Express Tiered-Bottom Wool Trench Coat in Camel

October 10, 2010

I went to the mall today and showed some restraint and came home with a coat from Express (that I had tweeted about, I took everyone's advice and got the camel color) and a few items from A&F.

I first saw this coat on Hanna's blog and fell in love instantly. I initially wanted to get it in navy as it looked nothing short of gorgeous on the model but I have a Marc by Marc Jacobs coat in a similar color so I started having second thoughts. I had also wanted to order online but read in one of the reviews that the camel was more "white" than camel so I hesitated. When I went to the mall and saw it in real life I couldn't take my hands off it. It's so flattering and I had to have it, even though it was more expensive than it had been online.

Pretty, right? The XS fits perfectly and has enough room for heavy layers though the material probably isn't thick enough for New England winters.

 I think it'll get a lot of wear this fall. I'd love to get some ideas for what would look good with it.

I'll do a post about my A&F purchase later today or I get to catch up on blog posts. I saw on Twitter that Elle's Blog Sale has started.

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  1. Super cute coat! I think a dress in a green or blue jewel tone would definitely be a lot of fun! Actually, what wouldn't look good with it? :)

  2. Very very pretty! Would you consider having the sleeves slimmed though? They look a little bunchy (not a big deal, but my eyes are always drawn to bunchy sleeves, especially on my own jackets).

  3. The coat looks great on you, Elle. Love the color against your skin tone. I agree with Matt that anything with a jewel tone (royal blue/purple/red/emerald green) would go nicely with the coat.

  4. I love the jacket on you. It's very pretty. The length of the jacket is perfect on you. How many percent of wool does this jacket has?

  5. Oooooh - love, love the coat on you! I think anything that contrasts with the camel would look good like blacks/grays/jewels. Also I think a peek of a printed skirt would be gorgeous!

  6. Yeess camel! It looks really pretty belted on you!

    BTW thanks for the blog sale mention... I really appreciate it :) <3

  7. My goodness, what a beautiful coat!

  8. So you like the shade of the camel color? I sooo want this coat, but they were sold out of everything but white in my store. And the camel's no longer available online - ack! I'm going to be on the lookout for it to come back. In the meantime, I guess I'll order the navy.

  9. What a great coat! It looks similar to an Anthro one I saw a couple seasons back, but in definitely looks more luxe! =)

  10. I love this coat as well! But I don't know if I really need _another_ coat =P I think camel's the best color choice as well and would look great with dark pants.

  11. what does it look like unbuttoned? it looks so great on the model and on you!

  12. Beautiful coat! I really really like it! And the color is just creamy and lovely.

  13. Very nice! I do wish the sleeves fit a bit better like PAG mentioned, but this coat with the tiered bottom detailing is so you!

  14. That's a great coat!! I'll have to check this out at Express. Love the color and the tiered hem. Thanks for sharing ur review!

  15. Matt & Sydney- that's a great idea...for some reason it didn't cross my mind at all. Thank you!

    PAG - You are very discriminating...haha, I was loving the slimness of the torso so much that I didn't even pay that much attention to the sleeves. You are right, they do bunch way too much...though I am not sure it can be successfully altered because of the material. I'll take it to the tailor and see what happens. Thanks!

    PLG - I'll check the tag and report back. :)

    SPG - that sounds like a great idea...I hadn't thought of that either. I love the prints idea! Thanks!

    Elle - Thanks for the camel suggestion, I am so happy with the decision!

    Laura - I do like the color of this looks "real" camel, I think my pictures gave it a tint of pink. But it's gorgeous color...I hadn't even realized it sold out online until I got home.

    Angie - the second picture I posted was unbuttoned, sorry if it looked unclear. I'll be happy to take a few pictures if you are interested. :)

  16. AHHHH!!!!! That coat is gorgeous! It's such a neutral shade that you could really wear any color with it.

    It really looks fantastic on you!

  17. Oh hello Express ruffle coat...please come to momma. =0( I really wanted to buy it but I can't since I've been buying so many things lately. It looks great on you! PAG is really good at spotting things as well. What is it about armholes in outwears and being too big on petites? I will be posting up a short review on LOFT's blazer (also in camel haha) and the sleeves make me look like the incredible HULK. Overall the coat just looks darling on you! Glad you got it in camel ... what was that reviewer saying that it was white. lol.

  18. Yaaay you got the camel! That coat is PERFECT for your height, and hits at just the right length! And yes def good for being able to wear layers underneath and stick your arms through the sleeves without jamming (blech something I hate!). Good buy :)

  19. I love this coat and really wanted to order it online awhile ago but was scared it'd be too big! The color is really pretty.

  20. Melissa - thanks. :)

    Hanna - yeah, on second thought the armholes are too big but I guess this jacket will still be wearable when I wear heavy sweaters with it. I liked the LOFT camel (at least in pictures) but it was way too big on you. Hanna, do NOT buy LOFT 0p in tops period. You need at least a 00p if not smaller.

    Sophia - good buy thanks to your suggestion. i was so close to buying the navy - I won't lie, I still want the navy but I love the camel. It's really a color tone that is hard to find in my closet.

    TinyInTexas - the color is great but you are much thinner than me so I think this jacket will be too loose on you. It's pretty roomy for me already but I think with heavier layers it'll still work. But since you are taller you might pull it off better than me...I think if you want it you should go to a store and try it on for yourself. Who knows, maybe it might magically fit you too! :)


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