J. Crew Stretch Double-Serge Pencil Skirts + Rose Vines Blazer

October 06, 2010

I finally got around to taking these pictures, I have to say I waited so long because I have no idea how to wear them properly so I ended up just taking pictures for the fit. Disappointing is the word that comes to mind.

I got the Stretch Double-Serge Pencil skirt in 00 regular. I knew I should've ordered it in petite but it wasn't available in 00 petite. I thought it would be easier to hem than take in the waist, turns out I'll need both. I had such high expectations after seeing this skirt on some bloggers (Gigi, ABC, Kelinda, and Crewlade)

Here it is, looking TERRIBLE on me and I have no choice but to get it tailored since it's final sale. Sigh, at least it comes with pre-sewn white X's in the back (this intel I got from J. Crew's CS) for ease of alterations. 

And the biggest disappointment of my purchase was this darling jacket that I had coveted forever and was excited to see it on sale. After seeing it in person I can understand why it got discounted. Let's leave it at the print is not what I expect it to be. It looked so beautiful in J. Crew catalogs and stock photos.

And here it on me. I ordered this in a size 0. Here it is on other bloggers (Gigi, Cleo, Ema, JCA, Summerilla, Marisa, Lindsey, and Tres Tippy). 

I still like J. Crew, but I don't think it likes me back. I'll have the entire winter to figure out how to wear this springy Rose Vines blazer. Suggestions from sophisticated bloggers are always welcome.

In other news, Marciano is having free shipping on all orders and an additional 50% off on sale items (prices reflected in the sale price already...so don't get too excited like I did).

Burt's Bee Grab Bag on sale for $20 with free shipping, was $50. My oldest BFF loves this stuff.

20% off your entire purchase at the Ralph Lauren Factory Store (30% on select items). Use this link (courtesy of ravioli @ slickdeal) to access the printable coupon.

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  1. The skirt is hugeee on you. I can't believe it is 00. The color is really pretty though. That's why I don't order anything from JCrew online. This is what I afraid I will ended up with (all their sales stuff are final). I think the blazer will look pretty if you pair it with a pair of dark denim or some sort of solid bottom. Good luck!

  2. I agree with PLG on her idea to style the blazer with a dark denim bottom, such as skinny jeans or denim skirts. A dark navy blue dress would do, too. Sorry to hear that the skirt didn't work out for you. I was tempted to buy it, but decided against it since the 00 did not come in petite, and I know only 00p fits me.

  3. Holy crap, I hate J.crew (I mean I love their styles...but this sizing...really?). I can't believe how your'e swimming in both pieces. Does your shipping slip explicitly say final sale? I noticed I ordered some items allegedly on final sale but my label didn't say anything, and I successfully returned them.

  4. Wow... they're huge on you! I shudder to think how they would've fit on me. Hopefully after alterations, the skirt will be fab. As for the jacket, I can only think of scrunching up the sleeves so they don't look so long, and hopefully the whole thing will shrink some in the wash?

  5. elle-- i saw this skirt in the store and looked at the 00! i couldn't believe how huge it was!! i think it could seriously fit a size 26-29! That stock pic of the jacket...wow...would never think its the same jacket. i think you need to order the petite sizes girl!

  6. PLG - you are right not to order from J.Crew's final sale. I don't know why it's taken me this many tries to finally get through to me. I have another package from them coming but that's it for a while...I think Crewcuts is the answer though but kids clothes are always unpredictable.

    Sydney - I'll try those looks with this blazer, thanks for your suggestion. I should've known better than to order the 00regular. You are taller than me and the petite length was almost a touch too long on you so I should've known better.

    PAG - I am more than a little shocked that the 00 runs this big even after my previous missteps. It seems like this really is their standard 00s...seems like they've sized out more than the super petite, even the formerly medium sized petites like myself have been rendered unfit for their clothes. It's ok though, I am taking a break from J. Crew after my next shipment comes in anyway. I'll look at the receipt and see if it's returnable but I got it for about half off so it's still cheaper than retail after alterations.

    PetiteXXS - Lol, this skirt is probably a strapless dress on you. I'll be trying the jacket with the sleeved rolled and I'll try shrinking though I am not too sophisticated with the washing machine.

    Ping - It really is super big, my Mom who is a size 2 can wear it with relative ease. I sometimes fit regular clothes off the rack so I get cocky and order from J. Crew thinking that I am pretty straight sized. sigh.

  7. The skirt and jacket are super cute! I hate it when stuff looks great in the pictures, but just looks... different when you see it. Ugh, I have trouble finding my size in stores too, but I've discovered about the best I can hope for is to go by a store and see how it looks in person, and hopefully when I order it, it turns out to fit! I hope you have a great rest of your week! :)

  8. Sorry that your J.Crew orders were disappointments:( Hate it when that happens! Though, I actually like the blazer on you!


  9. The skirt is HUGE on you!! I love J. Crew skirts (color, texture) but the sizing is just terrible. I wish some other retailers would come out with pencil skirts in the beautiful colors that J. Crew has.

  10. Love your blog! I love the pieces you choose! I'm a follower now. :)

  11. Pretty but huge! Just found your blog today, I'm glad I did - I love it!


  12. Wow too bad about the fit on those pieces! They are really big!! I ordered some stuff in their 00 regular too and wound up looking like a clown. I really wish JCrew's sizes followed their sizing charts but they absolutely don't. I'm sure the skirt will look great once it's altered though.

  13. Aw, I'm sorry the JC pieces didn't work for you - I can't believe how big that skirt is on you!


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