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October 21, 2010

I'll start with what I wore to work today...I have been really sick these past couple of days thanks to the bf who came to visit last weekend in spite of being under the weather. I guess today's focus is more on comfort and less on style. Wearing Polo Ralph Lauren sweater, Forever 21 shorts, and Juicy Couture pumps.

I am sure everyone is tired of all the LOFT posts making rounds in the last few weeks around the petite blog circle but I am so in love with my new cardigans, which came courtesy of AT LOFT's in store client service. They can search for items in your size that aren't available in proximate stores and ship them to you for the flat rate of $7.50. I personally feel it's worth paying shipping costs when it means I don't have to rummage through racks of sale clothes.

The Petite 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan with Bow that I have wanted to get ever since I saw a stock picture on PetiteXXS. I think this cardigan would be great for the super tiny too as it is quite tight on me. Fits even smaller than the ruffle front cardigan!

 And my new favorite cardigan - the Ruffle Front Cardigan in Light Smokey Rose. I feel so feminine yet grown up all at once.  If I can find this in gray I am golden.

 I think I am cured of my LOFT bug until their holiday collection goes on sale.

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  1. I love that bow cardigan! I saw it on a mannequin last time I was in LOFT but couldn't find it on the sale floor. With the sale now I might try harder to find it this time :O


  2. I know there are so much LOFT stuff going around the petite community. As the matter of fact, I just came back from LOFT :) Didn't find anything though. The cardigan looks super cute on you. Your shoes are hot!

  3. Lol! Def. not tired of LOFT posts. :p

    Very cute work outfit!!

    The rose colors of your LOFT items are beautiful!

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  4. I'm loving seeing everyone's scores from the LOFT sale. That bow cardigan is way too cute, and paired with the ruffles? It is so you, Elle!

    I hope you feel better soon. Drink some hot soup =)

  5. i love that sweater, look so comfy and easy to wear. the loft cardigans with the bow is also really nice...so girly and fem! hope you're feeling better...always nice to have bf when you're sick.

  6. Gosh I love how you wore everything! The shorts+black tights+colored pumps looks amazing! I could never think to make such pairings on my own, you're such a great source for styling inspirations!

    I agree about paying for that extra service.. it's such a hassle to get to the shop (pay for parking), spend up to an hour digging, and sometimes coming up empty handed and disappointed.

  7. Love all your outfits, especially the oversized RL sweater with shorts. Just comfy. Loft store purchases shipped from other stores are confusing. Last time I ordered they ran out of stock and didn't even bother to email me. So I waited and waited. At lease I wasn't charged. If you have Loft card, and order a regular priced item from the store, (even with promotion) you get free shipping on everything you ordered in the same order, in case you didn't know.

  8. So many cute outfits! Your work outfit was super cute though! I just love the pop of red from the pumps! It just looks really comfy but chic! And the other cardigans just great too! I hope you get to feeling better!! :)

  9. I love your red pumps and that gorgeous bow cardigan! I wanted that one so bad but didn't want to pay full price. It looks so good on you!

  10. loving all the ruffles and bows. get better dear!

    <3 angie

  11. Amy - if you still want the bow cardigan it's still available in quite a few sizes. You can just have it ordered and sent it you when you go to your local LOFT. It's on sale for $27.50 and with shipping it's still 50% off retail!

    LPG - Yay, good job for showing self restraint. I think I have gotten everything I want so far so I hope the next time I go near a LOFT I won't be tempted.Aa

    Michelle & Cee & Ping - thanks for caring. :) I feel almost all better after all the well wishes.

    Sophia - You flatter me. :) YOU are my style inspiration. You are much more sophisticated than me...like that fur collar you just got from h&m, MEOW! You were working it like you were born with it. :)

    Vicky - I agree that the service is confusing since I didn't find out how much I charged on my card until I got the package. I was about to open a LOFT card when they told me about free shipping but everything I wanted is on sale so I just opted to pay the $7.50. :)

    Matt - thanks! I am always inspired by your bold choice of shoes!

    TinyInTexas - it's on sale now for $27.50! With shipping it's another $7.50 but you can order any other sale items that you want in your size if it's still available. I know for sure that the LOFT in Southbury CT has another one in XXSP so if you want it still, it's there! :)

  12. Thanks Angie. :) You have been all about the ruffles lately so I have been pretty inspired by that. :)

  13. Love that ruffle cardigan on you!! I'm gonna have to go back to my LOFT and see if they have it! I also really like how you paired it with the shorts and tights. It's a look that I need to try soon!

  14. I like the first outfit the best. It is very cute on you. I hope you feel better soon. :-)

  15. Loving the first outfit! You're so chic!


  16. The cardigans look great on you! I like your style... the first outfit is really nice.

  17. I really like that bow cardigan! Didn't see it in stores...

    I agree that it's totally worth it to pay the fee sometimes than shop around and visit store to store yourself. After reading this post I ordered a dress from another LOFT and had it shipped. Time is precious!

  18. I think rose is your color - very flattering with your skin tone! And I agree about the outfit - the shorts/tights/shoe combo is very chic. What size are you looking for in the gray cardigan? I think it was the color that didn't come in petite sizing, but I could be wrong. I do know that the Sm was too big on me.

  19. I didn't know about this service of theirs... do you call their customer service number or do you have to go to/call a local store?

    I did see that cardigan at my store a while back, but I think I didn't like the contrast stitching on the bow. But it does look very cute in pictures... I might just reconsider :P Despite the LOFT overload lately, I'm still probably going to go check out the sale tomorrow if I can :) Hope you feel better soon!

  20. PAG - Saw the dress you got online at LOFT, the stock photo/name/description did not showcase the material very well...now I really want to see it on you but chances are when you review it it'll probably sell out within minutes. :)

    SPG - aww, thanks. I love rose so I am so flattered you think it goes with my skin tone. I am looking for an XS or S for the cardigan...you are right that it's not in petite sizes but I am a little too in love with the design to pass it up...gray is a more neutral color than the turquoise/pink ones that I got so it might be more versatile. I recall seeing the S on you but didn't think it looked "bad"? :)

    PetiteXXS - it's supposedly an in-store service ONLY but if you call your local store and explain that you were recently there but didn't see something in your size they'll likely help you order by phone. I would first look up the number at your local LOFT and give them a call though. Just make sure the items you are looking for are sold out in your store which you can usually find out by using the store search function online. :)

  21. My closet is full of LOFT clothes, they make the best petite clothes and all affordable, esp when tbere's a major sale going on! Pink cardi with the bow is my fave ;)

  22. You got bitten by the LOFT bug too, huh? SAME. I have been REALLY slack with blog posts but I have been on the shopping frenzy as well. I got the same sheath dress that Jean got as well as the scuba blazer. They are both big. Maybe I should try the LOFT client thingie, LOL I keep ordering things in sizes that are too big.

    I really like the splash of red in your shoes! So adorable with that slouchy sweater. =0D


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