Lipsy Ballerina Net Skirt + October Work Outfits

October 05, 2010

After AN's Fitting Room review of Lipsy I went to a Bloomies and tried on a few items for myself. Lipsy has a lot of really girly frilly skirts and ballerina-inspired dresses. For dresses I fit reasonably well in a size 8 as the size 6 was way too snug on me around the bust. The size 6 was a snug fit in skirts but the size 8 was too loose. Armed with this information I felt more confident ordering online. I first spotted this skirt on Lipsy's website but was sad that it had sold out in my size...after some search I found it on ebay for about the sale price on Lipsy. This is a size 6, which fits really well.

Similar here and here

I usually refrain from ordering things on ebay when it's a brand that I am unfamiliar with but I took a chance on this one. If I order Lipsy again I would probably go through ASOS since they are offering free shipping and free returns.

And Mellisa at A Working Mom's Closet is organizing a challenge for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. She challenged bloggers to wear pink (can just be accessories or accents)to raise awareness. I have a ton of pink things in my closet but most of them are probably inappropriate for work (see Exhibit A and Exhibit B). I am only peripherally participating but love all the pink outfits.

Two outfits from this week and last.

 Blazer: Theory Gabe B in 0
Shirt: Stationwagon in S
Skirt: Victoria Secret in size 0
Tights: Betsey Johnson Sweater Tights in S/M (photos are blurry but it's a flower print, super comfy)
Shoes: NYLA in size 7

I ended up wearing a different blazer to work with this outfit because it was actually really cold. But I only have pictures from before I came to my senses so here they are.

 Blazer: Theory Amanda B in 00 (linen material, not very warm at all)
Shirt: Polo Ralph Lauren in size 0
Skirt: Bought in Taiwan, OSFM 
Shoes: Rampage in size 7

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  1. Hehe Asians and their OSFM! The weird thing is that the girls there don't look terribly dressed, even with that type of sizing! I like that skirt with the Rampage shoes.

    I just browsed Lipsy, and check out this dress~ ! I could totally picture that on you ^_^

  2. i have seen lipsy at bloomies! definitely lots of fun party dressed. the skirt is really pretty and love the bow on it.

    i like the casual work outfit. looks very light weight and easy to wear. too bad it's starting to get so chilly!

  3. Sophia - I am puzzled by those OSFM really does seem to fit most. Thanks for the link, I love the's gorgeous but I have been SO bad! no more casual purchases for a while...unless I cave in and get this one.

    Ping - I am curious what you think about Lipsy. Did you happen to try any on? Some of the less frilly ruffly pieces look like they are made for you.

  4. Elle-- I acutally didn't pay that much attention, but I saw a lot of party stuff. I did try on this and wished they had smaller sizes!
    Was the stuff a little pricey or just me? I'll take a closer look next time when I'm at bloomies. Everything looks like it runs pretty small too!

  5. What a cute and fun skirt! It looks really pretty on you. I also love your patterned tights, would love to get some like that :)

  6. Oh I really love your skirt from Taiwan! Show off those legs :D

  7. The tutu-like skirt is so you :) I love the bow detailing at the waist, so cute!

    Thanks for posting about Mellisa's Breast Cancer awareness challenge. I'm off to look in my closet now!

  8. Gosh Elle, it seems like YOU have quite a few Theory blazers hiding in your closet as well! I sent out your oatmeal gray one this morning. I'm terribly sorry again for the delay : /

    That bow skirt is beautiful and would look so nice paired with one of your blazers. I would be hesitant to order it on eBay too but I suppose you did try on some sizes at Bloomies. I'll have to stop by that section the next time I am there (to buy more Theory blazers that I don't need, ahh)...

  9. The skirt is cute! Although personally I would take off the bow because I somehow think that will help me look less like a little kid lol. And since you mentioned it, you're not Taiwanese, are you? My hubby is! :)

  10. The Lipsy skirt is really great, and those work outfits are super cute! I especially love the skirt in that second outfit, and the shoes in the first outfit are really great! Melissa's challenge has definitely been a lot of fun to follow, and I ended buying a great pink cardigan because of it, so yay for excuses to shop! I hope the rest of your week goes well! :)

  11. Ping - things do run smaller than usual...I think it's more consistent with junior sizing. I can't wait to see what you have to say. :)

    Tiny In Texas - these sweater tights can probably still be found. I got them for SUPER cheap at TJMaxx last spring.

    SPG & Cee - thanks! :)

    PAG - Yay, thanks for sending it out. And I don't think there are such things as "having too much Theory in one's closet" or "unnecessary Theory blazers". :)

    PetiteXXS - I have the same concern that you have about bows...and I took one look at this one and knew that if I want it removed I would have to call the big guns because if I try to remove it myself it would look like someone ripped it out. I am Taiwanese, my family moved here when I was uber young! And we are the best. :)

    Matt - Can't wait to see your new pink cardigan at work! I am really loving her challenge too. :)

  12. The Lipsy skirt is so cute, Elle! I'm loving the tutu inspiration of this skirt. I'm not familiar with this brand, but I'll definitely check it out! Thanks for posting a review on the sizes. UK sizing always throws me off lol

    P.S. I read about the asos free US shipping and return, too, this week. So exciting!:)

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