : The look for less

October 28, 2010

It's time for another PFC! The challenge entries have gotten better every time, I can't wait to see what everyone has come up with this time around...the third challenge asked us to recreate a look by our favorite celebrity and do it on a budget.

For those of you who missed the previous challenges, here's the link to the first one (hosted by PAG of Extra Petite) and the second (hosted by Kelly of Alterations Needed).

I spent a lot of time looking for inspiration for this challenge because oftentimes when I see something I liked a lot on a starlet or in a magazine I eventually track it down and buy it BUT we are supposed to find a budget item so I had to rule out a lot of my pieces.

My inspiration is Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl (I know...overdone), I really like her style (or rather, the stylists who work hard to dress her) - it's simple yet elegant, preppy but mature and colorful without being too busy.

The look I am emulating is a pretty simple one: solid-colored peplum dress, lots of pearls, and Blair's signature headband.

Dress: BB Dakota in size 0 (similar here and here)
Headband: Forever 21 (sorry about my hair, it's a total mess that can't be tamed)
Bracelet: TJMaxx for under $50 (similar here)
Necklace: forgot the source, but definitely under $100 (similar here)

Blair (Leighton Meester) is wearing Victoria Beckham's Carmontelle dress - a cashmere-blend dress that sold out in nearly every size at $3,145. There is no doubt that this a really flattering dress, VB knows dresses like the back of her hand but I personally wouldn't pay this much for a dress when I can invest it in another Chanel. I am wearing a BB Dakota dress that I got for under $20 (the red version of this dress..which looks like a shorter version of the VB original...retails for $80 and can be found here and here).

I can't wait to read everyone else's entry. I have a feeling this is going to be a well participated challenge.

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  1. cute dress elle! it looks so sophisticated, but fun. the dress fits you like a glove too. i actually like your shorter version as oppose to L. Meester. Not that she looks bad, I just like that your dress shows more legs. If i was a boy, I'd definitely be a leg do i sound creepy yet :P

  2. Elle! You look fabulous!! Love this dress and you did a great job of recreating the look....And it's so affordable - very impressed!

  3. Very cute! I was looking to do blair too and I'm glad I didn' have this nailed ; ) I love the peplum hem on your dress and the MUST item for blair - headband.

  4. I wanted to do Blair too but I had nothing at all that would live up to her style - that dress is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so jealous, I want one now, Great job!

  5. good job on recreating the look without replicating the exact look. kinda bummed i didn't participate!

  6. Cute look. I can see the Blair-like influences in your outfit, the headband was a giveaway...too bad she doesn't wear it as often anymore. Love the color!

  7. Very nice outfit! I also really prefer the shorter version as it's much more flattering for petite figures. So awesome that you even had a big flower bracelet like Blair!! :)


  8. I like your look better! I think the shorter skirt is much more flattering than Blair's. Great job with the challenge!!

  9. Im such a Gossip Girl nerd...and I too love Blair's wardrobe...I want it all! And can we talk about how great Chucks Bass's wardrobe is?? OMG. Great outfit. You look ready for the Upper East Side. =)

  10. Wow, I love the dress on you! Great colour. :D Blair's wardrobe is expensive to own! Great post.

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  11. You did an excellent job to recreate that look, Elle. Such a cute dress!!

  12. If Leighton Meester ever leaves the show, you'd be so ready to take over as Blair hehe. I love how you styled it, with the headband, necklace, and bracelet. Dead on!

  13. Classy lady. Very polished and elegant. Great job!

  14. What a cute blog you have! I'll come back later to read more! You did a great job on PFC3! :) kiki

  15. Omg this is perfect!! Very blair-esque. Love it!

  16. You would make such an awesome Blair! Agree with everyone that I like your shorter version better. That dress shows off your figure so nicely! :)

  17. I definitely like the short dress on you better than Blair's short one.

  18. I also like your version better. The length of Blair's skirt is kind of odd. You look amazing tall in this dress. Thanks for participating

  19. Perfect!! Love Leighton (most of the time) and you definitely have her look down pat!

  20. Ping - LOL, it's ok. It would be creepy if you were a middle age balding man but you aren't so it's all good. :) I made inappropriate comments on your blog all the time so I hope I am not the one who comes off as creepy.

    Thanks Callandra! Your Audrey look is impeccable. :)

    PAG - can't do Blair without the headband, I have collected a whole box of them now since GG came out.

    Curl & Kiki & Nelah & TLDP & Em & Little Nashua & PetiteXXS & TinyInTexas - thanks!

    AN - I love everything that Chuck wears...I have a thing about menswear too thanks to you.

    Stylepint - yeah, I was wondering that as well...her style has matured significantly since the first season. I guess Eric Daman thinks that college girls should wear fewer headbands.

    SPG - Thanks. I can't believe you think my dress looks's literally like 1/100 the cost of Blair's.

    Khatu - so bummed you didn't participate either. You are so impeccably dressed. There's always a next time though. :)

    Kileen - it was uncanny how I happened to have mostly everything that she was wearing in that outfit...I was literally combing my brain for anything that might have worked and then this inspiration came along. :)

    Cee - thanks. I would love to raid GG's on set wardrobe. It must be like heaven for people who love fashion.

    PLG - thanks for hosting! It must have been so time consuming to link all the posts! Thanks for your efforts!

  21. such a cute dress you look simply chic!


  22. Elle~ you totally channel Blair Waldorf! In fact, even if you didn't do this challenge I would liken your style to hers :) Love the mint dress, it really pops!

  23. Yay for Blaire! :) You did a great job! It looks so polished!! And what an amazing color!

  24. that dress looks so cute on you! and only $20! awesome find!

  25. The peplum dress is very pretty, feminine looking and classy. And the headband makes the whole outfit very sweet!

  26. The color of the dress suits you really well! The shorten length really helps the petite frame. You look great in it!

  27. peplum looks great on you! it reminds me of girls generation a lot with your hair style

    <3 angie

  28. Super cute dress!! I love that outfit, and those are fabulous shoes! I keep thinking about trying a peplum dresses, but I've just not found one I like yet! :)


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