Juicy Couture L/S Peplum Jacket

October 04, 2010

I ordered this jacket a few weeks ago from SmartBargains and received it about a week later. The jacket looked merely ok on the hanger but was actually really cute when worn. The peplum is detachable so the jacket can be worn with all kinds of outfits. I love that it's a fairly cropped look and not overly long. The color more closely resembles the stock color...my pictures have a yellowish tint that makes the jacket appear purple. I was wearing a fairly lightweight sweater underneath but it runs pretty true to size.

Still available here.  Similar here, here, and here.

The PLNDR BB Dakota sale has started and the prices are unappealing. The items for sale are the same 15 styles that we've seen in the last month except they are about 2-3 times more expensive now (I don't understand their strategy). There are two cute jackets but at 50% off I am not interested. (I know I am spoiled). Referral link here.

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  1. The color is very pretty. I like the pairing of a cropped jacket over a large t-shirt with skinny and heels!

  2. Great color for fall! It seems like peplum is all the rage this season. I've already picked one peplum blazer...trying to hold off on getting another one. =P

  3. Nice jacket! I have one similar to that in black. Love wearing it!

  4. Your jacket came! It looks great!!

  5. Gosh Elle, my Mom & hubby think I'm a shopaholic, but I can't keep up with you! :) I like how you're so adventurous and try all kinds of things, unlike me who usually stick to a few brands. I guess it helps that most things look good on you! :)

  6. Sydney, TGB and Callandra - thanks!

    Stylepint - I loved that peplum blazer on you...so much so that I immediately left to go hunt it down on UO but it was sold out in both XS and S. It was a sad day for me but a happy day for my wallet.

    PetiteXXS - I think I have had this problem for years now...I try to buy with a purpose these days but still fall into these trend traps. sigh. You are the one who looks great in everything - I am pretty sure if you wear a plastic bag you'd still gain a cult following. :)

  7. That jacket looks way better on you than it does on the model. I prefer the open look. I love that it is both cropped and peplum. I hope I used that word correctly...new word in my vocabulary ever since the UO peplum jacket was all over the petite blogs.

  8. Cute jacket! The peplum look must be going around. I remember a lot of the petite bloggers were raving about the Urban Outfitters one.

  9. That jacket is really cute, and its nice that the peplum is removable! Very cute! :)


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