Hunter Rain Boots Redux

October 06, 2010

So back when I first started blogging (nearly two months ago), I posted this Hunter Rain Boot deal from

For those unfamiliar with RH but still want some discounted Hunter boots, look no further than Nordstrom's.

Nordstrom's has an excellent Price Match policy (you can do Price Match over the phone, via LiveChat, or in stores...technically only works on "authorized" dealers of the item you are looking to price match and in the sizes available on both sites) and yes, sometimes you have to try your luck a few times before stumbling on an SA nice enough to just let you do it. But I tried and it was a success, though I had to livechat twice and then call in the order twice before getting lucky with an SA who wasn't completely straight-laced and follows everything to a T.

Boots by Hunter at ShopStyle
Depending on whom you ended up speaking to, you may be able to get a different color but since RH only has green left in stock, I didn't want to push my luck and just price matched on the Hunter Green. I think it's easier to do it in person, just print out the RH page and bring it to your local Nordstrom's and find a willing SA.

I ended up getting free shipping as well since Nordstrom's is currently running a free shipping promo on their shoes.

Total out of pocket? $57.49 before taxes. Not a bad deal with something that is rarely seen for a better price.

Hunter runs SUPER big. Most reviewers would recommend ordering a full size down. I ordered my regular size because I have big calves and I like wearing socks.

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  1. I first saw Hunters on my coworker from the East Coast.. we don't get much rain here in California so people don't wear 'em. I know they're all the rage in Boston right now! My sister was there last week and noted 80% of the girls in the trendy shopping district were wearing them w/dresses.. very weird by our west coast standards but I know you guys get extreme weather on your side! I kinda like the red and yellow ones :)

    I did not know about Nordie's price match~ thanks for sharing!

  2. I just picked up a pair of similar boots on sale from Sperry Topsiders. They were on sale for $50 direct from the retailer website but the price has gone back up to the original $68. These are super comfy and lined in fleece. I typically wear a 6 and they run true to size.

  3. elle -- i've always been fond of hunter boots! i always wanted a pair, but it doesn't rain that much. so rain boots are definitely not a necessity here. i have pair of burb rain boots and had them for over a good 3-4 years and probably only worn it a hand of times. also they're kind of uncomfy if i wear them for too long. is this true for all rainboots since they're kind of heavy and clunky?

  4. That is a SUPER deal for Hunters. Great score on the green ones. I think they'll look great any time of the year. How tall does it look on you? When I was debating between these and Burberrys, I found the Hunters to be a tad too tall for my liking. Maybe I've got short legs, but I ended up with the Burberrys. Do post a review when you get them!

  5. Sophia - haha, it's true. Girls here walk around in uggs or rain boots all the time. Leggings as pants were also popular for a while but thankfully jeggings curbed that a little bit(good god). Yes, Nordie's is pretty awesome though finding the right person to assist is key.

    LittleNashua - Thank you for the recommendation, I am loving the pink/silver print one so much and will be keeping this bookmarked for when it gets marked down again.

    Ping - I don't find rainboots too heavy, I think it may be that I am just used to them. I think it's more practical for me than for you because we get a lot of rain or wet ground as the result of melting snow. I try to wear rainboots whenever I can. I detest wet feet. :)

    Cee - I'll definitely do a review of them when I get it. I had a pair of yellow ones years ago and I do recall them being a little tall but the length doesn't bother me too much. Will definitely keep you posted. :)

  6. Oh wow, I had no idea Nordstroms has a price matching policy. Thanks for the heads up, Elle! You always find such amazing deals:) Great price on the Hunters, too!


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