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October 20, 2010

LOFT further discounted their sale stock yesterday by offering 50% off already reduced items. Since I had just gotten my loot at 40% off three days ago I thought I'd try my luck and see if they might be willing to do a price adjustment for me. I also wanted to check the stock in another LOFT by my house so I braved the 30-minute drive only to find out that they "absolutely" do not do price adjustments on sale items. They won't even put my returned items back on the floor so if I wanted to keep my new tops, I'd have to be happy with my 40% off. Sigh, no big loss.

I did end up getting two items on sale for a pretty good price and tried on a bunch of things that were simply not flattering on me.

I have wanted this Scroll Print Skirt ever since I saw the J. Crew version on A Bigger Closet. I don't think this was offered in petite sizes but the store I visited didn't even have it in 0s. I ended up walking out with the size 2 because I don't want to risk losing it. It sits really low on my hip (picture added, sorry it's blurry, in the first picture the skirt is worn slightly higher on my hip) but I kind of like the length now. Am I delusional?

Then there was this dress. I saw it on Saturday in the other LOFT store but they didn't have any smaller sizes available. I was so excited to see the 00P tag peeking out from a pile of similar dresses today though it is definitely slightly tight around/under the bust for me (darn you oversized rib cage). I liked the design too much to part with it. Looks a bit inspired by the Rodarte for Target slip dress.
This particular LOFT had tons of 00p pants and I ended up trying on a few pairs even though it's just another sad reminder of why I don't wear pants. They look terrible on me. The 00ps are all too tight in the thigh and too loose in the waist. I also tried on the skirt that Callandra wore in this post (also seen on PAG) and the waist was a bit loose on me too and looked stiff so I passed.

In other LOFT news, I ordered the ruffle front cardigan (a more understated version here) that I wore in this post in pink and the Petite 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan with Bow (both in XXSP) that I have loved for a while using their store service ($7.50 shipping for both items). This process has been confusing so far as I haven't quite figured out how much they plan to charge me as neither the sales associate who took my order nor the confirmation e-mail can answer my question of "how much did I just spend"? All I know is: I'll find out how much I have been charged when I receive my package. I'll keep you all posted.

And today's outfit. A tad too uniform-y but I suppose that's ok. :)

Blazer: Lauren by Ralph Lauren in p2 (similar here and here)
Top: J. Crew Petal Tank in XXS (extremely similar here)
Skirt: OSFM from Taiwan (similar here and here)
Pumps: Juicy Couture in 7 (similar here)

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  1. elle-- i love all your outfits. i can't tell from the pic if it sits too low. i do love the strong print and the dark colors from the rest of your outfit. the last outfit is uniformy, but i like it that way. the red shoes are cute with it too.

  2. Regarding price adj - I called a regular Loft about doing adj on some sale stuff I bought, and they said they only do it on reg priced items.. oh well :(

    LOVE the uniform-y outfit!! Keeping everything and swapping the jacket for a dif top would look so nice on you too. Damn, was gonna ask where the skirt is from..

    Can we ever hope to see the face behind the "egg"? Hehehe.

  3. Oops I meant "regular AT" not regular Loft.

  4. Ping - just added the picture of the skirt and how it sits. I meant to post it earlier but slipped my mind. :)

    Sophia - I was told that too, only on regular priced items. :( That's kind of a mean policy...haha, my bf advised me to keep my face out of the interwebs because of creepy people. He said he would feel more comfortable about me having a blog if I can keep my face out of it...I am not as paranoid as he is (not to mention I am not expecting a ginormous following) but I guess whatever makes him happy. :)

  5. i like that printed skirt! i love uniform wear. it's okay if you can choose not to wear a uniform - that's fashionable still : )

    <3 angie

  6. Can't wait to see the LOFT cardigan on you!

    The length of the J. Crew skirt looks fine, but I can't tell about the waist based on the pics. If you are having doubts for more than a week, I say return it. :p

  7. I love that Rodarte-inspired dress and I'm glad you went home with one. That printed skirt is so bold and is a great foundation for fashion re-mixes!


    Win a fabulous Yola Couture Designer’s Dress at:


  8. I like the length of the J.Crew skirt on you too. It looks longer in the 2nd pic, but when paired with a top, everything looks proportionate. The LOFT dress is super cute, much better than Rodarte for Target in my opinion.

    PS - Your outfit of the day looks like you stepped off the set of Gossip Girl! I can totally see Blair wearing that =)

  9. I love that J. Crew skirt! The print is so pretty. Great find with that LOFT dress too! I thought it was really cute in-store.

  10. I really like that skirt too, but sadly no petite sizes (and even those don't usually fit right). As for the dress, when I saw it in person I was afraid the top design part would too easily unravel since it looks so fragile. I think most stores don't price adjust on sale items... at least not in my experience anyway.

  11. Your outfit today is super cute!! I love those shoes too! The first skirt and the dress are really cute too! What a great set of purchases! Oh, and I wanted to answer your question from my post today here so I knew you got the answer. Yes the shoes are comfortable, but I think I got them December 2009, and they don't have them anymore online or off, but the Fioni line at Payless definitely tends to have cute and less pricey shoes. I end up shopping their because they also carry my much less common shoe size. (Hah, I would love to buy more expensive shoes, if nothing else, I would end up with fewer pairs! ;) )

  12. The dress is super cute! I love your OOTD haha So school girlish, but it's definitely adorable. : )

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  13. I like the graphic skirt in the first picture.

  14. I like all three but my favorite is the first. The skirt has such pretty pattern. It looks good with the top you have on.

    I was tempted to check out my local LOFT due to this latest markdown but too reluctant because I hadn't had any luck finding many small sizes at this location.

  15. The scroll print skirt looks fabulous on you! I like the length too. I'm just a fan of knee to right under the knee lengths :)

  16. I also agree with the commenters that the Jcrew scroll skirt is cute the way you wore it! Personally, I think higher waisted skirts look better with a simple print. More "busier" prints just look better with the length you wore it at.

    As always, your outfits are so cute! Love that short skirt!

    As for the LOFT strict policy, I might just return and buy since they won't allow it. It's such a strange policy, less work for them if they allow price adjustments in my opinion!


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